Biscom corp presentation 4 2012


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Overview of Biscom, the Leader in Secure Enterprise Document Delivery

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Biscom corp presentation 4 2012

  1. 1.
  2. 2. About Biscom  Founded 1986, privately held, profitable  Pioneered fax server, computer fax, and cloud fax  Innovation and Customer Service market leader  Focus on Enterprises: mission-critical, production document management and secure file transfer  SSAE 16 Type 2 Certified (SAS70)  Supports customers with outstanding direct sales, support and applications engineering teams  Known for pre- to post-sales support and customer service, custom solutions  24/7/365 support available www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  3. 3. Leader in Secure Enterprise Document Delivery  Innovation - 26 years experience and 6 computer fax patents, Biscom leads the market with robust, easy to use, and interoperable software solutions.  Product Choice  Fax - Industry Analyst Peter Davidson: “Biscom is the only vendor in the world offering a true enterprise-wide fax server and hosted cloud fax service, making it the markets most flexible offering.” Seamless interface between on-premise and hosted cloud offerings.  Secure File Transfer - Biscom Delivery Server (BDS) products are securely encrypted and easy to use for immediate end-user adoption.  Reliability - >5,000 enterprise customers rely on Biscom products for secure delivery of mission-critical documents.  Premium Support – Direct, USA-based sales, customer & technical support, and software applications engineering. www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  4. 4. Direct Business Model Sales and Account Management Customer Service Technical Support Applications EngineeringFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  5. 5. Biscom Product Lines Document delivery, workflow, and secure file transfer  FAXCOM® Server – Enterprise premise fax server  FAXCOM® Anywhere - Hosted fax cloud service  Office version – No software, secure email to fax connection with consolidated billing  Enterprise version – Suite for Windows software with same features and capabilities as premise fax servers  Hybrid -- Fax server and Hosted cloud model with identical interface  Biscom Delivery Server - Secure file transfer  Digital HD-IP Fax – Next generation high resolution, color, faster document transmission via IP-only network (no phone lines)  File Conversion - File conversion and image viewing www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  6. 6. Hosted Enterprise Fax Service Biscom FAXCOM® Anywhere • Mission-critical hosted fax solutions over the Internet cloud • No hardware, maintenance, supplies, or fixed line telephone costs • Low cost of entry with scalable growth • Cost effective: Office and Enterprise Editions – Performance and functionality not offered anywhere else • Identical hosted cloud and server user- and admin-interface – Ease of use and transition to cloud without re-training – Seamless, automatic business continuity and peak overflow www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  7. 7. Tier 1 Data Center Cloud Fax Applications• Reliable, Redundant, Secure Infrastructure: Independent Power Sources, 24x7 Site Security• Multiple Levels of Physical Security: Allowable access lists, 24x7 Security Guards, CCTV on exterior and interior of building, Biometric Scanners controlled access for all doors• Comprehensive Suppression Systems: Heat and Smoke Sensors, Dry Pipe Sprinkler Suppression System, Gas Fire Suppression• Multiple Connections Between Servers• Redundant PRI LinesFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  8. 8. www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  9. 9. Key Differences between Biscom and other fax solutions  Tight Active Directory integration and Group Policies  No synchronization required or separate user database  Administration via unified management console  Easy APIs  Identical user and administrative interfaces for premise fax server and hosted cloud business models  Hybrid premise fax server and hosted solution model for automatic failover, redundancy, business continuity and DR  Direct customer sales, technical support, and applications engineering model  Exclusive HD-IP “fax” on proprietary Biscom switch www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  10. 10. Biscom product leadership, reliability, and customer support “There are many fax service providers, but none offers Biscom’s breadth of functionality and rock-solid reliability. Coupled with its world- class customer service, the Biscom solution is the market’s most flexible offering.” Davidson Consulting www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  11. 11. About Biscom - Customers  5000+ customers, some managing “millions” of pages daily  Biscom has a proven track record earned over 25 years of servicing enterprise customers for their most critical document requirements.  Industry Focus: Healthcare, Financial, Government, & EducationFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  12. 12. Customers The Worlds Leading Enterprise Companies Rely on Biscom www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  13. 13. Technology Partners: some of the worlds leading technology providersFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  14. 14. Biscom in Healthcare Industry leader for Health IT Integrations  GE Healthcare: Centricity EMR (Electronic Medical Record)  Fax prescriptions and other documents  Track fax activity into the electronic patient record  Siemens Medical Solutions: Syngo Radiology - Fax radiology and lab. results  McKesson Automation: MedDirect - Intra-hospital prescription fulfillment  Kryptiq: Workflow solution for EMR  Misys Healthcare Systems: Lab. results, Computerized Patient Records (CPR)  Epic: Hospital and practice EMR system  Meditech: Hospital EMR system www.biscom.comFollow14 on Twitter: @biscominc us
  15. 15. Hybrid Fax Solution Premise Servers www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  16. 16. FAXCOM Suite for Windows Active Directory Group Policy & FAXCOM Policy Web, Outlook and Advanced Fax Routing Desktop Client Unified MMC for APIs, SDK & DocFlow Management www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  17. 17. API’s  Fax enable 3rd party applications  FAXCOM integration tools and API’s include:  Web Services  FAXCOM COM API  FAXCOM .Net API  SMTP  FAXCOM Envelope Specification  DocFlow www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc Company Confidential 17
  18. 18. Advanced Fax Routing Rules based routing engine with conditions/actions Gather known fax details immediately: Date & time received, caller-ID, TSID Extract additional data from the fax image: OCR processing, Barcode recognition Perform a lookup in a network resource: LDAP directory service, ODBC database Format the delivery:  Split multi-page fax into multiple deliveries  Deliver fax image as TIFF, PDF, TXT, etc.  Deliver the fax details as CSV, XML  Rename file to include extracted data, date & time Complete the delivery: Email, network locations, printers, database, applications
  19. 19. FAXCOM Advanced Fax Routing 1. Gather the fax details 2. Extract additional data ID: 304059 704 3. Perform a lookup 4. Format the delivery Document 5. Complete the deliveryFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  20. 20. Job Tracking & Reporting Tool  Monitors incoming and outgoing faxes  Alerting on events  Records stored in SQL database  Web-based report generator  Ability to create 20 different fax reports  Standard, custom & shared reports  Export to Excel  Schedule reports to be emailed daily, weekly, monthly, or on the fly www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  21. 21. FAXCOM Client 2012  Workflow Capabilities  Auto delivery  Robotic actions  Timers  Broadcast Management  Summary Status  Modify all or single fax  Resend all or single fax  Enhanced Shared Mailbox  Manager View of Mailboxes  Searching  Archiving  Auto Archive  User Archive  Search www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  22. 22. Workflow Enterprise Document Image Dialogs  Overview  Streamlines the processing of faxes by defining roles and workflows  Searchable database  Customizable indexed fields  Key Features:  Forward to email & fax  Annotate Images Image List View  Robotic actions  Drop down lists from tables  Split pages in multi-page faxes & staple: two or more faxes can be joined together  Alerting and alarming www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  23. 23. FAXCOM for SharePoint  Intelligently Routes Incoming Faxes to Document Libraries  Full text searches  Auto-Populates Columns  Send faxes from SharePoint  Maintains a history  IT or Site Collection/Site administrators grant permissions www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  24. 24. OnBase Integration for Biscom FAXCOM FAXCOM Fax Server FAXCOM Suite OnBase 11.0 Mailbox Server Application Server running Onbase 11.0 Fax Connector Service  Key Features  Automatically indexes and archives fax documents directly into OnBase  Imported fax documents are available for OnBase client access as well as automating business workflows  Fax metadata can be used to automatically route the fax documents to specific business users www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  25. 25. Virtual Fax Server Solution  Virtualize your entire fax infrastructure  Leverage existing infrastructure  No forklift upgrade  Rapid deployment  FoIP  T.38 & SIP Trunks  Virtualization technology  Snap Shots  High Availability options  Reduced power www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  26. 26. Fax over IP on VoIP Networks Route faxes over IP network What are the benefits of T.38?  FoIP (T.38)  Leverage existing VoIP Network  VoIP systems & Media gateways  Eliminate hardware/maintenance  SIP and H.323  Virtual Fax Servers  G.711 & SIP Trunking  Consolidate telecom resource management  DR & redundancyFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  27. 27. Biscom Delivery Server Simple. Secure.
