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A complete company profile for Viable Dimensions

A complete company profile for Viable Dimensions



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Viable Dimensions Company Profile Viable Dimensions Company Profile Document Transcript

  • Introduction This document aims to show case an overview of Viable Dimensions, its history, its capabilities and expertise in providing customers in North America and globally with high value customer contact, product development and custom IT/ software development services and enterprise solutions.
  • Message from the CEO The ability to innovate is at the core of being a high performer. That’s why Viable Dimensions invests significantly each year in its infrastructure development and to get the best minds onboard to stay relevant to our clients needs and bring them our best possible. Working with a number of global organizations, from public service divisions to the private sector over the past three years, we have succeeded in creating considerable value for our customers by utilizing VD’s interactive outsourcing approach. From the shores of the Hudson to the Arabian Sea, we have been a critical growth factor for a diverse range of businesses. My goal is to build on our successes and continue the work that has taken place throughout the years. I strive to bring a fresh and holistic approach to outsourcing. Top of my priorities are to drive Viable Dimensions’ strategic objectives forward, and to constantly innovate our services to be effective and value driven for our clients. Danish Agha Founder and CEO
  • Table Of Contents Mission Statement 5 About Us 6 Our Services 7 Be Supported 8 Be Answered 9 Vertical Solutions 10 Be Viable 13 Why Viable Dimensions? 14 Global Offices 15 Viable Business Partners 16 Global Partners 17
  • Mission Statement Mission To assure the goals of our clients and every dimension of their business is visualized and realized for it to become a viable business. Vision Our ideology circles around the vision of our client. We struggle to become one of the global leaders of interactive outsourcing services by providing the expertise and leadership in our business units and delivering high quality, efficient and value-added services to our customers with sincerity. Your Vision becomes OUR GOAL! Concept Our approach is to provide answers to the problems of our customers and support them with high quality professional resources. That is why we are committed to listen to you. We value you, the business owner, who has a sound mind on those shoulders, and do what you tell us to connect the dots and fulfill your vision. We believe it to be the combination of our business experience and focus, alongside our creative abilities that helps us deliver outstanding results for our clients 5
  • About Us About Us Viable Dimensions is a NYC based global provider of diversified IT and BPO services and solutions. We provide outsourced IT software development, customer contact and product development services to customers in North America and globally - powering them with onshore and offshore professionals, managed back offices and our in-depth technical and technology expertise to be viable. Viable Dimensions maintains front offices, service centers and technical development centers across the Asia Pacific with the biggest facilities located in Pakistan and the Philippines. History Viable Dimensions came into being as a business management consulting firm in 2002 in Karachi. Initial competencies included technology advisory and IT consulting. Engaging with the banking, insurance, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sector across Pakistan prompted an expansion into other lucrative markets that could not only draw from our project management experience, but also the cost effectiveness of economies of scale. The year 2004 saw several small majority stake acquisitions and buyouts of vertical specific and horizontal BPO and IT services firms across the US. Formally commencing US operations in the year 2005, Viable Dimensions has been fortunate enough to be involved with a range of sectors, namely healthcare, insurance, banking, government and telecommunications. The same year also prompted an expansion for auxiliary service delivery locations to augment a growing client base and demand for high value diversified BPO and IT services and solutions across North America and globally. Expansion Plans The company has positioned itself as a leading provider from its global operational base in New York, and aims to expand its operations to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the biggest IT services market in the Middle East and projected to grow at a CAGR of 13%. We intend to pursue an organic growth strategy with local providers and enhancing their service delivery capability. 6
  • Our Services Viable Dimensions provides high value diversified BPO and IT services to the enterprise and SMB market in all its operating markets. Viable Dimensions provides its services in line with its core service competencies, which are tied in line with our mission. a) To support our customer’s business by ideas, technologies and solutions. b) To answer our customer’s concerns as well of their own customers. c) To make our customer’s business viable through life cycle activities those ensure long term profitability. 7
