Outpost Security Pro 7.5: What's Inside?


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Learn about Outpost Security to protect your PC against Internet threats

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Outpost Security Pro 7.5: What's Inside?

  1. 1. Outpost PRO Proactive PC Security since 2002Performance Edition 7.5 Released June 15, 2011 Quick Tour www.Agnitum.com
  2. 2. Outpost PRO 7.5 with Personal Virus Adviser PROACTIVE APPROACH
  3. 3. Contents:1. About Outpost Pro2. Functionality3. Version 7.5 – What’s New4. How Outpost Secures PC5. Why Outpost Pro?6. What’s Inside: A. Anti-Malware B. Proactive Protection C. Personal Firewall D. Web Surfing Security E. Anti-Spam7. Specifications8. Licensing policy www.Outpost.Pro
  4. 4. About Outpost Pro www.Outpost.Pro
  6. 6. Outpost PRO Proactive PC Security since 2002 Outpost Firewall Pro Outpost Antivirus ProOutpost Security Suite Pro
  7. 7. Functionality www.Outpost.Pro
  8. 8. Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.5 – Security for non-expert PC usersAnti-virus + anti-spyware efficiently stops and removes malware from your PC.
  9. 9. Outpost Firewall Pro 7.5 – protection against cyber attacks, spyware, and new threats Leading PC firewall with antispyware, proactive defense and secure browsing
  10. 10. Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5 – all-in-one Proactive Internet security
  11. 11. Outpost key functionality1. Known malware/spyware detection/deactivation/clean-up2. New/unknown malware and spyware blocking3. Network connections security4. Web surfing/web privacy control5. Personal data access protection6. Mail protection and filtering7. Sophisticated analysis tools – and more! www.Outpost.Pro
  12. 12. Outpost Pro components• Anti-Malware (Anti-Virus + Anti-Spyware)• Personal Firewall: • Application Firewall + Attack Detection + IP BlockList• Proactive Protection: • Anti-Leak + System Guard + Application Guard • File & Folder Lock + Removable Media Protection• Web surfing Control: • Ad and content block + URL blacklist + ID Block• Anti-Spam www.Outpost.Pro
  13. 13. Outpost Pro extensions• ImproveNet technology (cloud-based system to provide secure configurations)• SmartScan technology (optimization for fast subsequent malware scans)• SmartDecision technology (NEW!): (Personal Virus Adviser for smart security decision-making)• Analysis tools: • File and Registry Activity monitor conceptually similar to Mark Russinovich’s SysMon and RegMon • Event Viewer (detailed activity logs) www.Outpost.Pro
  14. 14. Products comparison www.Outpost.Pro
  15. 15. Version 7.5 –What’s New www.Outpost.Pro
  16. 16. Outpost 7.5 – What’s New? www.Outpost.Pro
  17. 17. Outpost 7.5. What’s New?SmartDecision technology – “Personal Virus Adviser”5 levels for starting files/processes with ratings andvisual alertsProactive clipboard and screen content protectionCustomizable USB/CD/DVD storage vulnerability protection5 levels of customization for manual block/unblock autorunAnti-Malware – PDF filteringProactive Protection – color-coded alerts and other options www.Outpost.Pro
  18. 18. Outpost 7.5 What’s Improved? 3x faster web content filtering Up to 2.5x faster on-access and on-demand scanning Updated anti-malware engine and detection rate SmartScan generation 4 – 3-5x faster subsequent malware scans More secure auto-learn function for infected systems Full firewall compatibility with mobile broadband devices Security for 64-bit platforms www.Outpost.Pro
  19. 19. How Outpostsecures your PC www.Outpost.Pro
  20. 20. Outpost 7.5 - How It Works Learn more at http://goo.gl/fcunw How Outpost 7.5 secures your PC www.Outpost.Pro
  21. 21. Why Outpost Pro? www.Outpost.Pro
  22. 22. Why Outpost Pro Works for both beginning and advanced users• Personal Virus Adviser – SmartDecision visual recommendations with corresponding color security alerts• ImproveNet – cloud-based system since 2006 Outpost user community and Agnitum collaborate to deliver and auto-apply verified firewall/proactive protection configurations• Easy to install and use:  Simple and Expert modes (configuration and main window views)  Auto-Learn (self-learn) mode to remember user’s behavior  Entertainment (for games & video) mode www.Outpost.Pro
  23. 23. Why Outpost ProI. Malware protection and performancea. Certified malware detection and blocking  Top industry malware blocking (PCMag test, July 2011) via PCMag.com http://goo.gl/CN2Jm  8 Virus Bulletin awards in-a-row on all current Windows OS via VirusBtn.com http://goo.gl/cWZci WinXP 2008 R2 Vista SP2 2003 SP2 Win7 WinXP 2008 R2 www.Outpost.Pro
  24. 24. Why Outpost ProI. Malware protection and performanceb. High-speed scanning and low resource consumption  3 Gold Awards in Antivirus Performance Tests in 2011: outperforms industry average antivirus by 84% via Anti-Malware-Test.com http://goo.gl/E9iMA www.Outpost.Pro
  25. 25. Why Outpost ProII. Proactive Protection and Self-Protectiona. Preemptive blocking of new/unknown malware  7 “Excellent!” awards in Proactive Security Challenge (scored 89-99%) since 2008 via Matousec.com http://goo.gl/iMgcY www.Outpost.Pro
  26. 26. Why Outpost ProII. Proactive Protection and Self-Protectionb. Protection that is always ON:  Excellent self-protection against targeted protection deactivation via Anti-Malware-Test.org http://goo.gl/SWcq2 (32-bit) and http://goo.gl/J7fTb (64-bit), Windows XP and W7 tests (2010-2011) www.Outpost.Pro
  27. 27. What’s Inside www.Outpost.Pro
  28. 28. Outpost’s Proactive Approach Proactive Protection is the Key:  Tracks OS and applications behavior  Prevents hijacking of your OS  Prevents hijacking and misuse of your applications  Protects passwords and IDs used in OS/applications  Hides your valuable data in designated files and folders  Prevents your data from leaking or being stolen  Lets you manage additional system settings (like autorun) www.Outpost.Pro
  29. 29. …but Anti-Malware is still ON www.Outpost.Pro
  30. 30. Outpost’s Anti-MalwareCombined Anti-Virus + Anti-Spyware for fixed, network and removable drives, mail and web content:  On-access monitor  On-demand scanner  Mail attachment filter  Malware quarantine  Simple repair/disinfection  Scans web pages/mail/ news feeds www.Outpost.Pro
  31. 31. Outpost’s Anti-MalwareAdditional technologies: Heuristic Analysis (normal/in-depth) eXtended Heuristic Analyzer(HAX, integrated with SmartDecision) SmartScan 4 technology(2x-10x faster scans for repeated scans) “SPE Analysis” (anti-malwareintegration with SmartDecision)One-click file submission to Agnitum(for the potential malware found) www.Outpost.Pro
  32. 32. PROACTIVE APPROACH1. OS integrity + applications control • System Guard Improved! prevents your system from being hijacked – unauthorized applications cannot “touch” your OS. Secures critical system files + configurations (system registry settings) against misuse or compromise. • Anti-Leak control (stops new threats activation) Improved! prevents your OS from being infected by unknown threats • Self Defense Improved! Outpost protection cannot be terminated by malicious code • Removable Media Protection NEW! 5-level management for auto-run applications from CD/DVD/USB storage www.Outpost.Pro
  33. 33. PROACTIVE APPROACH2. Smart Decision, “Personal Virus Adviser”,5-level rating for the starting files/processes www.Outpost.Pro
