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iStrategy - Facebook ROI and Social CRM
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iStrategy - Facebook ROI and Social CRM


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Why brands are still wasting Money on facebook while they could be making profit? …

Why brands are still wasting Money on facebook while they could be making profit?
This presentation details how brands could use Facebook for Social CRM and measure real ROI.

There is no secret recipe for generating ROI on Facebook. But one thing is for sure, if you keep engaging with unqualified Facebook Fans, the value will be hard to find.

Check out our solution ( to solve that issue.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Why brands are still wastingMoney on facebook while they could be making profit?
  • 2. email Marketingeffectiveness
  • 3. email SEM Marketingeffectiveness cost
  • 4. email SEM Marketingeffectiveness cost SOCIAL Web Audience
  • 5. 2009 2010 2011
  • 6. Social marketing ROI is on the top priorities of the CMO Source : Marketing Sherpa, 2011
  • 7.  “In  Q1  2011,  20%  of  CMOs  said  that  social  marke<ng  is  producing  a  measurable  ROI  for  their  organiza<on,  and  that  they  would  con<nue  to  invest  in  this  tac<c.    This  percentage  has  nearly  tripled  from  7%  a  year  ago  and  the  percep<on  of  social  marke<ng’s  value  con<nues  to  improve”  Marke&ng  Sherpa,  Social  Marke-ng  Benchmark  Survey  2011  
  • 8. How about you ?
  • 9. How many of you have a Facebook presence?
  • 10. How many Facebook fans do you have ?
  • 11. Do you have an idea of the value of each of your fans?
  • 12. However,you probably know …
  • 13. How much is worth a client
  • 14. How much is worth a qualified lead
  • 15. How much is worth an email address
  • 16. But most brands have no idea ofThe value of a facebook fan
  • 17. The cold truth:NOT MUCH... Unless you can engage them and know who you are engaging with!
  • 18. engaging AND qualifying
  • 19. engaging AND qualifying One does not create measurable value without the other
  • 20. Brands build Facebook apps to engage their fans withgiveaways, contest and games
  • 22. BUT REMEMBER engaging is only the first key to create value, you also need to qualify your fans
  • 23. what do youREALLY knowabout them?
  • 24. Let’s meet Gianni Let’s meet Gianni
  • 25. We operate the fan page of a famous Italian motorbike brand and Gianni is one of our most active fans
  • 26. we know he says nice things about the brand
  • 27. So we answer Gianni’s questions,congratulate him for likes and comments… But what do we really know about Gianni?
  • 28. Does he own one of our brand Which products?   one?But what do we really know about Gianni? Is he ready Is he to spread the looking to word about buy one? our brand ?
  • 29. The problem is… Facebook does not give usthat kind information about Gianni…
  • 30. When viewing the list of fans,this is what Facebook gives us, pretty light huh?
  • 31. And identifyingour best fans is still guesswork
  • 32. Luckily, Gianni’s profile is public,so we can read through it
  • 33. But we do not have the time to do that for our 9,500 fans
  • 34. x 9 500 ??Nor do we have time to copy / paste that information in our CRM !
  • 35. Worse, we were lucky with Gianni, but most facebook profile are private
  • 36. So this is what you get
  • 37. Almost nothing…Can you get morethan « nothing » ?
  • 38. The good news : Facebook apps can give youthe information you need about your fans
  • 39. Here is the type of information an app can have access to:
  • 40. You can even requestyour own specific information:
  • 41. So the apps are great to engage fans and are also the key to a better knowledge of your fans!
  • 42. Buy me ! That’s one reason why all agencieswant to sell you Facebook apps for your page
  • 43. Sweepstakescontests They organize sweepstakes and contests to increase your fan base
  • 44. But how do their apps work for you?
  • 45. So you can collect data, right? Well…
  • 46. Look again to the way things work today with other apps suppliers
  • 47. Each application collects its own set of data
  • 48. So each application create a new data silo
  • 49. The problem?
  • 50. So yes, you collect data but it is almostworthless(Unless you like collecting .CSV)
  • 51. The result:
  • 52. Most of the apps will engage your audience,
  • 53. Most of the apps will engage your audience,but they won’t help youqualify your fan base.
  • 54. Neither will they give you a unified view of your fan base activity and value
  • 55. So you keeptalking tostrangers
  • 56. And you are building this:Campaign 1 Campaign 2 Campaign 3 Campaign 4
  • 57. When what you should be building is this: Campaign 4 Campaign 3 Campaign 2Campaign 1
  • 58. And what if… a collected by each appAll the dat atabase? ntributed to a single dwas co And each app was accessib le through a single sign on ?
  • 59. A nd that dat abase was d to your f an profilesdir ectly linke our fanpage manager? on ySo when looking a t a fan’s comment , you’d know who he/she is and what to rep ly?
  • 60. And what if… is data could be directly All th ou in-hous e CRM ?linked to y So when a client calls, you know what he said on Facebook?
  • 61. That are the « if(s) » we wanted to solve
  • 62. So we went from here …
  • 63. … to there
  • 64. First we did like everybody else : we built engaging applications
  • 65. First we did like everybody else : we built engaging applicationsQuizzes
  • 66. First we did like everybody else : we built engaging applicationsQuizzes sweepstakes
  • 67. First we did like everybody else : we built engaging applicationsQuizzes sweepstakes age photomont
  • 68. First we did like everybody else : we built engaging applicationsQuizzes sweepstakes age photomont photo contests, group buying, etc…
  • 69. But we made them accessible through a single backoffice
  • 70. And we manage all the data in a single database
  • 71. So you can access everything from a single log in Such as the list of your best fans…
  • 72. So you can access everything from a single log in A clear view of their interactions…
  • 73. So you can access everything from a single log inA comprehensivehistory of their activity…
  • 74. So you can access everything from a single log in And more importantly, all the data collected through our apps
  • 75. who what they’ve they are So you know: been sayingtheir level of their sentimentengagement about your brand
  • 76. So we can propose him accessories for his bike, VIP tours with other bikes We know owners and other he is a client products or information he might be interested in. We knowwhat model of We knowbike he owns he loves us So Gianni is not a stranger anymore !
  • 77. And finally, all this valuable information isaccessible by the brand’s in-house CRM through a dedicated web service
  • 78. So Facebook is not just another silo in your clients / prospects knowledge system
  • 79. Remember, to create value on Facebook, you have to solve the equation :Engagement + qualification = value
  • 80. T here is no uni que recipe g your Face book ROI. f or maximizin its own way Each bran d has to build However, one thing is fo an unqualified fan base r sure: has no inherent valuefor your business where as a qualified leads bas has a clearly defined o e ne.
  • 81. You already know how mucha client, a qualified lead and an email address are worth. So if Facebook can qualify themfor you, the value is there, instantly
  • 82. If a qualified lead is worth 5€ in your business, here is the difference : 100 000 100 000 fans unqualified fans with 20 000 qualified fans Value : ??? Value : 100 000 € Simple maths …
  • 83. Brands need to focus on both, by adding qualification to the engagementEngagement + qualification = value Today, the market focus on one set of the equation: the engagement…
  • 84. So Facebook can addbusiness value to the conversations…
  • 85. …and transform your fans into clientsand leads that are easy to activate and value!
  • 86.