Data Scientist Why now?

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  • 1. Data Scientist Why now?
  • 2. Data scientist Why now? Agnieszka Zdebiak @AZdebiak 15 years experience software designer data scientist
  • 3. Data scientist Why now?
  • 4. Data Scientist definition
  • 5. Data Scientist Talent Gap Source:Harvard Business Review
  • 6. Job Trends
  • 7. Salary trend Source:
  • 8. Data Scientist skills
  • 9. How to become a Data ScientistUniversities that specialize in data science, analytics and businessintelligence.1. Carnegie Melon University – B.I. & data analytics2. Fordham University - business analytics3. Michigan State - business analytics4. New York University - business analytics5. Oakland University - business analytics6. Stevens Institute - B.I. & analytics7. Syracuse - data science8. University of Washington - data science9. University of San Francisco - B.I.10. University of South Florida - B.I.11. University of Sherbrooke - B.I.
  • 10. How to become a Data Scientist
  • 11. How to become a Data Scientist
  • 12. How to become a Data Scientist
  • 13. How to become a Data ScientistFree Big Data Education:Lower-Division Courses Data Science 101 – Statistics One Graduate Courses Data Science 102 – Computing for Data Science 301 – Learning from Data Analysis Data (Caltech course CS101) Data Science 103 – Data Analysis Data Science 302 – Machine Data Science 104 – Introduction to Learning III (MIT course 6.867) Data ScienceUpper-Division Courses Data Science 201 – Machine Learning I Data Science 202 – Machine Learning II Data Science 203 – Neural Networks for Machine Learning
  • 14. How to become a Data Scientist Social Analytics, Big Data & Surveillance, March 1, 12pm AEDTAnalytics and Applications for Federal Big Data, March 5-6, Washington DCWebinar Best Practices to Build Trust in Your Data Quality and Analytics, March 5, 9am/12pm ETWebinar Thinking Big Together: Driving the Future of Data Science, March 5, 1pm PTWebinar Introduction to Data Visualization with R and ggplot2, March 6, 1pm PTData Mining for Business Intelligence, March 7, Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva, IsraelTalend Connect, March 12, San Francisco, CA
  • 15. How to become a Data ScientistBRAINS
  • 16. How to become a Data Scientist
  • 17. Data Scientist
  • 18. BigData - new specialist Source System Specialists Hadoop Specialists Data Warehouse Specialists BI Developers Data Scientists IT Infrastructure Specialists
  • 19. Data Scientist and Big Data Let`s talk @AZdebiak