UX Design Competency at e-Zest


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We are a young, enthusiastic, focused design team who are looking to improve & make a difference in all digital solutions we work on.

We believe in the Power of Design!

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UX Design Competency at e-Zest

  1. 1. e-Zest Solutions. 2014 UX Design Competency Overview
  2. 2. We are a young, enthusiastic, focussed design team who are looking to improve & make a difference in all digital solutions we work on. We believe in the Power of Design! Hello ! Researchers & Conceptualizers + Information & Interaction Designers + Visual Designers + Believers Design is transforming prose into poetry! - Paul rand A team with people from some of the best design schools in India.
  3. 3. Aesthetically pleasing design puts the user at ease upfront, a robust Information architecture and efficient task flow enables the users in their goals seamlessly. It means to generate right motivation for the user & provide satisfaction for the same. Our Belief Technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our heart sing.. Steve jobs
  4. 4. We are an integrated company for design & development of Web, Mobile & Tablet based digital products applications. With a depth of experience in technology & product development clubbed with a young enthusiastic design team we deliver high end products & experiences with a broad level approach as... Approach & capabilities Understand the User Knowing the target audience through research & Contextual enquiry Identify the Key Issues Understand key issues with exiting design with ER & Heuristic review Study the Needs Set the User & Business Goals to align our Design Solutions Focus on the Solution Craft Innovative Design solutions & support with Robust Development
  5. 5. An overview of a visceral process of Design, while duly respecting the order to enhance the end experience. Process we apply Discover & Analyze Innovate & Design Deploy & Test
  6. 6. * Good Design is an ongoing process with continuous feedback. & iterative improvements. A loop of feedback exists between all phases of the entire process. Giving the User a great experience ... ... through Good design We use it as a guide not a rulebook. Understand & Analyze Research & Discover Define Structure UI Design & Visual Strategy Deploy & Test
  7. 7. We use it as a guide not a rulebook. UX Expertise Design Phases & deliverables Discover & Analyze Innovate & Design Deploy & Test ✓ User research ✓ Contextual Inquiry ✓ Scenarios & Storyboards ✓ User Goals & Personas ✓ Information Architecture ✓ Wireframes ✓ Interaction Design ✓ Visual Design strategy ✓ Style guide & Documents ✓ HTML5/CSS ✓ JavaScript ✓ JQuery, Ext JS ✓ Testing & Feedback
  8. 8. By the end all products are to blend & merge with our lives to become a part of the entire narrative. Methodologies Solution focused design is what we believe in. Understanding the Problem is important & essential but focusing on the solution for end users experience is something we emphasize equally on. We also believe in power of stories. Empathizing with the users through stories & building narratives around the product is an integral part of the processWe do that through storyboarding at various phases viz. Project pitches, Concept generation, building user scenarios around the personas. We do eat with our eyes :)
  9. 9. “GOOD Design is GOOD Business”.- Thomas Watson ConclusionChecklist about design solution Uniform Provide a cohesive & consistent display of information Desirable All humans appreciate beauty, hence making the experience desirable is the bottom line for a longer & stronger association. Usable Ease of use through intuitive interactions, not making the user think to perform tasks. Meaningful Make sense of anything & everything that is being done by the user Scalable Be prepared for scaling of features & functionality
  10. 10. UX Case Studies & Glimpses of our work
  11. 11. Available upon request. Please write to: Satish dot Agrawal at e-zest dot in CASE STUDY
  12. 12. Services ✓Business Analysis ✓Information Design & Architecture ✓Interaction Design ✓Wireframes & Prototypes ✓Visual Design Having worked on multitude of Web, Mobile & tablet projects catering to varied domains we have had a wide learning experience. Clubbed with Best practices in design we aim to deliver best digital experiences & immense value to their digital presence. The value addition is a long haul. e-Zest prides in going the distance to provide best user experience for its digital solutions.
  13. 13. e-Zest Solutions Ltd www.e-zest.net Research & analysis, Information Architecture, Interaction Design & Prototyping, Visual DesignTotal user experience for customers All content herein is sole property of e-Zest & its respective owners. This document is prohibited for sharing & distribution. UX Design Competency Overview /2014