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Agile adoption

Agile adoption



A review of 1.5 years transition to agile at JoomSolutions.

A review of 1.5 years transition to agile at JoomSolutions.



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    Agile adoption Agile adoption Presentation Transcript

    • Agile Vietnam #18 27.08.2012Transition to Agile
    • Thanks to Sponsors
    • No. 1 CEOs commitment(sometimes too much ;) )
    • The History Business Agile Status The ProcessesThe Organization
    • me JOOM (the system, the people, the product, the process etc...)
    • Talk to the peopleunderstand what they think about agileunderstand what they dont understand talk to all of them in person dont talk about agile or scrum at the beginning
    • Questions I askedWhat do you think about the company?What do you think about the product? Which problems do you see? What do you think can be changed?
    • Conclusion after 1 week communication within departments sucks and creates distance and gap and this hasimpact on working environment, customers, etc.
    • Lets start with thisunknown AGILE thing!trained 2 people in basics of Scrum they attended all the meetingsentire company starts with Scrumbut functional teams
    • My Challenges at the beginning and my learnings
    • Lets assume thatmanagement is committed toagile.1. shapes your organization2. pulls/pushes yourcustomer3. molds your product
    • Which problems am I going to face?*(#$@SCRUM?!&^*&
    • What the hell is Scrum?Our business isa special case!Scrum wont work! Our project runs fine picture: flickr, @mar1ec2
    • All these meetings are time consuming!!!3 roles? Whereis the businessanalyst? Are you kidding? I am the specialist, I know what to do!
    • Scrum doesntwork inVietnam!
    • Vietnam Cultural Agility Index 21.1 (Position 3 after Taiwan & Sweden) Bas Vodde, 2010 "Scrum doesnt work in China!?"
    • DieHards SaboteursFollowers Skeptics
    • Its aSalesJob! picture: flickr, @sylvar
    • Why?picture: flickr, @letmepass
    • A wareD esireA bleP romoteT ransferResource: flickr, @johnkay
    • AwareI see! picture: flickr, @
    • DesireI want! picture: flickr, @pollya
    • AbleI know! picture: flickr, @jennerally
    • PromoteI show!
    • Transfer Iinfluence!
    • Leadershi p
    • Consistency
    • Agile Adoption Crew
    • Make priorities!
    • Think big, act small, fail fast, learnquickly. Resource: flickr, @dandooo
    • Status1 feature team (5 ppl)goal: scale to 3 teams
    • My personal agile heat perception HeatMay 2011 Oct 2011 April 2012 Today
    • Lesson learned● dont apply throughout the entire company at once● focus on a small team and go deep (instead of broad)● send key persons to CSM course● a team needs a shared goal● It is hard to find a good PO
    • Do we do good Scrum? Noooooooooooooo!
    • And the best thing is! I dont blame Scrum/Agile for it.I blame me for it cause I spend more timeon other things than agile transition at the moment. So I have to get better.
    • ?nhan@agilevietnam.org
    • Next events1. September: Scrumban, why Scrum isnt always the most suitable solution2. October: Review and Retrospectives, examples and best practices
    • Thanks to Sponsors