  28. 28. What to Keep in Mind  Why do you need to transfer files securely?  Compliance or other regulations  Confidential information  Tracking and auditing  What kind of files are you transferring?  Confidential medical records, lab reports, radiology images,  Scanned images, video, audio, other multimedia  Large data sets, databases  To whom are you transferring files?  Internal recipients  External recipients  Clearance level  How often?  Regularly  Intermittent/ad hoc  In batches www.biscom.comFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  29. 29. Healthcare Customers using Biscom Delivery ServerFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  30. 30. How Files Are Transferred Today  FTP  Not secure  Poor tracking and reporting  Not an end user tool (IT use only usually)  Potential for network failures and data loss  E-mail attachments  Not secure  File size limitations  Contributes to poor mail server performance  Shareware/Freeware  De-centralized, unmanaged (rogue) applications  May not meet security requirements  Couriers carrying CDs/USB drives/hard drives  Potential for loss  Minimal tracking/not real time  Costly and time consumingFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  31. 31. What is Biscom Delivery Server? SFT software that enables users to transfer large files in a secure, and auditable manner.  Simple to use  Secured and encrypted  Full logging and reporting  Rapidly deployed  Integrated with:  SharePoint  Outlook  Web  Anti-virus  MobileFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  32. 32. Product Features  Secure  Robust and extensible  SSL for data in transit  Three tier architecture  AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest  Web services-based  FIPS 140-2 certification in process with  AutoPost SAIC  AutoFetch  Easy to use  Integrates with existing applications  As simple as Web mail  Outlook add-in  Minimal training required  iPad mobile application  Integrated with existing work processes  Active Directory + LDAP (e.g. Outlook)  Global address list  Quick to deploy to users  Anti-virus  E-commerce/PayPal  Fast, reliable, scalable  VMware  Checkpoint restart capability  Easy to manage  Dynamically adjusting bandwidth usage  “Fire and forget”  Configurable for High Availability  Self-service, doesn’t need a  Can upload files over 150GB team to manage  File fingerprintingFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  33. 33. Benefits of SFT/MFT  What “Best in class” organizations are doing  Peace of mind  Guaranteed security – both in transit and at rest  Recall messages more easily than e-mail  Prevents and mitigates data breaches  Satisfaction of knowing your information was successfully received  Ease of use leads to fast adoption  It’s no longer optional  Increase compliance with corporate policies  Government compliance requirements  Necessity of central management, oversight, visibility  Increased productivity  End users are self-sufficient  IT freed up to handle more pressing projects  Fast return on investmentFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  34. 34. Three Steps to Deliver Files Securely 1. Your senders collect documents and files, and create a package in BDS 2. Your sender addresses the package and a notification e-mail goes out to your recipients 3. Recipients click the embedded link, authenticate, and download their files Your company – Internal Senders External Recipient WebFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  35. 35. Outlook Add-in  Uses existing compose message form  Can view file upload status BDS Options Drag and drop files Secure messageFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  36. 36. How it Works Avoiding Large E-mail Attachments in Exchange 1. Enterprise has established size limits and policies for e-mail attachments 2. Policies based on attachment size, file type, or keyword for secure send 3. Direct Outlook integration, no Exchange connectors or gateways required 4. Re-routing attachments is transparent/seamless to the end userFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  37. 37. Biscom’s Web Interface Select from global address book Upload files Enter delivery optionsEnter secure andnotificationmessagesFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  38. 38. Users are Assigned Roles Senders can create secure deliveries Recipients can receive and reply to secure deliveries Reporters view transactions and audit information Administrators control system configuration and user management Compliance access to all files and deliveries, additional compliance reportsFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  39. 39. Recipients Receive an E-mail Notification Containing an Embedded Link Automatic embedded linkFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  40. 40. View the Secure Message and Download Files Delivery meta-data Files to downloadFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  41. 41. Administrator Can Track & Audit Files Sent Compliance Officer enterprise audit and reportingFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  42. 42. Deployment Multiple deployment options: • Server-based (Windows or Linux) • VMware Appliance • Cloud Public-facing, no data stored Business logic, no data stored Data layerFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  43. 43. Customization ExampleFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  44. 44. SharePoint IntegrationFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  45. 45. SharePoint IntegrationFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  46. 46. SharePoint IntegrationFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  47. 47. World Class Technical Support  Experienced staff average over 8 years  Enterprise customers with mission critical applications  Remote Support  Backed by developers in house  Product experts  Customer training  VMware Certified Professional  Environment experts  Onsite installation and admin trainingFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc
  48. 48. Customer Support “There are many fax service providers, but none offers Biscom’s breadth of functionality and rock-solid reliability. Coupled with its world- class customer service, the Biscom solution is the market’s most flexible offering.” - Davidson ConsultingFollow us on Twitter: @biscominc