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  • 1. ambient awareness: THEN
  • 2. ambient awareness: NOW
  • 3. 3 appliances6:30 am12:00 pm3:30 pm 9:00 pm
  • 4. A Rhetoric of M2M Activity Tracking
  • 5. IdentityOntologyAbstractionMetonymyNormativity
  • 6. THE OLD MEN ADMIRING THEMSELVES INTHE WATERI heard the old, old men say,Everything alters,And one by one we drop away.They had hands like claws, and their kneesWere twisted like the old thorn-treesBy the waters.All thats beautiful drifts awayLike the waters.William ButlerYeats (1903)
  • 7. IdentityOntologyAbstractionMetonymyNormativity
  • 8. OntologyGoogle Image Search “Ontology” performed 5/15/13
  • 9. Task performance: ADLs & IADLs (Activities of DailyLiving & Instrumental Activities of Daily Living)Mobility: Life-Space AssessmentEnergy expenditure: Compendium of Physical Activities(Metabolic Equivalent of Task [MET])Dr. Bill Haskell, Stanford University (1987)Ontology / Taxonomy / Structured Data?
  • 10. Tim Roberts,VP Interactive, Fitbit, Health:Refactored (2013)Fitbit
  • 11. Tim Roberts,VP Interactive, Fitbit, Health:Refactored (2013)Fitbit
  • 12. Tim Roberts,VP Interactive, Fitbit, Health:Refactored (2013)Fitbit
  • 13. AINSWORTH, B. E, et al. Compendium of physical activities: an update of activity codes and METintensities. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc.,Vol. 32, No. 9, Suppl., pp. S498-S516, 2000.Compendium of Physical Activities
  • 14. Celestial Emporium of Benevolent KnowledgeThose that belong to the emperorEmbalmed onesThose that are trainedSuckling pigsMermaids (or Sirens)Fabulous onesStray dogsThose that are included in this classificationThose that tremble as if they were madInnumerable onesThose drawn with a very fine camel hair brushEt ceteraThose that have just broken the flower vaseThose that, at a distance, resemble fliesJorge Luis Borges, "The Analytical Language of John Wilkins" (1942)
  • 15. IdentityOntologyAbstractionMetonymyNormativity
  • 16. SensorsGoogle Image Search “Sensors” performed 5/15/13
  • 17. OKGoogle Image Search “OK” performed 5/15/13
  • 18. IdentityOntologyAbstractionMetonymyNormativity
  • 19. Metonymy / Synecdoche / Semiotics?@brandontee, uploaded toYouTube on 3/12/10
  • 20. IdentityOntologyAbstractionMetonymyNormativity
  • 21. DeviationGoogle Image Search “Deviation” performed 5/15/13
  • 22. Not OKGoogle Image Search “Not OK” performed 5/15/13
  • 23. Deviation ≠ ~OK