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WikiTouch is a new application, available soon from iPhone app store. It's a personal wiki for iPhone users, for students, teachers, business people who want to keep their personal notes organized.

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Wikitouch Storyboard

  1. 1. Storyboard December 2009 Wiki Touch p e r s o n a l w i k i f o r i p h o n e
  2. 2. Short Definition Easy to use Personal Wiki for iPhone & iPod Touch users WikiTouch helps users to create, organize and share Multimedia Notes on the go in order to manage their business and personal digital lives
  3. 3. WikiTouch – mobile personal wiki Hi, I am Ellen, a freelance Consultant. I use my iPhone as a Mobile Internet Device and I love it. I downloaded the new WikiTouch application from AgileTouch because I need to better organize my personal and business digital life. Let me tell you why I love this new WikiTouch application. Business people are Mobile and need to easily have access to their critical information at any time, from anywhere
  4. 4. WikiTouch for Business Mobility <ul><li>In my day to day business & personal life I used to take Notes on almost everything: </li></ul><ul><li>Meeting Notes </li></ul><ul><li>ToDo List </li></ul><ul><li>Customer & Partner Org Chart </li></ul><ul><li>Product Review & Presentation </li></ul><ul><li>Important Links including photos, videos, podcasts, slideshows, … </li></ul><ul><li>Document review & comment </li></ul><ul><li>Business contact Notes </li></ul>Business people want to be able to create Notes, add text, images, links to other notes or documents and links to external web sites, whether they are online or offline, with or without an Internet connection.
  5. 5. Always on with WikiTouch Usually, I use different devices to write or have access to my information. It can be my desk computer in my home office, my laptop while I am on the go or my iPhone. Before I knew about WikiTouch, I was always missing important pieces of information such as a file or a document somewhere that I couldn’t reach for any reason at the time I needed it. Business people have many different information stored in many different locations. How do we aggregate this information and make sure that it is available using any device?
  6. 6. iPhone and Computers Thanks to WikiTouch! I can now write a Note from my laptop while offline and automatically get access to this Note from my iPhone once I get an Internet connection. I can also add links to local documents or photos in a Note and these files will be automatically available on my other devices. internet Ellen has just downloaded and installed WikiTouch from the Apple Application Store. No additional software is required on her other computers as WikiTouch works with standard Web Browsers.
  7. 7. Offline and Online And you know what? I can even create and manage my Notes, add Links and do all WikiTouch can do without any Internet connectivity, as WikiTouch works offline or online. All my Notes and Documents are stored locally, which is very convenient when I’m travelling. WikiTouch enables me to carry my digital life in my Pocket. no 3G no internet access WikiTouch stores all important information such as Notes, documents, files, images, and even videos on the iPhone’s local hard drive so that Business people can retrieve information with or without Internet access internet or It doesn’t matter
  8. 8. Collaborative Work The magic about WikiTouch is that I can share some of my Notes, or documents, or photos, with my friends, co-workers, customers or business partners. I can even publish live information and create true live presentations with trusted people, whether they have WikiTouch or not, as they can use their web browser to watch live sessions. internet WikiTouch has been designed to improve your collaborative experience with people you trust. It’s simple, fast, and works great to share important content from your digital life.
  9. 9. WikiTouch for meetings Using WikiTouch, you choose which device is best to write your Notes and which device is best to add photos to your Notes. Content synchronization between devices is done automatically over wifi or 3G connection to the network. In a meeting room with customers, I have to write minutes of meeting using my laptop. If I need to take a snapshot of what has been written on the whiteboard, then I can easily use my iPhone’s camera. It’s now easy to add the new whiteboard picture to my meeting Note.