10 simple yet powerful body language tips


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10 simple yet powerful body language tips

  1. 1. 10 Simple Yet Powerful Body Language Tips http://goo.gl/Qy6Pbx COMPILED BY – GIRISH CHANDRA ANANTHANARAYANA CDPRESOURCES.COM
  2. 2. Body Language  Body language – clues of unspoken intentions or feelings revealed through physical behaviour  body postures, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements – mostly subconscious  Unintentional gestures have been found to convey useful information in specific contexts  eye rub, chin rest, lip touch, nose itch, head scratch, ear scratch, crossing arms, finger lock and so on
  3. 3. The World of Gestures!
  4. 4. Managing the Body Language  First step towards understanding Body Language is BECOMING AWARE of how our Body Responds to situations  Aware,  Observe, Learn, Change In the following slides are 10 body language tips (based on Carol Kinsey Goman’s article on Forbes)
  5. 5. Body Language – Tip 1 1. Breathe, and Relax!  Before an important meeting or presentation, it is natural to be tense and the body exhibits it for others to see  Breathe slowly and deeply; take a deep breath and exhale through your mouth  This releases the tension in your neck, shoulders and jaw that can make you look rigid or aggressive  Consciously relax and be observant of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – relax!
  6. 6. Body Language - Tip 2 2. Use your body: Move, Pause, Stand  Human beings are drawn to movement and change  Moving when speaking will attract people’s attention, but too much movement can create distraction  Move toward the audience when making a key point; move away when you want to signal a break or a change of subject  Use space when referring to different ideas  When presenting three issues, talk about each of them from a different physical position  Present “bad” and “good” news from different sides of the stage  Don’t move while making a crucial comment  Stand absolutely still to highlight your most important points
  7. 7. Body Language – Tip 3 3. User Your Palms to display authority  To look decisive, face your palms down  Palms exposed (facing up) show you are open and willing to negotiate  Palms turned down indicate you are closed to negotiation A definitive gesture of authority is placing both hands / palms down on the conference table
  8. 8. Body Language – Tip 4 4. Take Your Time, but Speak Up Early  Speak up early if you want to be taken seriously  Offering opinions toward the end of the conversation is more likely to be discounted  By speaking up early you are someone who is “at the table” and ready to participate
  9. 9. Body Language – Tip 5 5. Watch others’ body language  People signal their emotions and thoughts through body  When they are ready to leave, they often take the position of someone ready to rise  moving to the edge of the chair, or leaning forward with hands on the arms of the chair or hands on knees.  Respect  Learn the signal and finish what you are saying from the signals that others offer to you, and adapt it in your vocabulary
  10. 10. Body Language – Tip 6 6. Make or Build Rapport  People respond to our postures, gestures, and language  When seated for negotiation or discussion, push back from the table and lean away from your counterpart  The counterpart often reacts by backing away too  Now lean forward, put your hands on the table (palms showing), look him or her in the eyes and smile  Interaction  Your warms up and is much more friendly / open body language can help you build or break rapport
  11. 11. Body Language – Tip 7 7. To sound dynamic, widen your stance  Voice comes from your entire body, not just your mouth, use your body to become a more dynamic speaker A broad stance keeping feet planted firmly on the floor, hips-width apart, with weight evenly distributed calms the nervous system, allows you to breathe with ease, and amplifies your voice  It also signals confidence to yourself and people seeing you
  12. 12. Body Language – Tip 8 8. To stay in control, take a step back  When stuck or feel you are losing control, back up – take one step back and assert yourself  Backward motion is a powerful way to enhance cognitive control  According to a research, people in difficult situations improved the ability to cope by simply taking a step back (literally)
  13. 13. Body Language - Tip 9 10. Increase team productivity, keep your body language open  “emotional contagion” - People monitor for emotional cues; if your body looks closed, depressed or angry, people subconsciously pick up and mimic your state  Keep your posture relaxed, inclusive and open, your team will respond by being more cohesive, positive and productive  Your team reflects your state
  14. 14. Body Language – Tip 10 10. Smile, without a reason  Whatever the situation – smile  Smile induces a lot of positive energy in you and in people around you  If you are feeling tensed – smile  If you are feeling ignored – smile  If you are feeling fearful – smile  If you are feeling anxious – smile  Smile your way to success, and keep smiling!
  15. 15. You are gifted with mind, body and emotions. Use them to your benefit. Girish Chandra Ananthanarayana girish.cdp@gmail.com /cdpresources.com Reference: http://www.forbes.com/sites/carolkinseygoman/2014/01/02/10-simple-and-powerful-bodylanguage-tips-for-2014/2/