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SPConnections - Search Administration in SharePoint 2013
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SPConnections - Search Administration in SharePoint 2013


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  • 1. Search Administration in SharePoint 2013 Agnes MolnarSenior Search Solutions Consultant, SharePoint Server MVP
  • 2. Introduction• Senior Search Solutions Consultant• SharePoint Server MVP• Speaker, Blogger, Community Lead @molnaragnes
  • 3. Overview• Architecture• Crawling• Content Processing• Query Processing• Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • 4. What’s New in Enterprise Search in SP2013  Wed 14:25, Room B
  • 5. Architecture
  • 6. Major Changes in Search Combination Used of FAST and pervasively SharePoint Content by throughout Continuous Search Search WCM the platform Result Sources Crawling High Query Search Scalability CSOM Result Blocks Suggestions Query Rules RefinementsSearch is used pervasively throughout the platform 6
  • 7. Search Systemhostcontent http://search feed querycontentcontent indexing connectorscontent federate queryindex
  • 8. Search Administration is Difficult• Heterogeneous Data Models – Every system is different – Mapping to common metadata is essential for findability• Heterogeneous Security• Bandwidth and Performance – LOTS of content – Cross-site bandwidth can be expensive/limited – Source Systems can be the limiting factor
  • 9. Crawling
  • 10. Content Sourceshost http://searchcontent feed querycontent indexing connectorscontent federate query index OOB Solutions Custom Solutions • File Share • SharePoint • Website • People Profile • Lotus Notes Custom Solutions on • Exchange Public Connector Folder Framework • Documentum
  • 11. Continuous Crawl Gotcha! - For SharePoint content sources only!
  • 12. Content Freshness
  • 13. Content Freshness
  • 14. Result SourcesScopes and Federated Search in SharePoint 2010 “Result Sources” in SP2013• Local SharePoint Index • This farm• Remote SharePoint • Another farm • oAuth Trust• Open Search • Upgraded support for 1.1• Exchange • Same Search• Anonymous Authentication is supported Gotcha! - You can’t interleave results from sources 14
  • 15. Search Schema• Crawl Properties – metadata extracted from the documents/items during the crawl• Managed Properties – created and controlled by the Search Admins – mapped to Crawled Properties – helping users perform more efficient and successful queries: • Refiners • Properties displayed in Search Results • Sorting Properties (FAST)• Property Mapping – Many-to-Many relationship between Crawled and Managed Properties
  • 16. Search SchemaCrawled Property Managed Property AuthorCreatedBy Author From
  • 17. Query Processing
  • 18. Result Types New framework for presenting search results to end users called Result Types Enable each type to be rendered differently:
  • 19. Query Rules Query Conditions (does it meet a condition?) • Contains Words • Source • Type • Source • RegEX Query Actions (What action to perform) • Promoted Results • Best Bets • Visual Best Bets • Result Blocks • Additional Query • Query Modification • XRANK • Query Re-WriteQuery Publishing(When to perform this action)• Start Date• End Date 19
  • 20. Result Blocks Promoted Result (Visual Best Bet) Promoted Result (Best Bet)Office 365 Results Block Search Core Results 20
  • 21. Query SuggestionsPre-Query SuggestionsA list of items that others aretyping for their queriesA list of items you have clicked onbefore from your personal query logPost-Query SuggestionsBased upon the results that you haveclicked on at least twice 21
  • 22. Search Query BuilderNew Tool to help you build complex queries• Used Pervasively • Query Rules • Result Blocks • And More…• Visually build complex queries• Allows for testing queries• Refiners• Sorting 22
  • 23. Delegated Search Administration
  • 24. More Control at the Site Admin Level Task Site Site Admin Collection AdminCreate and/or override Query Rules, including Promoted ResultsCreate and/or override Result types and display templatesCreate and/or override Result Sources, either for remote locations or as a customsearch “vertical”Create managed propertiesCreate refinersStart a local crawl – can even be done down to the list level Built for the Cloud • Multi-Tenant
  • 25. Debugging andTroubleshooting
  • 26. Debugging and Troubleshooting Crawl Processes• Crawl Logs – Crawl time / crawl rate – Crawl errors/warnings• Crawl Reports – Crawl Rate – Crawl Latency – Crawl Queue – Crawl Freshness – Content Processing Activity – CPU and Memory Load – Continuous Crawl
  • 27. Debugging and Troubleshooting Crawl Processes
  • 28. Debugging and Troubleshooting Crawl Processes
  • 29. Debugging and Troubleshooting Crawl Processes
  • 30. Query Debugging –Developer Dashboard
  • 31. Want to Know More About SharePoint 2013Search? The Essential Guide to Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013 Everything You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Search and Search-based Applications Download from This book contains 20 chapters, and more than 100 pages packed full of valuable insights. Also includes helpful call outs and screenshots. Working with Architecture, Applications User Working with Queries and Deployment & Experience Content Results & Operations Development
  • 32. Questions?Email: Agnes.Molnar@BAInsight.comTwitter: @molnaragnesBlog: