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companies structure

  1. 1. Organization Structure of 10 Companies Presented By Puja Agrawal
  2. 2. International trade center
  3. 3. ITC • ITC uses divisional structure • ITC is headed by an Executive Director, who reports to the Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO). • The Senior Management Committee (SMC) is made up the two executive officers and the heads of ITC’s four divisions.
  4. 4. TATA Steel
  5. 5. TATA Steel The entire structure of the organization of Tata Steel can be broadly divided into 3 levels, each level having separate roles and responsibilities. These 3 levels are upper management, senior management and the middle management. Each of these lower levels is responsible to perform its functions and thereby report to the next higher level in the organization on a periodic basis. Overall, we can say that the company has a flat structure, beginning from the top management to the lowest level of management
  6. 6. Airtel
  7. 7. Airtel It have functional structure  The transformed organizational structure will have two distinct Customer Business Units (CBU) with clear focus on B2C (Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business) segments.  Bharti Airtel's B2C business unit will comprehensively service the retail consumers, homes and small offices, by combining the erstwhile business units— Mobile, Telemedia, Digital TV, and other emerging businesses (like M-commerce, M-health, M-advertising etc.).  The B2C organization will consist of Consumer Business and Market Operations. It is the largest telecommunication company in India.
  8. 8. Ernst & Young
  9. 9. Walmart
  10. 10. Walmart Wal-Mart uses Matrix structure Wal-Mart's advantage because each division is open to focus its efforts on specific goals such as product, service, or customers. Narrowing the focus really allows the company to perform more effectively because they are allowed to pinpoint specific areas needing change and adjust appropriately
  11. 11. Walt Disney
  12. 12. Walt Disney It uses line and staff organization structure The Disney org chart, on the other hand, is based on process, from the story idea through direction to the final release of the film. All of the staff positions are in the service of supporting this work flow. Corporate org charts are hierarchical, with each operating division isolated into “silos” showing job titles according to reporting chain of command and ultimate authority.
  13. 13. Starbucks
  14. 14. Starbucks • Starbucks has rearranged their organizational structure to better accommodate customer satisfaction. The CEO of Starbucks announced expansion of their matrix organizational structure last month.
  15. 15. Apple
  16. 16. Apple It uses Matrix structure  Under CEO Steve Jobs there are 10 Senior Vice Presidents: CFO, COO, Operations, Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, iOS software, Worldwide Product Marketing, Industrial Design, Retail and General Counsel. However, when I refer to Apple's Annual Report, it is supposed to organize itself based on 5 segments: America, EMEAI, Japan, Retail and Others (including APAC and its subsidiary
  17. 17. Samsung
  18. 18. Samsung  The first and most common structure type that managers would choose for a manufacturing firm when cost-minimizing is the primary strategy would be the form of bureaucracy.  Preferred especially when highly routine activities produce volumes of identical products, a bureaucratic organizational structure allows for efficient production through high formalization and standardized operations. Also common in mass production companies is the separation of work activities into specific departments.  This separation allows for inexpensive labor costs because employees are only specialized in one area or functional department therefore requiring less overall knowledge and talent to perform it successfully. The cost of middle and lower level managers is also reduced due to the centralized decision making process.
  19. 19. Vodafone
  20. 20. Vodafone It have line structure Focus on Vodafone’s key commercial and financial priorities: customer and commercial strength, leadership in data, brand advocacy, cost efficiency and shareholder returns, and Simplify the Group’s organization, by reducing layers and simplifying managerial governance.
  21. 21. Dell company
  22. 22. Dell Company • Dell’s company structure has three levels of hierarchy. The CEO is situated on the upper hierarchy level since he/she is appointed to control and manage all the aspects of the company • The departments and their respective managers stated can be seen on the second level of the Dell organization chart • he use of matrix structure can be useful in a company for the completion of task flexibly as workers from each department have a different field of expertise which could be used to help in the doing the task. However, conflicts may arise between workers from different departments due to unfamiliarity and conflicts may arise between the managers on various issues regarding to the project teams.