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  1. 1. E-College<br />A proposal To: Management of the faculty<br />Benha University<br />Faculty of computers & informatics<br />3rd grade<br />System analysis and design<br />"Deal up" Teamwork:<br /><ul><li>Ahmed Gamal Nazmy
  2. 2. Ahmed Mady Abd El-Aziz
  3. 3. Ahmed Salah Hanafy
  4. 4. Omar Mostafa Al-faramawi
  5. 5. Mohamed Zahed El-Said
  6. 6. Mohamed Abd El-Megeed Zaky</li></ul>Team Leader: Mostafa Ahmed Atta Meawad<br />Contents:<br />Overview.<br />Project idea.<br />Project plan and the selected system.<br />Problems of the system.<br />Goal of the project.<br />Our final product.<br />Features of the product.<br />Requirements. <br />Budget.<br />Difference.<br />Competition.<br />Overview:<br /><ul><li>The development of a computer-based information system which produces or enhances the data model which itself is a precursor to creating or enhancing a database.
  7. 7. “BFCI-to-market” serves students in their daily interactions with college; gives piece of advice about the market needs, provides the chance to get a little real time job experience before graduation.
  8. 8. Provides extra visual courses related to your IT interests.
  9. 9. This solution will treat the poor interaction between students and their staff in addition to getting rid of daily routine.</li></ul>Project Idea:<br /><ul><li>Developing an interactive website that offers guidance to students to make breakthrough in the efficiency of them and this will raise their opportunities in the market.
  10. 10. Collecting the several of experience through various instructors in a single resource and provide them via visual learning with little guidance. Creating resource of lightweight job opportunities by the name of BFCI community (appendix A)</li></ul>Project plan and the selected system:<br /><ul><li>Our faculty will be the work's yard, this means that the system will be (our faculty system) in a name of (E-College).</li></ul>Problems of the system:<br /><ul><li>Difficult dealing with the college management.</li></ul>Poor communication between the education providers, and students.<br />Bad evaluation procedures.<br />Poor organization of the educational process.<br />Poor material presentation.<br />Goal:<br /><ul><li>Our goal is to upgrade the educational process as much as possible via increasing the interaction between each member of the organization.</li></ul>Product:<br />Interactive web site contains:<br />General view:<br />Information about faculty<br />Egypt position from the global technology market<br />New technologies<br />Events<br />Student union affairs.<br />The Dean area:<br />Information about him/her and his/her CV.<br />General reports about the faculty.<br /> Students:<br />Personal information.<br />Academic information.<br />Interests.<br />Teaching stuff (Drs, Assistants): pages contain:<br />Everyone's CV and general information.<br /> His/her Schedule.<br />Interaction between him/her and his/her students via regularly exchanged evaluations.<br />Constantly renewed assessment.<br />Business & entertainment Area:<br />Clubs (groups) for every department.<br />Competitions (internal and external) .<br />Handling technological events in and out.<br />Job needs.<br />Companies training.<br />Providing job chances.<br />Teach yourself via providing specialized part for the e-books, tutorials and anything that may help anyone in learning something<br />Features of the product:<br />Faculty Profile. <br />Electronic Faculty Performance Evaluation Sheet.<br />Electronic Dean’s Form for Evaluating Instructor.<br />Faculty Assessment Result Summary.<br />Requirements:<br /><ul><li>Financial support.
  11. 11. Information required keeping the system updated.
  12. 12. Information about the dean.
  13. 13. Information about the educational staff.
  14. 14. Information about the library contents.
  15. 15. Competitions problem’s providers.
  16. 16. Information about projects names and ideas.
  17. 17. Tracking events.
  18. 18. Job requirements.
  19. 19. Companies training offers.
  20. 20. Accounts on free lancing sites.
  21. 21. Subjects tutorials.
  22. 22. Acceptance to record lectures.
  23. 23. Help provider.
  24. 24. Marketing support.</li></ul>Difference in this project:<br />The difference in this project is how to deal with the problems and the provision of non-conventional solutions to them.<br />Budget:<br /><ul><li>Hosting.
  25. 25. Data gathering.
  26. 26. Marketing.</li></ul>Appendix A:<br />Job opportunities by the name of BFCI community:<br />Accounts on every free lancing job websites would be assigned by the name of BFCI, and every user completes a job task and repaid, that job task would be recorded in the job task package on BFCI-TO-MARKET.<br />Once the students graduates, he/she receives his/her package of job tasks and this might be a little evidence of experience. <br />