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Human Resource presentation.

Human Resource presentation.



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The Most Valuable Resource The Most Valuable Resource Presentation Transcript

  • + The Most Valuable Resource Managing the People Employee Training & Diversity
  • “…the basic mission of human resources willalways be to acquire, develop, and retain talent;align the workforce with the business; and be anexcellent contributor to the business. Those threechallenges will never change.” Edward L. Gubman Journal of Business Strategy
  • + Training… How Can Effective Training Improve Your Company? Shadowing vs. Mentoring Training Paradox
  • +     Improved quality of workplace Gained knowledge of facts and job skills   Positive changes in behavior   Positive improvement on performanceHow Can Effective   Improves skillsTraining Improve Your   Increases strategic knowledgeCompany?Training should not be an optional   Practice makes perfectaspect of your business but insteadbe a requirement and essentialaspect of the business.   Increases employees’ self managementTraining is a long-term investment   Increases employees’ self efficacythat benefits both the employer andemployee.   An increased loyalty towards the employer.
  • + Shadowing vs. Mentoring Shadowing Mentoring   New employee watches as a   New employee is matched conditioned employee with a conditioned employee performs their job. for career development.   Allows the new employee to   Longer interaction between gain insight in how the job is two people. performed.   An improved job behavior   Little to no interference with over time. the person being observed.   Increased knowledge of job   Receive advice and procedure. information from the worker.
  • + Training Paradox “Train them to the point to where you’ll lose them, then you won’t lose them.” – General Manager of Marks & Spencer   There is a fear that training employees too well will make them more marketable to competitors.   However, businesses are more likely to keep employees by training them well.   By training employees thoroughly, their job security increases, thereby influencing their decision to stay with their employer.
  • +Kwesi Human ResourceManagementWhat We DoHow We Do ItWhy We Succeed
  • + What We Do   Increase job satisfaction   Improve the quality of businesses through its employees   Better relationships between the employer and employee (i.e. Loyalty)   Remain updated on employee laws, safety laws, etc.
  • + How We Do it Workshops:   Encourage internal and external   Sexual Harassment recruitment by advertising online and within the community   ADA   Expose final applicants to the job as   Cultural Awareness part of their interview.   Customer Service   Quarterly performance reviews: Employer evaluates employee and Training: employee evaluates employer   Mentoring program to ensure long-   Bi-monthly employee surveys with term positive performance suggestions   In-class style orientation/training to   Develop a thorough compensation and prompt interaction with other employee benefits package that benefits the   Repeat trainings upon any major employer and employee. changes in the workplace
  • + Why We Succeed The Results   Employees are given a “voice” in the workplace as they are more equip to voice their concerns and thus have an increased loyalty to their company.   Employers are satisfied with the level of knowledge their employees have through continuous training and mentoring since it reflects onto their job behavior.   Workshops allow all levels of company employees to interact with each other, share experiences, learn about other experiences and use this knowledge as a tool to perform their job better. The workshops allows the workplace to develop their own work “personality” where everyone contributes.   Reviews and surveys increases the quality of relationships between the employer and the employees as both sides will receive positive reviews and constructive criticism in regards to job performance. This makes the relationship two-sided, rather than one- sided.   Recruiting from the community builds community loyalty onto the business and also allows the company to diversity.
  • +Matador BookstoreA Look Inside…
  • + Company Background   Campus bookstore for California State University, Northridge in Northridge, CA.   Sells textbooks, media software, apparel and school supplies- is a one-stop place to buy everything needed for school.   Recruits CSUN college students, community members, and internal employees for full, part-time, and seasonal positions.   Gives generous discounts to employees and professors.
  • + Operational Gap   Lack of employee morale: employees are not enthusiastic about their work = low customer service and loss of sales. (How an employee feels about their job is often reflected in their job performance.)   Workplace conditions remain at a standstill, neither improving nor deteriorating. The workplace should constantly be improved.   Communication barrier between deaf and hard of hearing students and staff of the bookstore. Barely anyone employed by the bookstore knows sign language to communicate with the large group of D/HH students.   Lack of trust between management and customer service representatives.
  • What Kwesi Will Do For + Matador Bookstore…AssessmentContinuious Stability & ImprovementFocus on College StudentsLong-term training: MentoringInteractive Workshops
  • + Matador Bookstore, what are your goals? 1.  Improve the performance of employees. 2.  Retain employees. 3.  Invest in employees by conducting an intensive training and provide workshops to further education in job behavior. 4.  Maintain community support.AssessmentBefore implementing a performance 5.  Improve quality of relationships in theplan, an assessment of the individual workplace.and the workplace must becompleted… 6.  Recognize and apply the various strengths and talents of employees as well as improve weaknesses. 7.  Maintain a diverse workplace.
  • + Continuous Stability & Improvement Evaluations/Surveys Diversity   Employees will evaluate their leads and   Matador Bookstore is already extremely managers while the leads and diverse with individuals of all ages, managers evaluate their employees for nationality and religion. each person to gain insight on their strengths and weaknesses as perceived   Kwesi will maintain this by continuing by employees of all levels. to hire diverse individuals, but also strive to hire individuals with   Surveys will be conducted to disabilities to retain community understand the employees’ job support. satisfaction level.   Develop diverse teams.   Diversity will bring new ideas, perspectives, and creativity to the company.
  • + Focus on College Students Internships and Better Training   College students want to be trained to prepare them for careers after graduating.   Matador Bookstore needs to develop an internship program for juniors and seniors so they can gain insight to what it means to have a career.   The applicant pool is right there: the bookstore is located on campus.   By better training the students working for the bookstore, they will more likely become committed to the department and stay there in hopes of moving towards a management position.
  • + Long-term Training: Mentoring Another Form of Education   Match an employee with a higher level employee for mentoring.   Will bridge the gap between management and regular employees.   Mentoring will give the mentor’s job more meaning and a new way to contribute to their workplace. The mentored individual will gain more education that will help them perform better in the long run.
  • + Interactive Workshops Understanding Diversity   Being located on a college campus, the bookstore is automatically introduced to a variety of cultures, religions and disabilities.   Large African-American and Latino population as well as the largest deaf and hard of hearing program in Los Angeles.   Monthly or bi-monthly cultural workshops to increase awareness. Culture = Nationality, Religion, Gender, Class, and Disability.   Apply various scenarios for employees to analyze, share their experiences, and discuss the best way to handle the situation. (Demolish myths and stereotypes)   Activities to place employees in the shoes of another individual to gain knowledge of how it feels to be misunderstood or discriminated against. This will allow them to gain a better insight of their colleagues and customers.
  • + Interactive Workshops Cont’d Customer Service   Understanding diversity will give employees a newfound knowledge of the experiences for individuals with a different background.   This knowledge will be applied in their interactions with other employees as well as customers, thereby retaining them and guaranteeing repeat service.   The employers will be more open-minded and comfortable with hiring individuals of various backgrounds. (EEO)
  • + Thank You…
  • + Inc., (2011) Human Resource Management. Retrieved from human-resource-management.html Cascio, Wayne, F. (2010) Managing Human Resources: Diversity at Work. McGraw Hill Company. Cascio, Wayne, F. (2010) Managing Human Resources: Workplace Training. McGrawReferences Hill Company.
  • + Completed by: Akosua Sapara-Grant Master in Business Administration University of Phoenix September 26, 2011
  • + End of Presentation