  34. 34. PROACTIVE APPROACH3. Privacy and analysis tools: • Application Guard Improved! prevents sensitive data (IDs, logins, passwords, account numbers) stored by Internet-enabled applications such as IM (instant messaging), web browsers, e-mail clients and e-banking software from being compromised. • File and Folder Lock protects locally-stored assets from corruption, modification, or illegal access by other users or malware. • Real-time File and Registry Activity Monitoring lets you examine system events at close range by monitoring activity of any given active process and tracking system changes in real time. www.Outpost.Pro
  35. 35. Proactive System Protection System Protection:  Anti-Leak Component Control System Guard www.Outpost.Pro
  36. 36. Proactive Application ControlApplications control:Auto-run managementApplications data Guard www.Outpost.Pro
  37. 37. Proactive Data PrivacyTheft/Corruption Prevention and Privacy:File and Folder Lock to protect selected locations www.Outpost.Pro
  38. 38. Proactive Task Management Additional analysis/management tool:  Process activity monitor (Outpost’s Task Manager) www.Outpost.Pro
  39. 39. PROACTIVE APPROACH4. Ease of useAuto-Learn mode to remembertypical activity to decrease userinteraction after training periodImproveNet system for safeconfigurations auto-creation www.Outpost.Pro
  40. 40. Outpost’s Firewall Network access rules for every present application www.Outpost.Pro
  41. 41. Outpost’s Firewall www.Outpost.Pro
  42. 42. Outpost’s Web Control www.Outpost.Pro
  43. 43. Outpost’s Anti-Spam Plug-in for Outlook, Outlook Express, The BAT!, Vista, and Windows 7 Mail Training wizard, white and black lists www.Outpost.Pro
  44. 44. Specifications www.Outpost.Pro
  45. 45. Outpost 7.5 Specifications www.Outpost.Pro
  46. 46. Outpost 7.5 Compatibility Full-range supported Windows platforms: – regular 32-bit and 64-bit Windows: Windows 7 (including SP1), Vista (including SP1 and SP2), Windows XP (SP2 and higher), + Windows Server editions (both 32-bit and 64-bit): Windows Server 2003 (SP1 and higher), Windows Server 2008 (including 2008 R2). Supported email clients for anti-spam: The Bat!, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook (all versions). Supported email protocols & services: POP3, SMTP, IMAP. Compatibility mode for some 3-rd party anti-virus tools. www.Outpost.Pro
  47. 47. Outpost 7.5 PC Requirements Minimal hardware requirements x86-/x64-/multi-core CPU, Starting from 450 MHz (Intel/AMD-compatible) and 256 MB RAM. Miminum 350MB free hard disk space (for Antivirus and Security Suite, Firewall – 200 MB hard disk space). www.Outpost.Pro
  48. 48. Licensing Policy www.Outpost.Pro
  49. 49. Licensing Policy Active license covers: Lifetime right to use software, free priority updates for software services,free technical support (email, web, online chat), free upgrade to major and minor releases. www.Outpost.Pro
  50. 50. Prices for home users Single license (1 PC, any OS) Starting Starting Starting at $29.95 at $29.95 at $19.95 For 3 PCs For 1 PC For 1 PC Also available:Personal Pack (3 PC at 1 home), Family Pack (up to 5 home PCs) www.Outpost.Pro
  51. 51. Prices for organizations Business license per 1 PC Starting Starting Starting at $29.95 at $49.95 at $39.95 Also available:Volume discount prices (1-4, 5-9, 10- 25 PCs, etc.) on request www.Outpost.Pro
  52. 52. Prices for organizations Educational license per 1 PC For educational, academic and non-commercial institutions (discounts = 30 % OFF the business license price)Also available: Volume discount prices (1-4, 5-9, 10- 25 PCs, etc.) on request www.Outpost.Pro
  53. 53. Discounts RENEWAL Discounts 40% OFF 40% OFF 50% OFFAlso available: Lifetime support and upgrade license (only for Firewall for personal/home use) www.Outpost.Pro
  54. 54. Discounts MIGRATION discountsOR => 40% OFF PLUS => FREE Also available: Single License -> Personal Pack upgrade Personal Pack -> Family License upgrade www.Outpost.Pro
  55. 55. www.Agnitum.comThank you for your time!Visit www.Agnitum.com now and download your free full-function 30-day copy! www.Outpost.Pro