There's a FREE App for That!


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There's a FREE App for That!

  1. 1. There’s aFREE Appfor That!Amy E. Gillam, M.Ed.
  2. 2. Click on FREE Mobile Apps
  3. 3. Symbaloo
  4. 4. Finding Apps Image Source:
  5. 5. Searching iTunes• Go to the App Store• Click on Education in the Drop-down Menu• On the right - click on “Top Free Apps”
  6. 6. App Shopper• Price = Free• Type = Price Drops Go
  7. 7. Apps Gone Free• Showcases apps that are• free for the day. Go
  8. 8. App Start• Gives you information about apps for different tasks. Go
  9. 9. App Advice• Gives you information about apps for different tasks. Go
  10. 10. IEAR - I Education Apps Review• Diigo group that shares info about Go apps.
  11. 11. APPitic• Gives you information about apps for education Go
  12. 12. Teachers With Apps• Gives you information about apps for education Go
  13. 13. Best Kid Apps• Gives you information about apps for education Go
  14. 14. Productivity Apps Image Source:
  15. 15. Dropbox• Transfer files to and from the iPad Go
  16. 16. AudioNote• Records audio while taking notes. Can review in a timeline format. Go
  17. 17. Dragon Dictation• Speak and the app records the text. Go
  18. 18. Scan• Create activities that use a QR code. Go
  19. 19. Show Me 89vU • Create video tutorials Go
  20. 20. Evernote 89vU • Take Notes, Sync Multiple Places, Tag, Add photos, Etc. Go
  21. 21. My Homework• Keep track of homework assignments for different classes Go
  22. 22. Nearpod• Create interactive presentations and control student devices Go
  23. 23. Flashcards• Student flashcards, works with Quizlet Go
  24. 24. Skitch• Mark up photos, maps, webpages, etc. and sync with Evernote Go
  25. 25. Curriculum Apps Image Source:
  26. 26. iTunes U• Download courses onto your iPad Go
  27. 27. Podcasts• Subscribe and view podcasts right on your iPad Go
  28. 28. Overdrive• Download books for free from your library Go
  29. 29. CourseSmart• Read textbooks on your device Go
  30. 30. iWorksheet• Take a picture of a multiple choice worksheet and make it interactive Go
  31. 31. Common Core Standards • Common Core Standards on the iPad Go
  32. 32. Classroom Organizer• Manage Classroom Library - checkout books to kids Go
  33. 33. Home Library• Maintain and inventory Go
  34. 34. Reading and Writing Apps Image Source:
  35. 35. Vizualize• Create digital posters Go
  36. 36. Popplet• Concept Mapping App Go
  37. 37. Spelling City• Play spelling games with default lists or log in to your account with your lists Go
  38. 38. Poetry Creator• Drag words to make poetry Go
  39. 39. Mad Libs• Add parts of speech to make mad libs Go
  40. 40. GFC Vocabulary• Videos that explain common sight word vocabulary Go
  41. 41. Puppet Pals• Use characters and backgrounds to create animations Go
  42. 42. Toontastic• Use characters and backgrounds to create a cartoon Go
  43. 43. Sock Puppets• Create a cartoon with sock puppets Go
  44. 44. Easy Bib• Scan ISBN barcodes, choose format, email citation Go
  45. 45. MathApps Image Source:
  46. 46. Meteor Math• Tap meteorites to complete math facts Go
  47. 47. Sushi Monster• Make combinations of math equations Go
  48. 48. Graphs• Answer questions about data in graphs Go
  49. 49. Virtual Manipulatives• Answer questions about data in graphs Go
  50. 50. Multiplication Genius• Multiplication fact practice Go
  51. 51. Graphing Calculator• Graphing Calculator with multiple features Go
  52. 52. Khan Academy• Video tutorials for Math concepts Go
  53. 53. Math• Video tutorials for Math concepts with practice questions and tests Go
  54. 54. Everyday Math Apps• Sometimes offer specials and the apps are free Go
  55. 55. Splash Math Apps• Series of apps for different grade levels - various math concepts Go
  56. 56. SocialStudies Apps Image Source:
  57. 57. This Day in History• Calendar of events in history Go
  58. 58. Stack the States• State Trivia Game - there is also a Countries version Go
  59. 59. ESRI ArcGIS• Mapping GIS software Go
  60. 60. Globe• Virtual Globe with info about countries Go
  61. 61. Google Earth• Virtual imagery Go
  62. 62. History Maps• Database of historical maps Go
  63. 63. Today’s Document• Database of historical documents from the National Archives Go
  64. 64. The Presidency• Biographical information about the presidents Go
  65. 65. Constitution and Declaration• The historical documents with notes Go and biographical info about the signers Go
  66. 66. Fotopedia Apps• View historical places with vivid imagery and information Go
  67. 67. Science Apps Image Source:
  68. 68. Hudson Alpha iCell• Information about different cells with readability choices Go
  69. 69. Lab Timer• 4 built in timers Go
  70. 70. Science Glossary• Glossary of common science terms Go
  71. 71. Intellicast• Live weather maps and current weather conditions Go
  72. 72. Moon• Current info on the moon phase Go
  73. 73. Periodic Table• Simple Periodic Table of Elements Go
  74. 74. Science 360• Science videos and images - requires WiFi Go
  75. 75. NASA Viz• Current articles and imagery from NASA Go
  76. 76. Leaf Snap• Leaf identification app Go
  77. 77. DK Quiz• Quizzes on various topics - earn coins to unlock other levels Go
  78. 78. Integrated Arts Apps Image Source:
  79. 79. Art HD• Information and artwork of famous artists Go
  80. 80. How to Draw• Visual and verbal directions on how to draw Go
  81. 81. Sketchbook• Drawing app - multiple brushes Go
  82. 82. Glow Coloring• drawing app with shapes and glowing colors Go
  83. 83. Hello Crayons• color with crayons, draw your own picture or use templates Go
  84. 84. Coach My Video• record video and add visual notations Go
  85. 85. Scorekeeper• Visual score board Go
  86. 86. Interval Timer• Timer for various workout intensities, matches to playlists Go
  87. 87. Workout Trainer• Video physical trainer workouts Go
  88. 88. Instant Heart Rate• Take your heart rate using the camera Go
  89. 89. Notable• A game that tests your knowledge on music notes and scales Go
  90. 90. Virtuoso• Video physical trainer workouts Go
  91. 91. Music Sparkles• Play different instruments in this app Go
  92. 92. Songza• Stream music based on your environment Go
  93. 93. Guitar Free• Learn to play the guitar with real sounds. Go
  94. 94. Social Media Apps Image Source:
  95. 95. Flipboard• Stream multiple social media accounts into one location. Go
  96. 96. Symbaloo• Organize links Go
  97. 97. Edmodo• Manage your Edmodo classes with an app Go
  98. 98. Card Munch• Scan business cards, separate address book, connected with LinkedIn Go
  99. 99. Hoot Suite• Update multiple social media accounts at once Go