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Discover the most important online trends using social networking statistics.

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Grow Your Impact Influence and Income

  1. 1. Grow Your Impact Influence and Income Social Networking Statistics
  2. 2. Social Networking Statistics Websites: Email: Discover the most important online trends using social networking statistics. “All Social Networks” Facebook has come to dominate social networking in the US, and overtook MySpace. But MySpace is still a premier network.
  3. 3. Second Tier Networks Social networking statistics for the second tier networks, such as Tagged, Hi5, My Yearbook and Bebo, still receive an 3-6 million unique per month, and users spend a fair amount of time on those sites. Black Planet users spent 3.6 minutes longer interacting with the site than the average Facebook visitor. My Yearbook and Tagged users were on these sites more than 3 minutes longer than the average MySpace visitor. There is definitely addictive behavior occurring on these other sites Websites: Email:
  4. 4. World’s Most Popular Brands Online Websites: Email: Nielsen published social networking statistics showing that “three of the world’s most popular brands online are social-media related (Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia) and the world now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites. For the first time ever, social network or blog sites are visited by three quarters of global consumers who go online, after the numbers of people visiting these sites increased by 24% over last year.
  5. 5. Growth in Total Number of Visitors Websites: Email: Facebook has announced 1,310,000,000 (Total number of monthly active Facebook users) Facebook demonstrates growth in total number of visitors (now over Yahoo, for second place) and a high degree of attention (time on site) “Facebook has surged past Yahoo as the number two most popular site in the U.S
  6. 6. Usage of casual gaming (Farmville, mafia wars) is suggested to be by moms. A PopCap survey reports that “The PopCap study showed that 55 percent of all social gamers in the U.S. are women, as are almost 60 percent of those in the UK. The average age in the U.S. is 48, which is substantially older than the 38-year-old average in the UK, and 46 percent of American social gamers are 50 or older, compared with just 23 percent in the UK. Only 6 percent of all social gamers are age 21 or younger.” Websites: Email: The PopCap Study
  7. 7. Social Media Platform Visitors Websites: Email: Facebook visitors to other sites are apparently more sticky at least by a few margin points: “To offer one example, 81% of visits to in the week. Were returning visitors while 84% of visitors to that came from were returning visitors and 72% from Google News were returning visitors.” One could argue that these Facebook users are more engaged, or content that is recommended to them by friends is more relevant.
  8. 8. Websites: Email: Linked In Now has more than 300 million registered users, “Over the past year, network has seen a significant amount of growth, especially internationally.
  9. 9. Websites: Email: Twitte r Hubspot launches a report of registrations and shows a decrease in rate of adoption. There’s also useful data within the report about followers and their behaviors based on a sample methodology.
  10. 10. Sysmos launched a report about global usage of Twitter, with most adoption in US. Interesting that the key nugget is “… the number of U.S. unique users was 50.8%, a sharp drop from 62.1%. This suggests the use of Twitter outside the U.S. has experienced significant growth. Social networking statistics data indicates that many Twitter users are not active. read “The number of Twitter users has climbed to a lofty 271 million monthly active users but the growth rate of new users is slowing and a lot of current Twitterers are inactive” Websites: Email: Twitterers
  11. 11. Websites: Email: Tweets Twitter themselves finally publish numbers indicating there are 50mm tweets created each day. ”Folks were tweeting 5,000 times a day in. That number was 300,000, and had grown to 2.5 million per day. Tweets grew 1,400% last year to 35 million per day. Today, we are seeing 50 million tweets per day—that’s an average of 600 tweets per second. (Yes, we have TPS reports.)”
  12. 12. Twitter Co-Owner Biz Stone Websites: Email: Twitter co-owner Biz Stone has revealed that the site now has 105 million registered users. He revealed this number at a Twitter developer conference, aptly title Chirp, and also mentioned that 30,000 people a day are signing up to tweet. Black people, who account for about 12% of the population in general, make up 25% of the Twitter population. “Business Insider”
  13. 13. Websites: Email: As Yelp has grown from fledgling start-up to critical mass website, serving over 30 million visitors a month.
  14. 14. Websites: Email: Find out who is creating the top YouTube videos and who is embedding them. “The study also looked at the demographics of bloggers who embed these videos. In general, 20-to-35-year-old bloggers embed most of the videos (57%), followed by teenagers (20%) and bloggers over 35 (20%).”
  15. 15. Statistics for Mobile, Desktop and Social Networks Websites: Email: There’s a big change in more people using social networks from mobile devices rather than desktop clients “more people are using the mobile web to socialize (91%) compared to the 79% of desktop users who do the same. It appears that the mobile phone is actually a better platform for social networking than the PC.”
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