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Explanation of SolidWorks 3D CAD Software

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  1. 1. SolidWorkS PREMIUM “I needed to model innov ative concepts and put 3D models in the hands of my machine shop instantly.”
  2. 2. One of Redneck Engineering’s latest concepts, designed in SolidWorks.See how SolidWorks Premium helped them streamline another project on page 5. Shar Draw eD r enDe IngS rIngS wIth anD mult Iple partn erS cut new concept moDelIn g tIme b y 75% SImulatIo n capabIl ItIeS elImInate D neeD fo multIple r prototyp eS
  3. 3. SolidWorkS PREMIUM iS the ultimate toolyou need to deSign, manage, validate, andcommunicate all your modelSBuilt around our 3d cad software, SolidWorks® Premium provides a complete suite ofbuilt-in simulation, routing, and presentation tools. you’ll also have our highest level ofsupport anytime you need it.With SolidWorks® Premium, you’ll maximize your individual design talents and improve collaboration across yourentire department. the software’s key features include: a comprehensive set of 3d design tools with powerful part, assembly, and drawing capabilities Fast and secure access to design data Piping and electrical routing capabilities to streamline your design Simulation and finite element analysis (Fea) tools to reduce the number of prototypes Presentation tools to create model animations and photorealistic renderingsthis is the story of what SolidWorks Premium can do for you, as told through the eyes of three SolidWorks customers.ramboll group redneck engineering Berchtold corporation SolidWorks Premium 1
  4. 4. RAMBOLL GROUPoffshore wind technologies “we were looking for easier management of data, sharing of design information, and better collaboration.” 2
  5. 5. SolidWorkS PREMIUM giveS youeaSy, Secure acceSS to uP-to-datedeSign datathe ramboll group is a global engineering now, the company’s designers, partners,consultancy that creates offshore wind and manufacturers are using the mostturbine towers for sustainable energy. these current design data. this not only helpsincredibly complex structures must be built them prevent errors, but also has eliminatedto withstand tides, waves, currents, and accidental file overwriting.forces 30 meters below the seabed thatanchors them. For both safety and efficiency, operating more efficiently is also making theall individuals assigned to a design project ramboll group a more innovative company. er tIght lmust work in unison—no matter which of the “innovation has helped us gain a commanding n c ontro r evISIo Dcompany’s 200 offices they work from. share of the offshore wind turbine market,” mlIne Strea angelo notes, “and SolidWorks is one of the ceSS n pro DeSIgthat’s why when the company decided to tools that helps us innovate freely.”upgrade to 3d cad, they knew an integratedproduct data management system would be Increased design accuracy by 20%vital. So they chose SolidWorks® Premium. Secured 60% of the offshore wind power market“We gained tighter revision control and Improved design data managementtraceability throughout the design process,” Fostered greater innovation through collaborationsays Structural engineer Filipe angelo. KEY BENEFITdata management enSureS that every memBeroF your team WorkS With the right FileSSolidWorks Premium gives managed data access to your designers, partners, and suppliers—anywhere in the world. thesoftware’s revision control automatically prevents costly errors like accidentally overwriting files by ensuring that the mostcurrent designs are being used. For maximum flexibility, data can be securely accessed through your network or the internet. andwith advanced search tools, designers can save huge amounts of time by quickly finding and accessing any cad file they need. SolidWorks Premium 3
  6. 6. REDNECK ENGINEERINGSpecialty motorcycle development “In the past, we had to produce a prototype to test a part. money.” now, we no longer have to waste that 4
  7. 7. SolidWorkS PREMIUM letS you elImInateD th e neeD Fully teSt deSignS BeFore ever prototypeS for multIple Building a PhySical PrototyPe redneck engineering was founded as a these new rapid virtual prototyping custom motorcycle company. But as demand capabilities reduced redneck’s development for their choppers and bikes quickly grew, costs by 50%, minimized the need for design they began offering a standard manufactured rework, and shortened their time to market. line. as the emphasis on standard models they also allowed for additional innovation increased, so did the company’s need to time, which resulted in an even more accelerate conceptual modeling, reduce expansive product line. development costs, and streamline production. that meant making the switch “For many years, we built only rigid mounted to 3d cad and finding a way to reduce motorcycles with no rear suspension. after physical prototypes. we implemented SolidWorks Premium, we released five new soft tail models.” “We wanted to streamline the whole process,” explains owner vince doll. With Cut development costs by 50%Improv eD SuS SolidWorks® Premium, redneck now createsthrou penSIo Reduced concept modeling time by 75% gh DeS n Ign val complex models involving sheet metal and Improved design visualization IDatIon surfacing—and optimizes them using built-in Streamlined development and expanded product line analysis tools. “We’ve been able to cut down materials and make our bikes lightweight by simulating stress points and evaluating bending deformation.” KEY BENEFITSimulate a Wide range oF real PhySical conditionSand oPtimize deSignS accordinglySolidWorks Premium allows you to run an assortment of simulations and finite element analysis (Fea). From integratedtolerance stackup analysis to “what if” structural tests, you’ll know how your design is going to perform long before you everbuild a physical prototype. you’ll also be able to assess how the parts will oscillate or move during operation and even whatthe environmental impact of a design will be over its life cycle—so you can fully optimize your models as you create them. SolidWorks Premium 5