  • Be Supported All business owners – face a point where we feel we need to think out of the box to keep our busi- nesses running – and the magic creating. That’s when the entrepreneur in us creates a business model – and transforms it to a bold vision. With the internet boasting an estimated $32 billion of revenue for businesses selling their products online – and with the field growing at an average rate of 15% year on year – your business definitely has a lot to gain. Businesses – small and big – face a challenge to find the right mix of technology, expertise and specialized experience that they need – to power their giant leap to the internet. We are fortu- nate to continually work with startups and big businesses to nurture their businesses – and sup- port them in this transition and with every day maintenance – day in and day out. Enterprise and SMB Applications Game Development Ensuring that your business challenges and needs are met with If only a picture was worth a thousand words anymore. The say- the best solutions and technology frameworks, Viable Dimensions ing stays true, but when technology has to offer a whole new produces specialized horizontal and vertical applications for the level of interactivity and dimension to your company, then why enterprise as well as for the SMB market. These robust, highly settle for just pictures. Viable Dimensions has specialized ex- scalable applications draw upon the vast experience and domain pertise in 3D and 2D animation. We have been involved with a expertise Viable Dimensions has to offer. variety of different organizations in translating their plans into jaw dropping interactive animations and engaging game content. Data Management Say it with animation, pictures are outdated now. As the world gets more tuned to the involvement of the internet Information Management and technology into each facet of business, the need to effec- tively manage data assets securely across your organizations be- The easy access and sharing of mission critical information is comes an increasingly difficult task. Viable Dimensions provides key to superior business performance. In most cases, it defines you the comfort to focus on your core business and let us focus your business’s strategic interests and can spell the difference on the painstaking bits of cataloguing, archiving, managing and between winning and losing. Viable Dimensions provides superior delivering data to your business’s life line. information management across organizations of all sizes. So if you need access to the exact number of sales of a product or Creative Graphics and Design service in a particular quarter, or just information on the activi- ties of all your office locations, we are there to provide you easy All that it takes for your customer to identify with your company access to your information and the ability to share it, when you sometimes is a visual characteristic. We create awe inspiring need it most. creative design creations that aim to fit with your overall brand outlook. No matter if you are a new company just starting out or Web Applications/E-Services a company looking to re-invent itself, we have the answer to give your brand the right visual beginnings. The internet is an information highway and a great equalizer for the disparity between big business and startups in the business world. Boasting an ever growing concentration of targeted audi- ences around the world, every business now has the chance to go global. Viable Dimensions not only helps organizations transition from traditional brick and mortar business model to full service online businesses by replicating processes and , but also creates the user experience that helps them reap the best benefits. So if you are a company that is looking to take the online leap, or just a company that is looking to re-energize with technology, Viable Dimensions has the insight to see through your vision to a reality. 8
  • Be Answered We have all been there at a certain point in our lives. A certain experience you got from a com- pany you were loyal to that insulted your very intelligence and precious time. You then begin to fear for your customers needs more – but become over whelmed running the business and can’t help it. Lack of attention/resources gives rise to sloppy response times, longer waiting times, in- ability to get talent that speaks your language and understands your product or service – both at once. Businesses of all sizes face these challenges. Most just don’t have the resources, expertise or budgets to justify investment into customer contact – which is after all a qualitative compo- nent of any business – but nonetheless very important. A unique customer contact experience is key to driving brand loyalty among customers. We excel in providing converged customer contact experiences that combine voice, chat, email and direct mail marketing for businesses. We provide our customers with the operational efficiency, scal- ability and expertise to serve their customer contact needs 24/7. We have the talent, technol- ogy, infrastructure, training, quality assurance and business continuity to answer your custom- ers’ questions – no matter what the time. Contact Center Staffing and Services Telemarketing Campaigns Viable Dimensions has specialized experience in producing con- Getting your message across to your target market is a process tact centers for our customers that embody a unified platform that requires key insight into the working of different businesses for all their interactions with their customers, as well as raising and the nature of their respective audiences. Viable Dimensions the bar of performance and service delivery for their brands. So possesses global experience in dealing with diverse businesses even if you are just a startup, or a business that wants to engage and devising their goal oriented, performance based telemarket- with its customers on a whole new level, Viable Dimensions can ing campaigns that not only get the buzz going about your com- provide the staff, the technology and the expertise to get you pany, but also provide your business with measurable results. started and keep you rising. Surveys and Market Analysis Customer Service The secret recipe for the continued success of successful brands The challenge most companies face when they desire to bridge around the world is that they attach special focus to studying the gap between their