Outpost Security Pro 7.5: What's Inside?
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Outpost Security Pro 7.5: What's Inside?



Learn about Outpost Security to protect your PC against Internet threats

Learn about Outpost Security to protect your PC against Internet threats



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Outpost Security Pro 7.5: What's Inside? Outpost Security Pro 7.5: What's Inside? Presentation Transcript

  • Outpost PRO Proactive PC Security since 2002Performance Edition 7.5 Released June 15, 2011 Quick Tour www.Agnitum.com
  • Outpost PRO 7.5 with Personal Virus Adviser PROACTIVE APPROACH
  • Contents:1. About Outpost Pro2. Functionality3. Version 7.5 – What’s New4. How Outpost Secures PC5. Why Outpost Pro?6. What’s Inside: A. Anti-Malware B. Proactive Protection C. Personal Firewall D. Web Surfing Security E. Anti-Spam7. Specifications8. Licensing policy www.Outpost.Pro
  • About Outpost Pro www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost PRO Proactive PC Security since 2002 Outpost Firewall Pro Outpost Antivirus ProOutpost Security Suite Pro
  • Functionality www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.5 – Security for non-expert PC usersAnti-virus + anti-spyware efficiently stops and removes malware from your PC.
  • Outpost Firewall Pro 7.5 – protection against cyber attacks, spyware, and new threats Leading PC firewall with antispyware, proactive defense and secure browsing
  • Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5 – all-in-one Proactive Internet security
  • Outpost key functionality1. Known malware/spyware detection/deactivation/clean-up2. New/unknown malware and spyware blocking3. Network connections security4. Web surfing/web privacy control5. Personal data access protection6. Mail protection and filtering7. Sophisticated analysis tools – and more! www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost Pro components• Anti-Malware (Anti-Virus + Anti-Spyware)• Personal Firewall: • Application Firewall + Attack Detection + IP BlockList• Proactive Protection: • Anti-Leak + System Guard + Application Guard • File & Folder Lock + Removable Media Protection• Web surfing Control: • Ad and content block + URL blacklist + ID Block• Anti-Spam www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost Pro extensions• ImproveNet technology (cloud-based system to provide secure configurations)• SmartScan technology (optimization for fast subsequent malware scans)• SmartDecision technology (NEW!): (Personal Virus Adviser for smart security decision-making)• Analysis tools: • File and Registry Activity monitor conceptually similar to Mark Russinovich’s SysMon and RegMon • Event Viewer (detailed activity logs) www.Outpost.Pro
  • Products comparison www.Outpost.Pro
  • Version 7.5 –What’s New www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost 7.5 – What’s New? www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost 7.5. What’s New?SmartDecision technology – “Personal Virus Adviser”5 levels for starting files/processes with ratings andvisual alertsProactive clipboard and screen content protectionCustomizable USB/CD/DVD storage vulnerability protection5 levels of customization for manual block/unblock autorunAnti-Malware – PDF filteringProactive Protection – color-coded alerts and other options www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost 7.5 What’s Improved? 3x faster web content filtering Up to 2.5x faster on-access and on-demand scanning Updated anti-malware engine and detection rate SmartScan generation 4 – 3-5x faster subsequent malware scans More secure auto-learn function for infected systems Full firewall compatibility with mobile broadband devices Security for 64-bit platforms www.Outpost.Pro
  • How Outpostsecures your PC www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost 7.5 - How It Works Learn more at http://goo.gl/fcunw How Outpost 7.5 secures your PC www.Outpost.Pro
  • Why Outpost Pro? www.Outpost.Pro
  • Why Outpost Pro Works for both beginning and advanced users• Personal Virus Adviser – SmartDecision visual recommendations with corresponding color security alerts• ImproveNet – cloud-based system since 2006 Outpost user community and Agnitum collaborate to deliver and auto-apply verified firewall/proactive protection configurations• Easy to install and use:  Simple and Expert modes (configuration and main window views)  Auto-Learn (self-learn) mode to remember user’s behavior  Entertainment (for games & video) mode www.Outpost.Pro
  • Why Outpost ProI. Malware protection and performancea. Certified malware detection and blocking  Top industry malware blocking (PCMag test, July 2011) via PCMag.com http://goo.gl/CN2Jm  8 Virus Bulletin awards in-a-row on all current Windows OS via VirusBtn.com http://goo.gl/cWZci WinXP 2008 R2 Vista SP2 2003 SP2 Win7 WinXP 2008 R2 www.Outpost.Pro
  • Why Outpost ProI. Malware protection and performanceb. High-speed scanning and low resource consumption  3 Gold Awards in Antivirus Performance Tests in 2011: outperforms industry average antivirus by 84% via Anti-Malware-Test.com http://goo.gl/E9iMA www.Outpost.Pro
  • Why Outpost ProII. Proactive Protection and Self-Protectiona. Preemptive blocking of new/unknown malware  7 “Excellent!” awards in Proactive Security Challenge (scored 89-99%) since 2008 via Matousec.com http://goo.gl/iMgcY www.Outpost.Pro
  • Why Outpost ProII. Proactive Protection and Self-Protectionb. Protection that is always ON:  Excellent self-protection against targeted protection deactivation via Anti-Malware-Test.org http://goo.gl/SWcq2 (32-bit) and http://goo.gl/J7fTb (64-bit), Windows XP and W7 tests (2010-2011) www.Outpost.Pro
