Infosys ranks in top 100 in the sustainable investing g1000


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Infosys ranks in top 100 in the sustainable investing g1000

  1. 1. Sustainable InvestingInfosys ranks in top 100 in the Sustainable Investing G1000Factoring in the environmental, social and governance performance of the target companies isbecoming a mainstream practise across investors. Given the need for this data, a number ofrankings and ratings are becoming available to the investors to determine the long termsustainability, risks and mitigation plans for their portfolios. One such tool is the ‘The Global1000 Sustainable Performance Leaders’ launched by CRD Analytics. CRD Analytics is aprovider of independent sustainability investment analytics. The Global 1000 SustainablePerformance Leaders, is the result of filters, screens, algorithms and forced-ranking of over5,000 Companies that are publicly traded on major global exchanges, have a minimum marketcapitalization of $1 billion USD and have published a sustainability report with full yearenvironmental, social, governance (ESG) data.G1000 Ranking – FeaturesThe ranking is CRD Analytics Smartview® proprietary methodology which drives theNASDAQ OMX CRD Global Sustainability 50 Index. It uses 200 individual performancemetrics including traditional financials and ESG data as well. This methodology alsoincorporates the Global Reporting Initiative G3 Indicators, as well as several additionalindicators that have been developed over time by CRD.Noteworthy feature of the ranking is performance by economies – Japan ranks first with 191reports out of 1000 highest performing sustainable companies. USA ranks second with 163 andUK third with 144. Sector-wise, metal and mining sector (as expected from the sheerenvironmental impact the class has) leads with 68 companies, chemical companies andcommercial banks (again expected given the investor nature and therefore the due diligenceon ESG front) come second with 63.
  2. 2. Sustainable InvestingIndian CompaniesSignificant number of Indian companies does eliminate a large number of companies frombeing considered for the ranking. However – there are 4 Indian companies from India (or withIndian origin) in the G1000 list. The 4 companies and their details are listed as underCompany Name Sector Rank and movement against last yearInfosys Technologies IT Services 62(+58)Tata Consultancy Services IT Services 139(+27)Vedanta Resources PLC Metals & Mining 376(+265)ITC Tobacco 670(+349)While the representation of Indian companies in the overall 1000 companies is miniscule, thefact that leading Indian companies such as Infosys are being ranked within first 100corporations across the globe and the pace rising in the ranks – especially on a difficult todefine parameter such as ESG is really appreciable.With rising awareness of significance of ESG performance to the corporate brand equity andultimately valuations will lead to dedication of more resources and gain in quality.Reference1. http://www.csrwire.com2.
  3. 3. Sustainable InvestingAbout usAgneya Carbon Ventures came into existence with the purpose of “To help our clients inunderstanding, establishing sound Environment Management Systems, and pursuingsustainable business solutions through our various services to abate direct and indirect impacton ecological balance.”We have expertise in the areas of carbon accounting and management, energy managementsystems, voluntary/compliance carbon markets, environment management and sustainabilityand carbon branding. We have worked with companies across Private, Government and non-Government sectors enabling them to create carbon accounting, monitoring and reportingsystems. Some of the companies that we have worked with and are currently engaged withinclude Ashoka Buildcon Limited, Ackruti City Limited, Delta Electronics, AbhishekCorporation, Hindustan Renewable Energy, MindCircus Innovations and the municipalcorporations of Dhule and Sangli.We have undergone training in the area of sustainability reporting in the GRI framework ofreporting sustainability.To know more about us, please visit http://www.agenya.inTo schedule a meeting or a discussion with us, do reach us onKedar - +91-9665407848 – kedar@agneya.inIndrajeet - +91-9028788430 –