businesses and customers, is that they both their existing markets, and the newer markets they intend have limited experience or access to specialized resources and to expand into. Viable Dimensions provides businesses with ac- technology infrastructure that create efficient and effective cus- tionable information in the form of specially devised survey and tomer service processes according to global standards. Viable market analysis campaigns. We bring our global experience in Dimensions has the technical, business and infrastructural exper- dealing with multinational, diverse companies around the world tise to provide your customers the user experience they would to provide your brand the edge it needs. want to call back for. Technical Helpdesk Support Business Process Outsourcing When you introduce an exceptional product or service and associ- The key to ensure consistent profitability and value for every ate your best business ethics to it, you always need your custom- business is to continue to grow without falling inwards or get too ers to be served responsively and in a way that breaks down the tied up with competencies that they don’t naturally possess. Vi- technical aspects of your product or service in a “human under- able Dimensions provides organizations of all sizes the benefit of standable” form. Viable Dimensions provide a wormhole detail of specialized experience and expertise in the form of technology, your outsourced technical help desk support which simply no one talent and infrastructure that can take of their business process- else can provide. Providing the best of breed mix of technolo- es. You keep focusing on growing your business; we will focus on gies, ideas and talent to your organization, we are the complete your core business problems. technology partner you were waiting for. 9
  • Vertical Solutions Over its existence, Viable Dimensions has been instrumental in solving complex and demanding IT challenges for the spectrum of its customers in various verticals and functions. Our domain expertise has provided us with the opportunity to develop specialized vertical and horizontal products that present a best of breed mix of technologies, ease of use and intuitive- ness. 10
  • Vertical Solutions Enlive is our zero touch, completely Enlearn School Information Man- simple ERP/accounting system for agement System is a solution for manufacturing companies and com- the management of schools. panies involved in distribution and wholesaling. Built on a robust ar- The solution is built using some of chitecture platform and research the latest technology platforms backed, Enlive provides maximum available, and provides features automation for business process like parent/teacher management, functions related to order entry, assignment management, atten- taxes, accounts receivables, account dance management etc. payables, inventory, purchasing, general ledger and manufac- turing. EnLearn is also available with Arabic UI support. Enlive is currently in active service with distributors and manufacturers in the textiles, automotive, leather and plas- tics sectors. Enlive is being standardized for supporting the Arabic lan- guage, so as to provide increased user adoption and accep- tance in a 100% Arabic speaking environment. Ensure Hospital Management System Enjoy Hotel Management is a cost effective and efficient solu- System is a multi-tier archi- tion for small to medium hospitals tecture, highly reliable and and pharmacies management. Con- robust application for the structed on a robust platform with management of hospital- a modular architecture, Ensure is a ity properties, namely hotels, solution built for reliability and re- motels and resorts. liance. Ensure helps in automating various parts of the hospital/phar- Enjoy provides front desk, housekeeping, billing, inventory, macy business, mainly patient data restaurant and room reservation management functionalities administration, nursing wards administration, document man- for the expanding hoteling industry. agement, patient admission, laboratories management, radi- ology and pharmacy management. Enjoy is being standardized for supporting the Arabic lan- Ensure is being standardized for supporting the Arabic lan- guage, so as to provide increased user adoption and accep- guage, so as to provide increased user adoption and accep- tance in a 100% Arabic speaking environment. tance in a 100% Arabic speaking environment. 11
  • Vertical Solutions Enstate Real Estate Management Enact-CRM is our highly scalable, full fea- System is our highly adaptable, tured enterprise grade CRM application. web based real estate listing man- Boasting a strong set of customer rela- agement solution. Optimized and tionship management and reporting capa- developed for real estate com- bilities, Enact-CRM provides superior ex- panies and agencies of all sizes, tensibility for integration with Microsoft Enstate is a complete solution in Exchange email integration as well as a its own right. Providing a power- host of other features. ful built in content management system, CRM with support for direct publishing to a website, Some of the features include sales force the system is very easy to use and maintain. automation, customer support & service, marketing automa- tion, inventory management, activity management, security Some of the features include ability to define property types, management, calendaring, e-mail integration. customers relationship Management, unlimited images by property, holiday rentals, Google Map location, email regis- tration, response management. Envoice is the next generation Call EnAct-HD is our end-to-end support Center Application Server devel- ticket help desk solution. The solution oped by Viable Dimensions. Em- is equipped to manage customer tele- bracing standards including SIP, phone calls and e-mails. The system is Voice XML(VXML), AJAX (Web 2.0), built