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Agile Mëtteg - 29 November 2012 ...

Agile Mëtteg - 29 November 2012
Welcome to the dojo! If you want to code like a ninja you have to practice your katas!
A code kata is a simple exercise that allows a developer to improve his coding, testing & refactoring skills.
In this session you will practice pair-programming, TDD & clean code.
This session is for developers only!



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    Coding Dojo Coding Dojo Presentation Transcript

    • Coding DojoAgile Mëtteg – 29 Nov 2012
    • BOW (REI) Who are we? Eric Ferrot ( Cédric Pontet ( , @cpontet) Who are you? Name Company Experience Language Nov 2012 Agile Mëtteg – Coding Dojo 2
    • KATAKata is a Japanese word describing detailedchoreographed patterns of movements practicedeither solo or in pairs.By practicing in a repetitive mannerthe learner develops the ability to execute thosetechniques and movements in a natural, reflex-like manner.The goal is to internalize the movements andtechniques of a kata so they can be executed andadapted under different circumstances, without 型thought.29 Nov 2012 Agile Mëtteg – Coding Dojo 3
    • DOJOA dojo is a Japanese term which literally means"place of the way".The term can refer to a formal training place forany of the Japanese do arts but typically it isconsidered the formal gathering place forstudents of any Japanese martial arts style suchas karate, judo, or samurai, to conduct training,examinations and other related encounters. 道場29 Nov 2012 Agile Mëtteg – Coding Dojo 4
    • CODING DOJO / CODE KATA Wikipedia Kata (programming) Dave Thomas (Agile Manifesto) CodeKata Laurent Bossavit & Emmanuel Gaillot CodingDojo Emilie Bache Online resources for Coding Dojos Coding Dojo Handbook29 Nov 2012 Agile Mëtteg – Coding Dojo 5
    • GOAL Practice of Test Driven Design Baby steps Refactoring Test Acquire good developer habits Refactor Code29 Nov 2012 Agile Mëtteg – Coding Dojo 6
    • FIZZBUZZReturn “fizz”, “buzz” or “fizzbuzz”.For a given natural number greater than zero return “fizz” if the number is dividable by 3 “buzz” if the number is dividable by 5 “fizzbuzz” if the number is dividable by 3 and 5 Input Result 1 1 2 2 3 fizz 4 4 5 buzz 6 fizz 10 buzz 15 fizzbuzz 30 fizzbuzz29 Nov 2012 Agile Mëtteg – Coding Dojo 7
    • TRANSFORMATION PRIORITY PREMISETransformation Description{}–>nil no code at all->code that employs nilnil->constantconstant->constant+ a simple constant to a more complex constantconstant->scalar replacing a constant with a variable or an argumentstatement->statements adding more unconditional statementsunconditional->if splitting the execution pathscalar->arrayarray->containerstatement->recursionif->whileexpression->function replacing an expression with a function or algorithmvariable->assignment replacing the value of a variable 29 Nov 2012 Agile Mëtteg – Coding Dojo 8
    • PRIME FACTORSCompute the prime factors of a given naturalnumber Input Result ([…] denotes a list) 1 [] 2 [2] 3 [3] 4 [2,2] 5 [5] 6 [2,3] 7 [7] 8 [2,2,2] 9 [3,3]29 Nov 2012 Agile Mëtteg – Coding Dojo 9
    • REFACTORING KATA Emilie Bache Can you refactor ? Yahtzee In really small steps ? Can you turn some, frankly, ugly code into a paradigm of elegant, readable, extensible design? Nov 2012 Agile Mëtteg – Coding Dojo 10
    • SAYONARA What do you think ? Feedback is welcome Where to find Katas ? Catalogs • CodersDojo • CodeKata • CodingDojo • Schuchert Samples • CodersDojo • Refactoring Katas29 Nov 2012 Agile Mëtteg – Coding Dojo 11
    • Follow usAgile Partner web site http://www.agilepartner.netBlog @agilepartner Nov 2012 Agile Mëtteg – Coding Dojo 12