Characteristics Of Direct Marketing by Aghreni Technologies, India


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Aghreni Technologies is a customer centric ROI based Direct Email and Mobile Marketing Solutions and Services provider in India.

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Characteristics Of Direct Marketing by Aghreni Technologies, India

  1. 1. DIRECT MARKETING Direct Marketing is subscriber database driven marketing, targeting at the segments, the marketer is positioning his/her product or services through appropriate and relevant messages. Direct Marketing is characterized by the following. 1. Customer or Subscriber or Prospect databases that make targeting possible 2. A view of customers as assets with life time value 3. Ongoing relationships and affinity with customers 4. Data based market segmentation 5. Research and Experimentation (testing) 6. Benefit oriented direct response advertising 7. Measurement of results and accountability for costs 8. Interactivity 9. Multi-media promotion 10. Multi-channel distribution Database lists can be looked at as market segments to which promotion efforts are directed and from which databases are generated. Lists can also be viewed as readers of a particular publication or a television program. They can also be viewed as segments like purchase preferences, purchase behaviors, and transaction events. Loyal customers generate greater profitability for a company than do new customers. When compared with new customers, loyal customers, 1. Spend more money over time 2. Cost less to serve 3. Are less price sensitive 4. Generate referrals for the company by spreading positive communication Aghreni Technologies Private Limited – Bringing in Best Practices in Direct Marketing to Indian Marketers
  2. 2. Therefore, direct marketers actively plan to keep their customers happy and loyal to their business by attempting to exceed customer expectations instead of merely meeting them. Customers can exhibit a characteristic of relationship or affinity and can favor purchases and ongoing loyalty with a particular brand, product or company. In return they expect a quality, value and service. Businesses, in turn seek customer loyalty in the hope of creating an affinity that keeps customers from coming back. Market segmentation consists of clustering the company’s potential consumers in groups that clearly differ from each other but show a great deal of homogeneity within the group. Database lists with customer demographics, preferences and purchasing behaviors provide enough information to create customer segmentation for marketers to target their products or services by appropriately positioning the product offering to the market segment. Testing the offer is finding out if the marketing offer generates a specific outcome. Marketers should test their offers on an ongoing basis. Early testing of an offer on a small market segment may save time and money, before a complete offer may be rolled out to the entire consumer market. The goal of testing is to determine what will work the best in generating a response from the consumer. Mass market advertising having survived for years in a largely unaccountable manner, now faces a future of measurement. Database driven direct marketers utilizing the internet are obtaining that knowledge, enabling them to profile their customers through additional knowledge on customer demographics, preferences, and purchasing behaviors and using promotional strategies that will not only drive prospects to their websites or stores, but also engage them in meaningful and ongoing transactions once there. Breakthroughs in technology has allowed direct marketers and customers now interact in multiple mediums like personal computer, cell phones, internet, telephone and television. Aghreni Technologies Private Limited – Bringing in Best Practices in Direct Marketing to Indian Marketers
  3. 3. The internet, company websites, e-commerce portals, social networking websites, blogs, review an price comparison websites have all helped marketers promoting through various electronic media, apart from traditional print and broadcast media. Direct Marketers are tapping the synergy among various media, which allows them to select the media or channel they prefer when shopping for products or services. Many marketers are now offering consumers a catalog, toll-free number, a website or an affiliate website from which they may shop, apart from retail channels and outlets. Aghreni Technologies Private Limited – Bringing in Best Practices in Direct Marketing to Indian Marketers