to allow your support, sales, pre- XMLRPC and designed for inter- sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc. working with VoIP Soft Switches like department to react quickly to inbound Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Nortel and Cisco. It can be deployed inquiries. The already available features both as a premised based solution and as a hosted solution. provide a good set of ticket management tasks which should be suitable for usual Some of the features include fully featured multi-media skills purpose. based routing ACD, powerful IVR with a rich graphical pro- gramming tool, historical reporting dynamically generated, Some of the features include customer web interface for supporting scheduling, web and email delivery, real time re- viewing and sending information to the agents, web Inter- porting, dashboard and performance metrics, outbound pre- face with multi attachment support, ticket ACL support, view, progressive and predictive dialing modes, advanced call Ticket Workflow Feature, creation and configuration of user logging, scalable, supports multiple media-server/gateways accounts, groups and roles, creation of standard responses, and application instances, supervisor monitor, scheduled call auto responders for customers by incoming emails, email recording. notification to the agent by new tickets, follow ups or lock timeouts. 12
  • Be Viable Overview At the outset of our business philosophy has been the golden tenets of supporting our customers, providing them and their customers with plausible answers to their problems, and to make their businesses viable. Viability is defined when a business transforms and aligns itself in a way that not only increases its profitability, but also increases the value it imparts to its customers and its stakeholders. Viable Dimensions provides turnkey business and technology management consulting that not only aims to re-invent businesses with a new perspective, but also make them consistently ef- fective, efficient and innovative. Our line of tailored consulting services aims to enhance our customer’s businesses, starting from the outset and moving to the core with the help of global standard based research and technol- ogy optimization methodologies in an approach we like to call Encompass®. What is Encompass®? Encompass® is a unique solution delivery methodology that builds on the specialized expertise and domain experience Viable Dimensions provides with the help of its global foot print and pre- mier access to technology and talent. Our consulting approach enables us to bring the best mix of talent, technology, services and solu- tions to the equation for your business. Key Benefits Our Focused Offerings - Product Development - Premier access to Fortune500 experienced - Quality Assurance consultants and project managers. - Risk Management - Vast global delivery network of delivery locations. - Infrastructure Planning - In house experienced technical and technology - Change Management service delivery teams. - Workforce Performance - Highly qualified and experienced leadership team. Management - Skill Analysis 13
  • Why Viable Dimensions? Viable Dimensions is a global player with worldwide experience and expertise in dealing with complex business processes and providing thoughtful and reliable services and solutions to our customers successfully. The following are some of the factors that make us different from the usual providers: • World-class experience and project expertise. • Highly qualified and experienced global management team. • Access to premier technology and project management talent globally with the help of distributed technology development centers and back offices. • Superior access for resource accumulation for the Middle East because of proximity of resource hubs in the region. • Top quality resource optimization and utilization algorithms for increased efficiency. • Global solution and service delivery capabilities due to dedicated back offices. • 100% performance guarantee provided (conditions apply). • 100% quote and delivery guarantee provided (conditions apply). • Local access to globally experienced executive and project management team. • ITIL, COPC compliant BPO and technology service centers. 14
  • Global Offices UNITED STATES 845 Third Avenue Toll Free: 6th Floor 1.877.88.ASKVD New York, NY, 10022 Tel: 1.646.530.8658 | 1.317.347.9455 3919 LaFayette Rd Fax: 1.646.530.8651 | 1.317.347.9455 K15, 1st Floor Indianapolis, IN 46254 PAKISTAN II - A 2/22 Nazimabad Tel: 92.213.660.5907 Karachi 74600 Fax: 92.213.660.5907 PHILIPPINES 4th floor CTP Building, Tel: 63.2.682.0173 #5 Gil Fernando Ave., Fax: 63.2.682.0173 Marikina City SAUDI ARABIA Rama Center, Al-Takha- Tel: 966.1.281.0021 sussi Street, 2nd Floor, Fax: 966.1.281.0786 Riyadh TECHNICAL DELIVERY CENTERS Located in the Americas, Eastern Europe, Middle East and South East Asia 15
  • Viable Business Partners Overview Designed for motivated and driven individuals and firms, our Viable Business Partners program assesses track record/credentials of proven success, and provides competitive state/regional level exclusivity to sell/market our services. Key Benefits Gain access to the global VD network of locations and expertise for your own back office needs (nominal conditions apply). Benefit from a legitimate, straight forward, no strings attached path to financial success. Based on your level of involvement, you can earn from as much as referring to reselling our services. Spend more time with your family, and avoid the pain staking commute and high gas prices. Associate with our global brand, and increase your credibility as an independent consultant/ marketer/consulting firm. Believe this: You don’t have to pay us anything. All you need is your proven success and the pa- tience to take some tests with us. 16
  • Global Partners 17
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