Agile adoption


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A review of 1.5 years transition to agile at JoomSolutions.

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Agile adoption

  1. 1. Agile Vietnam #18 27.08.2012Transition to Agile
  2. 2. Thanks to Sponsors
  3. 3. No. 1 CEOs commitment(sometimes too much ;) )
  4. 4. The History Business Agile Status The ProcessesThe Organization
  5. 5. me JOOM (the system, the people, the product, the process etc...)
  6. 6. Talk to the peopleunderstand what they think about agileunderstand what they dont understand talk to all of them in person dont talk about agile or scrum at the beginning
  7. 7. Questions I askedWhat do you think about the company?What do you think about the product? Which problems do you see? What do you think can be changed?
  8. 8. Conclusion after 1 week communication within departments sucks and creates distance and gap and this hasimpact on working environment, customers, etc.
  9. 9. Lets start with thisunknown AGILE thing!trained 2 people in basics of Scrum they attended all the meetingsentire company starts with Scrumbut functional teams
  10. 10. My Challenges at the beginning and my learnings
  11. 11. Lets assume thatmanagement is committed toagile.1. shapes your organization2. pulls/pushes yourcustomer3. molds your product
  12. 12. Which problems am I going to face?*(#$@SCRUM?!&^*&
  13. 13. What the hell is Scrum?Our business isa special case!Scrum wont work! Our project runs fine picture: flickr, @mar1ec2
  14. 14. All these meetings are time consuming!!!3 roles? Whereis the businessanalyst? Are you kidding? I am the specialist, I know what to do!
  15. 15. Scrum doesntwork inVietnam!
  16. 16. Vietnam Cultural Agility Index 21.1 (Position 3 after Taiwan & Sweden) Bas Vodde, 2010 "Scrum doesnt work in China!?"
  17. 17. DieHards SaboteursFollowers Skeptics
  18. 18. Its aSalesJob! picture: flickr, @sylvar
  19. 19. Why?picture: flickr, @letmepass
  20. 20. A wareD esireA bleP romoteT ransferResource: flickr, @johnkay
  21. 21. AwareI see! picture: flickr, @
  22. 22. DesireI want! picture: flickr, @pollya
  23. 23. AbleI know! picture: flickr, @jennerally
  24. 24. PromoteI show!
  25. 25. Transfer Iinfluence!
  26. 26. Leadershi p
  27. 27. Consistency
  28. 28. Agile Adoption Crew
  29. 29. Make priorities!
  30. 30. Think big, act small, fail fast, learnquickly. Resource: flickr, @dandooo
  31. 31. Status1 feature team (5 ppl)goal: scale to 3 teams
  32. 32. My personal agile heat perception HeatMay 2011 Oct 2011 April 2012 Today
  33. 33. Lesson learned● dont apply throughout the entire company at once● focus on a small team and go deep (instead of broad)● send key persons to CSM course● a team needs a shared goal● It is hard to find a good PO
  34. 34. Do we do good Scrum? Noooooooooooooo!
  35. 35. And the best thing is! I dont blame Scrum/Agile for it.I blame me for it cause I spend more timeon other things than agile transition at the moment. So I have to get better.
  36. 36. ?
  37. 37. Next events1. September: Scrumban, why Scrum isnt always the most suitable solution2. October: Review and Retrospectives, examples and best practices
  38. 38. Thanks to Sponsors