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  • 1. Errors
  • 2. Fatal Errors Calling undefined functions require() when the file does not exist
  • 3. Fatal Errors - example <?php //call a non-existent function test_function(); ?> Output Fatal error: Call to undefined function test_function() in /var/www/website/html/index.php on line 4
  • 4. Warnings and Notices Undefined variables Referencing non-existent array keys Typos Wrong variable types passed to functions
  • 5. Warnings and Notices - Example <?php //initialise the string variable $string = ‘a string’; //explode() a string explode($string); ?> Output: Warning: Wrong parameter count for explode() in /var/www/website.com/html/index.php on line 6
  • 6. Database Errors Can’t connect to a database Can’t access a table Broken query
  • 7. Fatal Errors Usually displays a blank page Error messages are hidden from users, but are logged
  • 8. Warnings and Notices Page will display, but may stop executing prematurely Error messages are hidden from the user, but are logged Affects performance & user experience
  • 9. Database Errors If the database can’t connect, it returns a fatal error If a table/field can’t or found, or a query can’t be executed, it returns a warning
  • 10. Better Error Handling Define a custom error handler: set_error_handler(‘function_name’); Accept five arguments:- • error type • message • file name • line number • context
  • 11. Better Error Handling - continued Do whatever you want to within the function – Output a message to the user – Send an email to someone dependent on the error Errors are still logged Should be built into base systems Does not work for a fatal error.
  • 12. Better Error Handling - continued register_shutdown_function() This function will be called once a fatal error has happened However, it is executed after PHP has finished processing every single script Be careful with it!