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Agora's Accelerator Program


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  • Change 10 finalists to 10 Agora Entrepreneurs -- these pie charts are not as helpful as just a list of the companies and their industries
  • Can we get a picture of the actual houses???
  • Can we get a picture of the actual houses???
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Agora Accelerator
      Unleashing the potential of small business impact entrepreneurs
    • 2. Outline
      The Problem: Poverty, Inequality & Lack of Opportunity
      Agora Partnerships: Mission & Overview
      Our Strategy: The Agora Accelerator
      Meet Our Entrepreneurs
    • 3. Diagnosing the Problem
    • 4. Poverty and Inequality
      Central America is one of the poorest and most unequal regions in the world
    • 5. Lack of Opportunity
      Jobs are scarce because small and growing businesses are under-represented
      • In high-income countries they represent ~60% employment
      • 6. They make up less than 20% employment in low-income countries
      • 7. Opportunity for sustainable growth and social change is not being realized
    • Scarcity of Capital
      In poor countries, small and growing businesses fall into a development blind spot:
      • Too big to receive microcredit
      • 8. Too small for a commercial bank loan
      The best entrepreneurs are having difficulty finding the global support and investment they need
    • 9. Jammed Market Gears
      High transaction costs
      Lack of deal flow for investors
      Lack of social and human capital
      Opportunity is being squandered
    • 10. Agora Partnerships: An Overview
    • 11. About Agora
      Agora Partnerships is a global community of individuals helping small and growing businesses fight poverty in Central America
      The Agora Accelerator finds the highest potential impact entrepreneurs with revenue under $1 million who use their business to address social and environmental problems
      Impact entrepreneurs incorporate multiple stakeholders, and help us usher in an era of sustainable capitalism.
    • 12. Track Record
      Advised up to 400 entrepreneurs on business strategy and trained over 3,500 entrepreneurs
      Over 1,000 full-time, documented jobs have been created and sustained as a result of in-depth business advice
      Agora-supported companies grew employment over 60%; total wages and benefits increased by over 90%
      Launched the first micro venture-capital fund in Central America, investing $500,000 in 11 companies and attracting another $2 million from local investors
    • 13. Key Lessons Learned
      Focus on quality
      Build a community and vocabulary for impact
      Invest more capital into sustainable, high growth entrepreneurial ventures in the world’s poorest places
    • 14. The Agora Accelerator
    • 15. Overview: Agora Accelerator
      A leadership and business-development program to help drive human, social, and financial capital into the most promising small business impact entrepreneurs in Central America
    • 16. Eligibility
      Small and Growing Businesses with revenue between $50K and $1 million
      Must be led by an impact entrepreneur
      Must be able to articulate social impact
      Must be seeking capital to grow
    • 17. Criteria
      Select the top 10 impact entrepreneurs with the highest potential each year
      Entrepreneur Quality
      Business Case
      Social Impact
    • 18. Goals
      The Accelerator aims to:
      Create a global network of support for impact entrepreneurs
      Generate investment-grade deal flow for impact investors
      Build a culture around innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship throughout Central America
    • 19. Empowering the Next Generation
      Human Capital
      • Baseline Assessment
      • 20. Strategy Calls
      • 21. Leadership Seminars
      • 22. One-on-One Mentoring
      • 23. MBA Consulting
      Social Capital
      • Entrepreneur Retreat
      • 24. Agora Virtual Community
      Financial Capital
      • Investor Gathering
      • 25. Pitchbook Presentations
      • 26. GIIRS Sustainability Rating
    • Sustainability
      Participation fee
      Investment closing fees
      Equity participation
      Marketplace membership and sponsorship
    • 27. Target Impact
      Over the next 3 years, companies in the Accelerator seeks to:
      • Generate over 1,000 formal economy jobs
      • 28. Build more than 3,500 affordable bamboo and cement houses in rural Nicaragua and Haiti
      • 29. Supply solar-powered electricity to more than 40,000 low-income houses
      • 30. Attract over $20 million in impact investments into sustainable small businesses the region
    • Partners
    • 31. Agora Entrepreneurs
    • 32. Inaugural Class
    • 33. Aida Mayorga
      Company Name
      Designs and manufactures children clothing materials
      Expected Social Impact (3 yrs)
      - 50 new jobs for single mothers
      - Community leadership events
      Capital Requirements (6-18 months)
    • 34. Manuel Aguilar
      Company Name
      Low-cost solar energy solutions
      Expected Social Impact (3 yrs)
      - Solar power 40,000 low-income houses
      - Hire 20 new employees
      Capital Requirements (6-18 months)
    • 35. Will & Chris Haughey
      Company Name
      Manufactures and distributes playful magnetic wooden blocks for children
      Expected Social Impact (3 yrs)
      - Foster creative thinking in over 10,000 Honduran children
      - Align with 10 more FSC-certified woodcutting cooperatives
      - High-skilled training for 100% of employees
      Capital Requirements (6-18 months)
      $500,000 - $1M
    • 36. Ben Sandzer-Bell
      Company Name
      CO2 Bambu
      Designs, manufactures, and field assembles pre-fabricated ecological structures for low-income homes and community shelters
      Expected Social Impact (3 yrs)
      - Build over 1,000 affordable homes
      - Grow employee base from 60 to 200
      - Plant over 60,000 bamboo trees
      Capital Requirements (6 – 18 months)
    • 37. Vielen Dank
      We align ourselves with entrepreneurs in poor countries who are working to make the world a better place through business.
      Join us to help bring about a more just, prosperous, and environmentally sustainable world.
      BMW Young Leaders at Agora’s 5th Anniversary Reception, New York City