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Expeirence design-vietnam-agile tour
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Expeirence design-vietnam-agile tour


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. HELLO, EXPERIENCE DESIGNAGILE TOUR 2011 NovemberHo Chi Minh City
  • 2. Zichuan XiongThoughtWorks ChinaExperience Design Regional Lead
  • 3. Topics‣ Where is this coming from?‣ What is Experience Design?‣ How to integrate Experience Design into Agile delivery?‣ Q&A
  • 4. Where is this coming from
  • 5. I started my ThoughtWorks life 4 years ago
  • 6. As a rookie
  • 7. My first project was a pre-sale
  • 8. How can Icontribute?
  • 9. I got inspired bymovie story board
  • 10. I did these stuff
  • 11. Clients loved it
  • 12. After that, I joint, and started leading many project Inceptions
  • 13. By the way, what is inception?
  • 14. The Inception is our process of “inceptioning”every stakeholder to have a common picture,which drives actions that everyone agrees.
  • 15. Dream -> Plan
  • 16. We found the practices we did in ourInceptions are sharing very similar principles.
  • 17. Year 2010, we thought we could themethem together as we did the similar to Agile development practices.
  • 18. We call it Experience Design
  • 19. So what is Experience Design
  • 20. Experience design (XD) isthe practice of designing products, processes,services, events, and environments with a focusplaced on the quality of the user experience andculturally relevant solutions, with less emphasisplaced on increasing and improvingfunctionality of the design. source:
  • 21. Now, software is not just application or tool, it’s a service which links your customers and your business model software customers business model software
  • 22. Product provides functionalities, while service provides experiencecomprehensive expected and functionality delighted experience
  • 23. product service
  • 24. if software is more a service expected and delighted experienceI am culturally motivated I feel happy when I amto be in that experience experiencing it
  • 25. Design Challenges expected and delighted experience How to make the How to make theexperience expected by journey delighted by customers? customers?
  • 26. Experience Design Solutions expected and delighted experience How to make the How to make theexperience expected by journey delighted by customers? customers? fast prototype, continually design the journey in and iteratively test it customers’ context with real customers
  • 27. How to integrate into anAgile delivery process? 6 tips
  • 28. TIP ONEStop talking about requirement list, useexperience design to kickoff your project
  • 30. target persona goals X X X Xmotivations must-have stories for basic experience nice-to-have stories for enhanced experience
  • 31. viable delightedbusiness customers scope feasible technology
  • 32. TIP TWODe-mystify design process
  • 33. requirement list ? what happened? client collecting grouping visual requirements requirements prototyping designing hi-fi prototype Design Waterfall PSD + HTML page
  • 34. Evolve Evolve Evolve Inspiration Inspiration InspirationImplementation Implementation Implementation Implementation Ideation Ideation Ideation One team Clients, Designers, BA, QA, Tech Lead, PM
  • 35. Visualising everything during thedesign process with your team (inc.your clients)
  • 36. TIP THREETest your design continually and iteratively with realcustomers
  • 37. buy rent new homes share find a agent sold prices retire home ideas Experts all kitchen bath dining living storage garden kids buy rent new homes share find a agent sold prices retire home ideas Experts all kitchen bath bath dining dining living living storage garden office storage home kids garden children textile browsing sort by: MOST VIEWED 1-17 of 17 ideas 2 The picture stands out I click the picture posh browsing kitchen my scrapbook red modern my scrapbook wooden reset all KITCHEN browse more 300 x 100 Ad filter view by (3:1 Rectangle) size large buy rent new homes share find a agent sold prices retire home ideas Experts buy rent new homes share find a agent sold prices retire home ideas Experts medium all kitchen bath dining living storage garden kids all kitchen bath dining living storage garden kids small BATH browse more brand ikea browsing browsing mosbique 1 I hover over the picture cell lagvi KITCHEN furnishings my scrapbook my scrapbook DINING browse more table 4 I click this new tag to filter 180 x 150 Ad 300 x 600 Ad (Rectangle) chair (Half Page Ad) basin browse more KITCHEN browse more 300 x 100 Ad TAGS 300 x 100 Ad (3:1 Rectangle) (3:1 Rectangle) LIVING posh kitchen red browse more modern wooden 3 I click similar pictures link pictures with similar tags BATH browse more BATH browse more Save Share paper prototyping wireframing hi-fi prototyping DINING browse more DINING browse more 300 x 600 Ad 300 x 600 Ad (Half Page Ad) (Half Page Ad) LIVING browse more LIVING browse more ......Continually refine your prototype, and test themwith real users frequently
  • 38. ...... user testing user testingExperience Design design & plan design & plan (refined) Development Iteration 0 Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteratively run user testing along with your interactions go, always refine your design and plan for next iteration.
  • 39. TIP FOURExperience map to replace your product backlogs wall
  • 40. eShopping project backlogs wall product detail view rating buy shipment share shopping cart user account product listing login/out comments checkout price compareTraditional backlogs lack ofthe context of whole release
  • 41. eShopping project experience wall get join us select advice buy checkout share leavePhase 1Phase 2 Experience wall give everyone in team a good context
  • 42. TIP FIVEPrioritise in the context of designed experience
  • 43. can you prioritise those featuresurr...tricky for me? !
  • 44. get join us select advice buy checkout share leavemust-have experienceenhanced experiencenice-to-have experience let’s talk about priority in a complete experience to see which ones are must-haves. ? emm...that makes decision easier
  • 45. TIP SIXWin more contracts by new customer experience
  • 46. on-goinginception get a analysis compare advice buy on loan waiting property boughtinvestor high- project delta potential get move buy investigate compare advice buy decorate in insurance a new lifelandlord set analysis price on sale recommend visit deal a property project beta soldagency project alpha When you design a big picture of customer experience for next two years to your client, winning contract is predictable