Aging2.0 @ mHealth Summit - EngAGE Pavilion Exhibitors


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Summary of the companies exhibiting at the Aging2.0 & AARP EngAGE Pavilion at the mHealth Summit, Dec 3-5, 2012.

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Aging2.0 @ mHealth Summit - EngAGE Pavilion Exhibitors

  1. 1. @ mHealth Summit, 3-5 December 2012 Aging2.0 @ mHealth Sponsors Aging2.0 & AARP EngAGE Pavilion - Exhibitors
  2. 2. Aging2.0 @ mHealth Summit Sponsors
  3. 3. e tea mThe A2 on-sit The EngAGE Pavilion, before" 4000 people arrived (Source: “2 Pint 0” Happy Ho ur
  4. 4. Global | Innovation | NetworkAging2.0 is a global innovation network, with a mission to identify, support, and accelerate new businessesaround the world that are addressing the needs of the 50+ market. The network includes an inter-generational mix of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, technologists, designers, and practitioners, whovalue new ideas, collaboration, and making a difference in the lives of others. Together with key partners, weare building a platform for innovation, based on events, content, and community. Stephen Katy Fike Liz Emery Emily Lutzker Nina Dunn Paul Nikolaidis Johnston Co-Founder Program Strategic Public Community Co-Founder Manager Partnerships Relations Outreach Kiosk #15
  5. 5. Aging-In-Place | Technology | Caregiving BeClose is an innovative technology startup that combines unobtrusive, passive sensing, cloud-based, artificial intelligence, and mobile alerts to keep caregivers connected to those they care for. BeClose promotes safety and wellness for those seeking to live independently at home, while giving peace-of-mind to their caregivers. Liddy Mark A. Hanson, PhD Manson Co-Founder / Head ofPresident Tech & Product Kiosk #1
  6. 6. Telemedicine | mHealth | Tele-geriatric care ClickMedix enables anytime-access to quality healthcare. A single "ClickMedix" application installed on a phone or tablet, or accessed through a web browser, creates a “One-Click Health” experience for patients, and for health providers desiring to serve more patients. ClickMedix has been used to improve health outcomes in 10+ countries.Ting Shih Jodi Lyons CEO & GeriatricFounder Healthcare Advisor Kiosk #2
  7. 7. Omhu is a design concern that makes premium medical equipment and accessories. Danish for “with great care,” Omhu was founded on the belief that life is imperfect and beautiful. Creative Director and President, Rie Nørregaard began work on OMHU in 2009 with its now signature cane. Rie NørregaardCreative Director & President Kiosk #3
  8. 8. Nonnatech helps older adults and disabled persons age in place. The system employs different types of passive / ambient devices, which can be used to detect and prevent falls, wandering, urinary tract infections, among other issues. The technology allows caregivers and staff to identify changes in a person’s activities of daily living (ADLs) and potential health related problems sooner, enabling the caregiver and staff to provide the appropriate plan of care Gary German leading to a reduction in accidents and hospitalPresident & CEO admissions. Kiosk #5
  9. 9. Based on ground-breaking research and tested during a 5-year NIH funded study, Neurotrack has developed technology that can diagnose Alzheimers disease three to four years before symptoms appear, creating the potential to transform the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimers disease. Elli KaplanCo-Founder & CEO Kiosk #6
  10. 10. Senior Living| Long Term Care| Research | Post-Acute Care Silver Living provides expert research on senior living communities. We reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly. Our research includes mystery shoppers, resident interviews, and state inspection reports. We publish hundreds of our own photos and videos to present an honest picture of each community. Silver Living is the only independent information source in the field. Finding senior care is among the most emotional and expensive decisions of a lifetime, and we Tal Ziv guide families along the way. Co-Founder & CEO Kiosk #7
  11. 11. Cloud-based Care Monitoring | Care Management | Digital Personal Health Record eCaring is the only care management system that generates comprehensive, real-time behavioral and clinical data from a patient’s home. eCaring enables hospitals, healthcare providers and families to track and respond to conditions, making early intervention possible, reducing hospital readmissions, lowering care costs, and Robert Jane Fields Melody Wilding improving care quality for seniors and Herzog VP of Care Director of people with chronic conditions. CEO ManagementCommunications Kiosk #8
  12. 12. Dignity | Comfort | Style Liz & Ett blends the conventional functionality of adaptive clothing with chic style, offering dignity for the modern senior.Liz Emery Rebecca Emery Founder Project Manager Kiosk #9
  13. 13. Handicap Accessibility | Senior Aging In Place | Granny Pods PALS™ Built LLC provides Accessible Residential Systems℠ for the elderly and disabled. Our premier product is the PALS Built handicap accessible modular home addition that can be seamlessly attached to a caregiver’s home. We also design and install SMART PALS℠, modular units that have ADL monitoring systems and technology. Alison Jacobson President & CEO Kiosk #10
  14. 14. Elder Care | mHealth | Health Care IT Care at Hand prevents unnecessary hospital visits for the elderly. As non-clinical home care workers perform household chores for elderly patients, they use tablets to observe and record the patients’ health through simple prompts. Predictive algorithms and SMS alerts allow supervising nurses to intervene when a patients health declines. Andrey Ostrovsky, MDCo-Founder & Chief Medical Officer Kiosk #11
  15. 15. Telehealth | Concierge Medicine | Health 2.0 MedClimate offers CareConnect, the virtual concierge medical tool that allows patients to connect remotely with their preferred provider for more convenient access to high-quality care.Tim Barnes Mike KraftFounder & SVP of Operations CEO Kiosk #12
  16. 16. Senior Care |Companionship | Mental Health GeriJoy makes talking pets for seniors living alone or in care facilities. Beyond the proven health benefits of pet therapy, our iPad/Android tablet-based service combines software and human intelligence to provide always-available, compassionate conversation about topics like family photos and news updates. We are an MIT and Blueprint Health company. Victor Wang Michael MaggioFounder/CEO Director of Marketing Kiosk #13
  17. 17. Stop | Freaking | Falling PrimeWellness LLC is on a mission to develop online resources that enable people to improve their balance and reduce the risk of harmful falls. They are piloting a web-based, customizable exercise program focused on improving balance, strength, and flexibility. Stop by the PrimeWellness exhibit for a free balance test. Blake Matthew Henderson,Henderson MPTCo-Founder Principal Founder & Head of Product Kiosk #14
  18. 18. Respiratory | Therapy | Breathing QoL Devices LLC, is a start-up company based in NJ developing a line of Mobile based Quality Of Life devices. Our first patent pending technology platform RespiRight™ is geared toward Respiratory challenged patients who suffer from Asthma, COPD as well as elderly population which needs to Respiratory Therapy based our T³ concept Testing Tracking Training.Bez Arkush Founder Kiosk #16
  19. 19. Coordinated Family Caregiving | Family & Professional Hub | Highly Qualified Leads Making Care Easier is a free on- line application for professionals and families to take an active part in caring for an elderly loved one. MCE provides a one-stop source to find solutions, coordinate information and take action to connect for caring.Mary Jane Favazza John Amaral July Fry CEO & Founder CTO & Founder Founder Kiosk #17
  20. 20. The MEDCottage is a mobile, modular medical home designed to be temporarily placed on a caregivers property for rehabilitation and extended care. Simply stated, its a state-of-the-art hospital room with remote monitoring available so caregivers and family members have peace of mind knowing they are providing the best possible care.Ken DupinFounder & CEO Kiosk #18
  21. 21. Family Caregiving | Task Management | Social Network Unfrazzle is a smartphone app that seeks to uncomplicate the lives of over 40 million American caregivers. Unfrazzle, for iPhone and Android, provides mobile task management and coordination for family caregivers. It helps caregivers remember and track the full range of their caregiving tasks, and stay in-sync with other caregivers. Unfrazzle is developed by Bhageera Inc, which also provides consulting services for developing radical consumer health innovations. Rajiv Mehta CEO Kiosk #19
  22. 22. Connected| Safe | Dignified Founded at MIT, QMedic is transforming home health monitoring for family caregivers and clinicians. Our patent-pending wearable solution is the first and only that continuously samples health behaviors (physical activity, sleep, and falls), does not require battery recharge, and can automatically alert remote caregivers in real-time to signs of health decline.Sombit MishraFounder & CEO Kiosk #20
  23. 23. Research | Clinical Management | Application iRx Reminder provides a complete smartphone cloud-based application that in deployment significantly reduces the cost of clinical research upwards of 20% andAnthony Sterns Larry Tusick captures more precise and usable patient CEO VP of Business Development data. It’s a comprehensive realtime and mobile management platform that ensures better performance from all participants in health care medicine, device, or behavior based research.Joshua Smith Chris MillenHead of Mobile Independent Account Manager Development Kiosk #21