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Aghreni Technologies Best Practices in Direct Marketing, Email Marketing, Interactive Marketing, One-on-One Marketing and Database Marketing.

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Aghreni Technologies Direct Marketing

  1. 1. DIRECT MARKETING Direct Marketing is a marketing process where companies market to carefully targeted individual consumers with an appropriate, relevant and timely offer or message using one or more advertising media to obtain an immediate and measurable response or transaction. Direct Marketers communicate directly with customers, often on a one-to-one, interactive basis to build and cultivate long lasting customer relationships. Direct Marketers use detailed databases where they understand customer’s demographics, attitudes, preferences and purchasing behaviors. With this knowledge, they tailor their marketing offers and communications to the needs of narrowly defined segments or even individual buyers. Direct Marketing is also referred to as Interactive Marketing or Database Marketing, because it is expected to be two-way communication with the customer or prospect and it is database driven, where the database contains customer demographics, attitudes, preferences and purchasing history & behavior. Beyond brand and image building, Direct Marketers usually seek a direct, immediate, and measurable customer response. With digital advertising mediums and e-commerce websites, it is possible to effectively track and measure customer responses, if the customer looked at the offer, responded to the offer by seeking more information, visited the marketer’s e-commerce website, or placed an order, etc. Aghreni Technologies Private Limited – Bringing in Best Practices in Direct Marketing to Indian Marketers
  2. 2. Early direct marketers used catalogs, direct mailers and telephone calls. They gathered customer names and sold goods mainly by mail and telephone. Today, with the advance in database and computer technology, direct marketers are using new marketing media – the internet. Internet provides several mechanisms - email, web advertisements and affiliated websites to drive customers to marketer’s website or stores for sales. DIRECT MARKETING PROCESS DIAGRAM The following diagram shows a typical direct marketing process. Set Marketing Objectives Identify Target Market(s) Communicate the Offer Test Response Measure Success and Evaluate Aghreni Technologies Private Limited – Bringing in Best Practices in Direct Marketing to Indian Marketers
  3. 3. SET MARKETING OBJECTIVES In order to have a successful Permission Marketing Campaign you must set predetermined benchmarks. In most cases, response rates will be your benchmark. Traditional direct mail marketers recognize a response rate of 2% as considered great. The advantage for Permission Marketers is that opt-in email responses are generally much higher. Industry averages incorporates results from between 4-8% response rates. In general 5% is considered good, and even 2% is not a disaster. IDENTIFY TARGET MARKETS Permission Marketers need to find a solid list of opt-in names that are willing and ready to buy. Need to further identify your target audience through testing many lists and categories as needed. • Merge Customer Lead Sources o Web based generation of leads – opt-in /opt-out marketing o Contacts from trade shows, expos, seminars o In-house list of contacts e.g., contact list in CRM database • Create Market Segmentation o Create target group of contacts for each marketing campaign o Filter out the leads however you like, based on geographical, demographical, behavioral and attitudinal data o Identify accurate need and want of each market segment based on selling and cross selling opportunities o Set measurable goals for each segment Aghreni Technologies Private Limited – Bringing in Best Practices in Direct Marketing to Indian Marketers
  4. 4. MARKETING CAMPAIGN DESIGN Streamline campaign design with multi-channel integration and multi-step one-on-one dialogue capabilities • Content development and management • Define campaign audience, message, channel and timing • Campaign testing • Reusable and quickly adjustable COMMUNICATE THE OFFER Effective Permission Marketers have to identify an effective offer strategy to meet the target needs. In the initial transmission you should create a strong call to action. Following your initial contact you must nurture the relationship and interact with the prospect via ongoing email. One goal might be to build community around your site. This may be done through a free newsletter. The newsletter gives you a vehicle to develop an ongoing dialogue, reinforce your product or services value and develop an even stronger brand. • Create a multi-stage direct mail campaign (different direct mail pieces on different dates) • Associate multiple stages to the campaign for example, a stage I might be an initial post card offer and stage II a follow up letter depending on the response • Produce creative for association with each DM stage • Personalization of the creative • Response tracking and data capture Aghreni Technologies Private Limited – Bringing in Best Practices in Direct Marketing to Indian Marketers
  5. 5. TEST RESPONSE One of the unique advantages of Permission Marketing is the ability to test under real market place conditions your various offers. Permission Marketers can test product features, copy, prices, various email list categories, and with solid results. Conducting very specific tests to hone your message, the offering and your audience is critical. • Execute or schedule the reviewed campaign • Generate merged DM pieces and labels • Notify employees responsible to perform mailing • Receive confirmation of physical execution of the mailing • Update customer info • Tracked responses from the first stage help profiling and segmenting the contacts for the next campaign stage • Personalized campaign messages depending on the contact’s response are associated to the campaign stages • The stages can be executed/scheduled as and when required MEASURE SUCCESS AND EVALUATE By calculating the campaign’s planned costs, you can calculate the needed break-even response rate. By carefully analyzing past campaigns, Permission Marketers can steadily improve their performance. The ultimate value of a client is not revealed just by the client’s purchase during a particular opt-in emailing. It is the profit made on all the client’s purchases over the time, less the client acquisition and maintenance costs. • Measure campaign performance • Refine the next campaign performance based on figures from the earlier campaigns Aghreni Technologies Private Limited – Bringing in Best Practices in Direct Marketing to Indian Marketers
  6. 6. • Measure the amount of sales generated by the customer over time • Measure increase in sales and efforts • Achieve greater operational efficiency by having all processes under one roof and minimizing administrative costs BENEFITS OF DIRECT MARKETING Direct Marketing can bring many benefits to both buyers and sellers, whether it is employed as a complete business model (like in the case of Dell Computers) or as a supplement to a broader integrated marketing mix (like in the case of Hewlett-Packard of Sony). For buyers, Direct Marketing provides convenience, easy to use, and private way of interacting with Sellers. Buyers from the comfort of their homes or offices can browse mail catalogs or company websites at any time of the day or night. Direct Marketing gives buyers ready access to a wealth of products and information, at home and around the globe. Direct Marketing is immediate and interactive – buyers can interact with sellers by phone, chat or emails or on the seller’s website to create exactly the configuration of information, products, or services they desire, and then order them on the spot. For sellers, direct marketing is a powerful tool for building customer relationships. Using customer databases and insight into customer data, marketers can target small groups or individual consumers, tailor offers for individual needs, and promote these offers through personalized communications. Direct Marketing can also be timed to reach prospects at just the right moment. The internet is a great tool for direct marketing as it provides interactivity, one-to-one communication, access to global markets and measurability. Aghreni Technologies Private Limited – Bringing in Best Practices in Direct Marketing to Indian Marketers
  7. 7. Direct Marketing is a low cost, efficient alternative for reaching to customers through its lower costs of media, and reaching to customers over internet, email and web sites. Aghreni Technologies Private Limited – Bringing in Best Practices in Direct Marketing to Indian Marketers