  8. 8. BERCHTOLD CORPORATIONoperating room equipment development “we needed to apply engineering data across the entire business.” 6
  9. 9. IStIc hotoreal createD p omerS S for cuStSolidworkS PREMIUM letS you renDerIngdynamically preSent deSignconceptS to any audienceBerchtold corporation has long been the application also allows salesthe top manufacturer of medical operating representatives to use SolidWorks to quicklyequipment in north america. When the customize proposals based on a hospital’scompany decided to expand globally, they dimensions, needs, and specialization.knew success meant finding new efficienciesin all areas of their business. they chose Berchtold’s marketing department isSolidWorks® Premium to help them do that also benefiting greatly from SolidWorksin design, sales, and marketing. Premium. With built-in photorealistic rendering functionality, they’re able to createin addition to benefiting from SolidWorks their own photorealistic renderings anddesign offerings, the Berchtold team model animations for marketing materials. SaleS rep Squickly streamlined and integrated “SolidWorks has enabled us to apply confIguretheir entire customer sales process. engineering data across the entire business,” cuStom qu oteSWith SolidWorks Premium’s assembly says Patrick Brown, r&d engineer.configuration capabilities and openapplication programming interface (aPi), Improved quoting efficiency by 75%designer ted atchley created his own Dramatically increased profit marginsautomated quoting application. Supported annual revenue growth of 20% to 30% Allowed designers, sales representatives, and others to present designs more effectively KEY BENEFITcommunication toolS let you eaSily Share comPlex deSignSWith manuFacturerS and PartnerSSolidWorks Premium has a suite of built-in tools that allows you to email detailed design renderings and complete drawings.edrawings® lets you share 3d designs with downstream suppliers who may not have SolidWorks. With built-in mark-upcapabilities, edrawings can also be used to conduct full design reviews via email. customers and suppliers will experience yourdesigns in 3d—and measure, rotate and manipulate them in ways that would be impossible in 2d. SolidWorks Premium 7
  10. 10. imagine What SolidWorkSPREMIUM can do Foryour comPanyYou’ve seen the impressive results SolidWorks® Premiumhas generated for these unique companies. Now find outwhat our comprehensive suite of design tools can do foryou. Talk to your local SolidWorks Value-Added Reselleror visit to learn more about thesoftware’s integrated features and functionality. 8
  11. 11. Product FeatureS SolidWorkS SolidWorkS SolidWorkS STANDARD PROFESSIONAL PREMIUMCAD Capabilitieseasy heads-up user interfacePart and assembly modelingProduction-Quality 2d drawingsrealistic real-time renderingadvanced Surfacingdata translation (import/export)Sheet metal designWelded Structures designPlastic Part and mold designlarge assembly management and Performanceassembly motion visualization and video capturePart and assembly checks (interference, draft)automatic Bill of materials (Bom)design automationintelligent modeling capabilitiesdesign reusedesign collaborationautomatic Feature recognitionStandard hardware librariesPhotorealistic renderingdesign Standards checkingadvanced Productivity toolsimport and create geometry using Scanned datarouted Systems (cable and harness, Pipe, tube, hose)ecad-to-mcad integrationData Management CapabilitiesSecure accessrevision controlFind FilesDesign Validation Capabilitiestolerance Stackup validationStructural Simulation of Parts and assembliesmechanism and motion SimulationPrevious page: Photo provided by BERCHTOLD Corporation.
  12. 12. www.solidworks.comCorporate Headquartersdassault Systèmes SolidWorks corp.300 Baker avenueconcord, ma 01742 uSaPhone: 1 800 693 9000outside the uS: +1 978 371 5011email: info@solidworks.comEurope Headquarters Latin America HeadquartersSolidWorks europe Sarl dassault Systèmes do Brasil ltd.53 avenue de l’europe rua iguatemi, 448 conj.110213090 aix-en-Provence São Paulo, SPFrance Brasil 01451-010Phone: +33 (0)4 13 10 80 20 Phone: +55 11 3186 4150email: email: infola@solidworks.comAsia/Pacific Headquarters Japan Headquartersdassault Systèmes Singapore Pte. ltd. SolidWorks Japan k.k.9 tampines grande, #06-13 Pier city Shibaura Bldg.Singapore 528735 3-18-1 kaigan minato-kuPhone: +65 6511 7988 tokyo 108-0022 Japanemail: Phone: +81 3 5442 4001 email: used in this brochure has been created for illustrative purposes only, and is not intended to depict or represent specific, identifiable customers or company facilities.SolidWorks and eDrawings are registered trademarks of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.©2010 Dassault Systèmes. All rights reserved. MKBROPREMENG0410