  • What’s Inside www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost’s Proactive Approach Proactive Protection is the Key:  Tracks OS and applications behavior  Prevents hijacking of your OS  Prevents hijacking and misuse of your applications  Protects passwords and IDs used in OS/applications  Hides your valuable data in designated files and folders  Prevents your data from leaking or being stolen  Lets you manage additional system settings (like autorun) www.Outpost.Pro
  • …but Anti-Malware is still ON www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost’s Anti-MalwareCombined Anti-Virus + Anti-Spyware for fixed, network and removable drives, mail and web content:  On-access monitor  On-demand scanner  Mail attachment filter  Malware quarantine  Simple repair/disinfection  Scans web pages/mail/ news feeds www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost’s Anti-MalwareAdditional technologies: Heuristic Analysis (normal/in-depth) eXtended Heuristic Analyzer(HAX, integrated with SmartDecision) SmartScan 4 technology(2x-10x faster scans for repeated scans) “SPE Analysis” (anti-malwareintegration with SmartDecision)One-click file submission to Agnitum(for the potential malware found) www.Outpost.Pro
  • PROACTIVE APPROACH1. OS integrity + applications control • System Guard Improved! prevents your system from being hijacked – unauthorized applications cannot “touch” your OS. Secures critical system files + configurations (system registry settings) against misuse or compromise. • Anti-Leak control (stops new threats activation) Improved! prevents your OS from being infected by unknown threats • Self Defense Improved! Outpost protection cannot be terminated by malicious code • Removable Media Protection NEW! 5-level management for auto-run applications from CD/DVD/USB storage www.Outpost.Pro
  • PROACTIVE APPROACH2. Smart Decision, “Personal Virus Adviser”,5-level rating for the starting files/processes www.Outpost.Pro
  • PROACTIVE APPROACH3. Privacy and analysis tools: • Application Guard Improved! prevents sensitive data (IDs, logins, passwords, account numbers) stored by Internet-enabled applications such as IM (instant messaging), web browsers, e-mail clients and e-banking software from being compromised. • File and Folder Lock protects locally-stored assets from corruption, modification, or illegal access by other users or malware. • Real-time File and Registry Activity Monitoring lets you examine system events at close range by monitoring activity of any given active process and tracking system changes in real time. www.Outpost.Pro
  • Proactive System Protection System Protection:  Anti-Leak Component Control System Guard www.Outpost.Pro
  • Proactive Application ControlApplications control:Auto-run managementApplications data Guard www.Outpost.Pro
  • Proactive Data PrivacyTheft/Corruption Prevention and Privacy:File and Folder Lock to protect selected locations www.Outpost.Pro
  • Proactive Task Management Additional analysis/management tool:  Process activity monitor (Outpost’s Task Manager) www.Outpost.Pro
  • PROACTIVE APPROACH4. Ease of useAuto-Learn mode to remembertypical activity to decrease userinteraction after training periodImproveNet system for safeconfigurations auto-creation www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost’s Firewall Network access rules for every present application www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost’s Firewall www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost’s Web Control www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost’s Anti-Spam Plug-in for Outlook, Outlook Express, The BAT!, Vista, and Windows 7 Mail Training wizard, white and black lists www.Outpost.Pro
  • Specifications www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost 7.5 Specifications www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost 7.5 Compatibility Full-range supported Windows platforms: – regular 32-bit and 64-bit Windows: Windows 7 (including SP1), Vista (including SP1 and SP2), Windows XP (SP2 and higher), + Windows Server editions (both 32-bit and 64-bit): Windows Server 2003 (SP1 and higher), Windows Server 2008 (including 2008 R2). Supported email clients for anti-spam: The Bat!, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook (all versions). Supported email protocols & services: POP3, SMTP, IMAP. Compatibility mode for some 3-rd party anti-virus tools. www.Outpost.Pro
  • Outpost 7.5 PC Requirements Minimal hardware requirements x86-/x64-/multi-core CPU, Starting from 450 MHz (Intel/AMD-compatible) and 256 MB RAM. Miminum 350MB free hard disk space (for Antivirus and Security Suite, Firewall – 200 MB hard disk space). www.Outpost.Pro
  • Licensing Policy www.Outpost.Pro
  • Licensing Policy Active license covers: Lifetime right to use software, free priority updates for software services,free technical support (email, web, online chat), free upgrade to major and minor releases. www.Outpost.Pro
  • Prices for home users Single license (1 PC, any OS) Starting Starting Starting at $29.95 at $29.95 at $19.95 For 3 PCs For 1 PC For 1 PC Also available:Personal Pack (3 PC at 1 home), Family Pack (up to 5 home PCs) www.Outpost.Pro
  • Prices for organizations Business license per 1 PC Starting Starting Starting at $29.95 at $49.95 at $39.95 Also available:Volume discount prices (1-4, 5-9, 10- 25 PCs, etc.) on request www.Outpost.Pro
  • Prices for organizations Educational license per 1 PC For educational, academic and non-commercial institutions (discounts = 30 % OFF the business license price)Also available: Volume discount prices (1-4, 5-9, 10- 25 PCs, etc.) on request www.Outpost.Pro
  • Discounts RENEWAL Discounts 40% OFF 40% OFF 50% OFFAlso available: Lifetime support and upgrade license (only for Firewall for personal/home use) www.Outpost.Pro
  • Discounts MIGRATION discountsOR => 40% OFF PLUS => FREE Also available: Single License -> Personal Pack upgrade Personal Pack -> Family License upgrade www.Outpost.Pro
  • www.Agnitum.comThank you for your time!Visit www.Agnitum.com now and download your free full-function 30-day copy! www.Outpost.Pro