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Silicon Halton Lean Startup Lunch and Learn
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Silicon Halton Lean Startup Lunch and Learn


Learn how to run a smarter business by combining Lean Startup and Agile techniques.

Learn how to run a smarter business by combining Lean Startup and Agile techniques.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. @jasonlittle Lean Startup Run a smarter business www.siliconhalton.com
  • 2. Idea @jasonlittle Do you guys, like, make iPad Apps? www.siliconhalton.com
  • 3. Idea @jasonlittle $1,500,000 18 months www.siliconhalton.com
  • 4. Build @jasonlittle MVP Landing Page www.siliconhalton.com
  • 5. Measure Landing Page Conversion Rate: ! 12% clicked through 30% of those filled out lead form 2 of the 30% bought it 85% of all mobile traffic on iOS www.siliconhalton.com @jasonlittle
  • 6. Learn @jasonlittle Cool factor Over the air updates Simultaneous disclosure Thought monthly subscription was a scam Wanted offline support www.siliconhalton.com
  • 7. Mistakes Didn’t talk to customers Built too much too soon Didn’t know how to price test Didn’t know how to get actionable metrics Weren’t solving a customer problem www.siliconhalton.com @jasonlittle
  • 8. Lean Startup @jasonlittle Start with an Idea customer asked for iPad apps Build an MVP to test assumptions is a basic app enough? Measure actionable metrics whoops, only had vanity metrics Learn from actionable metrics learned by visiting customers Repeat www.siliconhalton.com
  • 9. Wish I Knew… @jasonlittle Vanity vs Actionable Metrics metrics that make you feel good metrics that make taking action hard facebook likes, twitter followers, page views stuff you put in a business case to lie to your boss market research…and no evidence www.siliconhalton.com
  • 10. Now I do! @jasonlittle Pirate Metrics Acquisition New eyeballs on your product or service Activation New users who have a ‘good’ experience Retention Users who came back Referral Users who shared your product Revenue Users who gave you money www.siliconhalton.com
  • 11. BUT HOW?!?!?! Lean Startup @jasonlittle Agile www.siliconhalton.com
  • 12. Nah ah… www.siliconhalton.com @jasonlittle
  • 13. 1) Be Visible www.siliconhalton.com @jasonlittle
  • 14. 2) Plan Smarter @jasonlittle who is your target customer? what do you think their needs are? What do think your solution is? Any idea how to make $$ yet? Vision Canvas by Roman Pichler www.romanpichler.com www.siliconhalton.com
  • 15. 3) Plan Your MVP Product Canvas by Roman Pichler www.romanpichler.com www.siliconhalton.com @jasonlittle
  • 16. 4) And Add This… @jasonlittle metrics A A R R R Product Canvas by Roman Pichler www.romanpichler.com www.siliconhalton.com
  • 17. Questions to Ask Who are my early adopters (personas) ! What do I need to learn from my MVP? (metrics) ! How do I market my MVP? ! Where should I connect with my early adopters? ! When should I run a new experiment? www.siliconhalton.com @jasonlittle
  • 18. Putting it all together @jasonlittle Create a vision board Build a product board vot Pi Analyze pirate metrics www.siliconhalton.com
  • 19. Validation ot Piv www.siliconhalton.com @jasonlittle
  • 20. Business case ot Piv www.siliconhalton.com @jasonlittle
  • 21. But Maybe… ot Piv www.siliconhalton.com @jasonlittle
  • 22. Where to focus? uncertainty Lean Startup: - Experiments - Customer development - MVP - Maximize learning @jasonlittle Agile: - Iterate on product - Continuous delivery - Feature toggling time www.siliconhalton.com
  • 23. Wrap-up Challenge your assumptions ! Visualize ALL your data and plans ! Don’t lie to yourself ! Talk to customers ! Learn how to sell www.siliconhalton.com @jasonlittle
  • 24. Questions? www.siliconhalton.com @jasonlittle
  • 25. Resources Landing Pages - www.unbounce.com - www.launchrock.com - www.landerapp.com ! Metrics - www.piratemetrics.com - www.kissmetrics.com - www.google.com/analytics ! ! @jasonlittle Other Stuff www.leanstartupmachine.com/validationboard www.leanlaunchlab.com www.leanstack.com www.wufoo.com www.mailchimp.com ! ! More Stuff www.chargify.com www.verifyapp.com www.siliconhalton.com