Facets™ enterprise core administration platform tri zetto


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As a healthcare payer, you face tremendous challenges today. Achieving ICD-10 compliance and meeting new MLR standards. Contending with new financial pressures and increased competition. Meeting market demand for innovative new benefit plans that deliver greater value. As the challenges grow, you need to manage your business more efficiently—while still delivering high-quality care. The TriZetto Facets™ core administrative system can help. The Facets system gives you a single solution with the power to help you manage your business today and adapt rapidly to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

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Facets™ enterprise core administration platform tri zetto

  1. 1. Facets™ Enterprise Core Administration Platform - TriZetto HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS E-ZEST SOLUTIONS LTD. A L L P R O D U C T S D I S C U S S E D I N T H I S P R E S E N T A T I O N A R E T R A D E M A R K O F T H E I R R E S P E C T I V E C O M P A N I E S
  2. 2. Facets Enterprise Core Admin Platform Business Driver: ◦ Achieving ICD-10 compliance and meeting new MLR standards is the main business driver for using Facets ◦ The Facets system gives Healthcare Enterprises a single solution with the power to help them manage business and make that future proof Facet Advantages: ◦ Facet helps enterprises reduce administrative costs, improve business processes and deliver better value for care management solutions. ◦ The Facets application is available in 3 flavors. You can choose one which best suits your needs: ◦ SaaS, ◦ Installable ◦ On outsourced basis ◦ The Facets system, coupled with TriZetto Advantage Services™, provides a comprehensive solution that can help you effectively manage your business, clinical and IT systems in today’s challenging environment while positioning your organization to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. Summary: With Facets you can solve all the major issues of your business in the following 3 areas ◦ Compliance ◦ Efficiency ◦ Care
  3. 3. What you can do with Facets Subsidy Billing and Member Calculations Changes to MMS to support exchanges New Web Service to support SHOP ( add group) APTC Grace Period New Delinquency Calculations 834 Updates APTC Status Override
  4. 4. Facets Product Objectives A Foundation of Quality Advanced Architecture and Engineering Partnering With Our Clients Solution Focused Meet Government and Compliance Requirements Meet Emerging Market Needs / Individual Improve Client Experience and Satisfaction
  5. 5. Facet’s Solution Focus Solution Testing ◦ Improve processes and collaboration across Clients, Consulting, Hosting, BMS through new Partnership Program ◦ Early releases to hosting ◦ Testing a solution stack ◦ CAE/CAP solution testing Early Drops of Code ◦ Client Specific ◦ Early Adopter Improved Integrations ◦ ICES Integration improvements ◦ TriZetto Communication System Integration Improvements
  6. 6. How Facet helps to meet Compliances Meet the reform challenges ◦ Premium Age Calculation Changes ◦ ITS Cost Share ◦ ATPC Tolerance ◦ Zero Premium ◦ Essential Health Benefits Enhanced Duals Functionality FSA Carryover ICD-10 Continued Support CAQH Enhancements CMS Compliance Items ITS Compliance
  7. 7. We practice Facets at e-Zest!
  8. 8. Thank You !!