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Scripting Recipes KWSQA2009
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Scripting Recipes KWSQA2009


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My 'Scripting Recipes for Testers' presentation at the 2009 KWSQA Conference (April 22, 2009).

My 'Scripting Recipes for Testers' presentation at the 2009 KWSQA Conference (April 22, 2009).

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Scripting Recipes for Testers Adam Goucher Manager of Quality, Zerofootprint Software
  • 2. Code craft is mandatory Reading and writing code extends and accelerates critical thinking
  • 3. Language Choice Three things you don’t talk about in polite company: sex, politics, language choice
  • 4. Language Choice There is no such thing as right or wrong, but there is right-er and wrong-er depending on the situation
  • 5. Increasing Insight Uncover hidden technical debt
  • 6. Tip: Common Case Converting both sides of a comparison to a common case means you don’t have to worry about case
  • 7. Tip: YAGNI You Ain’t Gonna Need It
  • 8. Increase Insight Exploration (or Throw out your scripts)
  • 9. Increasing Ease Just because something was hard manually doesn’t mean it always has to be hard
  • 10. Tip: One Line at a Time Simple is better than complex - The Zen of Python
  • 11. Test Selection Browser Percentages
  • 12. Tip: Filter the data You are not the customer so you should not be in the data
  • 13. Tip: Reinvent the wheel Sometimes you can make a better wheel
  • 14. Tip: YAGNI is heuristic Even though YAGNI, if you can capture it easily then do so
  • 15. Data Generation Who says randomness in testing is bad?
  • 16. Tip: Can’t Pronounce? So what?
  • 17. Tip: Embrace Chaos The world is a random place, why should your data be organized?
  • 18. Oracles Unlike the one at Delphi, our oracles shouldn’t be stoned on sulphur fumes
  • 19. Tip: Proximity Things that are related, should be together
  • 20. Reduce Costs Wouldn’t you like your budget focused on your salary?
  • 21. Tip: Let scripts evolve Just like all living thing, scripts evolve
  • 22. Increase Speed We have the technology. ... Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.
  • 23. Go Forth and Script!