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Week01 Presentation: NHTI Fall 2013
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Week01 Presentation: NHTI Fall 2013



ED 204, TECP 63

ED 204, TECP 63



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Week01 Presentation: NHTI Fall 2013 Week01 Presentation: NHTI Fall 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to ED204/TECP 63 Instructional Technology Professor Amy E. Gillam, M.Ed. 1. Please select a photograph from the front table that best describes you. 2. Pick up 3 sets of papers 3. Help yourself to refreshments in the hall!
  • Overview ●Introductions ●“Housekeeping” ●Flipped ●“All -BlackBoard, Textbook, etc. Classroom Activity About Me Glog” Activity ●Homework for Week 2
  • Class Introductions Please Describe: ● ● ● ● Why you chose the picture Your teaching background (past, current, future) A few interests of yours Which picture best describes your experience with technology? 1 2 3 Woo Hoo! 4
  • The Course ● Hands On During Class ● “Homework” to prepare background knowledge for the next week ● No official break - take one when you need one ● Feel free to eat and drink during class just be careful of the equipment ● Office hours before or after class
  • The Syllabus ●The Textbook ●Portfolio ●Flash Requirements Drive/Dropbox Account ●Weekly Assignments ●Grades ●Course Outline
  • BlackBoard ●Weekly Assignments ●Grades ●Discussion ●Journal ●Links ●Rubrics Board Entries
  • Thinking about Technology ● Technology Human Bingo ● Find a person for each box. Sign their name ● First two people to fill up the whole sheet wins a prize ● Way to get to know each other ● Way to assess prior knowledge of a subject
  • Flipped Classroom Activity Goal: As a group you will work together to learn about the Flipped Classroom Model. Materials: On blackboard there are three videos, 4 articles, and 1 infographic for you to use to gather information. As a group, you may decide how you will use the information. Outcome: Use markers and chart paper to create a visual that answers the following questions: • What is the meaning of a Flipped Classroom? • What is the role of the educator in a Flipped Classroom? • What is the role of the student in a Flipped Classroom? • What are your impressions of a Flipped Classroom? • What questions do you still have about a Flipped Classroom
  • All About Me Glog ●Create an “All About Me” Glog. ●Read Outline for description ●Read Rubrics to see how you will be graded
  • Requirements ●Career Goals/Teaching Background ●Your family, interests, hobbies ●Computer User ●Insert Image ●Insert Graphic ●Insert Animated Graphic ●Page/Wall Background ●Text Boxes ●YouTube Video (optional) ●Insert Sound (optional) Publish as Public and visit Class Glog
  • cipline a Dis se Choo Click F inish Saving Add G rade or Tag s (option al) Select Public
  • Homework for Week 2 Digital Natives and SAMR Model of Technology Integration Read Chapter One Study Guide or Questions Weekly Reflection Journal Watch Flipped Videos Image Source: http://sha3teely.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/float-06.jpg
  • Flipped Classroom Work for Week 2 Watch the following videos and be prepared to engage in a class discussion: “Do You Teach or Do You Educate?” http://youtu.be/W0fJKvdjQgs “A Vision of K-12 Students Today” http://youtu.be/_A-ZVCjfWf8
  • Images Used ● ● ● ● ● http://media.npr.org/programs/wesat/features/2006/feb/emoticon.jpg http://blogtown.portlandmercury.com/files/2007/03/emoticon.gif http://www.sevensheaven.nl/images/producten/illustrationillustratie_smiley-emoticon_04.jpg http://www.sevensheaven.nl/images/producten/illustrationillustratie_smiley-emoticon_01.jpg http://lawyerkm.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/fyi1.jpg