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  • -Each of us introduces ourselves
  • -Linda
  • -Linda
  • -Linda
  • Press F5 or enter presentation mode to view the poll\r\nIn an emergency during your presentation, if the poll isn't showing, navigate to this link in your web browser:\r\n you like, you can use this slide as a template for your own voting slides. You might use a slide like this if you feel your audience would benefit from the picture showing a text message on a phone.
  • Press F5 or enter presentation mode to view the poll\r\nIn an emergency during your presentation, if the poll isn't showing, navigate to this link in your web browser:\r\n you like, you can use this slide as a template for your own voting slides. You might use a slide like this if you feel your audience would benefit from the picture showing a text message on a phone.
  • -Linda
  • -Linda
  • -Michelle
  • -Michelle
  • -Michelle: describe technology integration
  • -Michelle: describe what the Letter of the Day software is
  • -Michelle
  • Michelle
  • Michelle
  • -Linda
  • -Linda
  • -Michelle
  • -Linda
  • -Linda
  • -Linda
  • Michelle: pick one to showcase
  • Michelle: Pick one to Showcase
  • Michelle: Pick one to Showcase
  • Michelle: Pick one to showcase
  • -Linda
  • -Linda
  • -Linda (maybe)
  • -Michelle
  • Linda-tentative
  • -Linda:tentative
  • -Both of us
  • Bth presentation (no videos)

    1. 1. Technology + PPCD= Presented By:Linda García & Michelle McGeheeHays CISD
    2. 2. Icebreaker ActivityO Please submit your responses to ourquestions on Poll Everywhere.
    3. 3. HousekeepingO Please be sure you submitted your name for adoor prize; drawing will be held at the end ofthe session and must be present to win O If you have any questions during thesession, please visit our back channel onToday’s Meet: This presentation & lessons shared are postedon the following website:
    4. 4. Session’s ObjectivesO Provide a descriptive overview of howtechnology has been integrated into some ofour PALS/PPCD classrooms.O Give our session’s attendants some ideasthat they could implement in their classroomsusing a Mimio, Smartboard and an iPad.
    5. 5. Classroom SettingO Type of Class: Pre-School Program for Childrenwith Disabilities (PPCD) & Pre-School AcademicLanguage Social Skills (PALS)O Two classes: A.M. full inclusion & P.M. (half-timeinclusion)O Age group: 3 - 5 yr. olds
    6. 6. Technology ResourcesO A laptop, and two desktop computers: forinstruction and for students to use duringcentersO Data Projector (In-Focus)O MimioO I-PadO Flip CamO Augmentative Communication Devices(assigned to specific students)
    7. 7. Daily Schedule• Mimio• iPad (Splashtop app)Morning Activity• TechSpeak• Dynavox• iPad• Laptop computerCenters/Language Development• Mimio• I-PadHandwriting without Tears• Mimio• iPadLanguage and LiteracyRecess/YAP• Mimio• iPadStory Time/Activity
    8. 8. Morning ActivityO Mimio activities:Starfall:Letter of the WeekCalendarWhat’s the Weather?O SoftwareLetter of the Day: Lakeshore
    9. 9. Video: Calendar time
    10. 10. Video: Calendar Time in BilingualPPCD
    11. 11. Learning CentersO 4 to 6 structured learning centers areintroduced and open each dayO At the beginning of the schoolyear, centers begin very structured andassigned; students progress to a moreindependent level, where they makechoices and transition independently.O Students use their pictures (a small 2X2photograph) to indicate their centerchoices.
    12. 12. Video: Mimio as a Center
    13. 13. Work with Teacher CenterO During work with teacher time, studentshave an opportunity to work one-to-onewith teacher or paraprofessional, onspecific student’s IEP objectives.O The i-pad has motivating activities anddirect teach lessons that can be usedduring this time.O Other students are moving throughstructured learning centers, andindependent work time.
    14. 14. Video: Work with Teacher Center
    15. 15. Communication DevelopmentO Time is devoted to developing language withstudents’ communication devices.O Teacher spends time one to one with students;other students get time to work with the iPad orwork in a center.O Great time for the teacher to work oncommunication with certain students.O Speech Therapist also spends time working withstudents during therapy time.O Lesson Examples
    16. 16. Video: Speech Time
    17. 17. Handwriting without TearsO Research based approach that addressesdifferent learning stylesO In our class, we focus on readiness, pre-writing, and languageO Starfall alphabet activities and _________O Can be incorporated with additional letterrecognition activities, movement, andmotor games.O App
    18. 18. Video: HWT Activity
    19. 19. iPad apps: SplashtopO Splashtop is a remote desktop app available forthe iPad and iPhone (even Android version)O The app enables us to utilize the iPad as awireless slate with our students.O It has increased accessibility for students withlimited mobility or who struggle with reaching theSmartboard.O Additionally, the app has allowed access todesktop applications (i.e. Boardmaker) during tabletime activities.
    20. 20. Things to know about SplashtopO Price fluctuates throughout the year(Currently the iPad version is $9.99)O In order for the app to work, the iPad andthe computer its remoting into must beconnected to the same network.O The app works best when the computerit’s remoting into is connected to theinternet through an ethernet cable.
    21. 21. Video: Splashtop in Action
    22. 22. iPad Apps: ABC ActivitiesO Kids Finger Painting- Learn Your Letters HDO The ABC SongO A is for Apple-RobotReader-ABC’sO ABC’s and MeO Finger Trace for kids(0.99)O ABC Magic
    23. 23. iPad apps: Pre-K Skills ConceptsO Ready for Kindergarten FreeO Sight Words Pre-K FreeO Alphabet ! !O BT Sightwords FreeO ABC MAGIC 5 Letter Sound MatchingO Abby Sight Words Games & Flash Cards for Reading SuccessO Sight Words Flash Cards
    24. 24. iPad Apps: Colors & ShapesO Learn Your Numbers HDO SpeakColorsO Color Drops-Childrens Animated Draw &Paint Game HD!O A Color Learning Tool Game HDO Colors and Shapes: learn and playO Learn Colors with Zootty-SnoottyO Abby –Train- Learning Colors HD Free
    25. 25. iPad Apps: Cause & EffectO Touch Follow FREEO Tappie GameO Baby Finger HDO BeeperBallHD LiteO Little Toy BoxO Balloon Darts Challenge-Finger Target Practice GameO Kids Finger Touch
    26. 26. iPad Apps-Spanish/BilingualO ReadingSkill-EspañolO ABC MágicoO ABC Mágico 2O Todas las LetrasO DIME LiteO My First Book ofSpanish AlphabetsO CI NiñosO SimpleSort ($0.99)O Leo Spanish LiteO Learn Spanish for Kids(Bilingual Child)
    27. 27. iPad Apps: Content CreationO Snowball HDO Story CreatorO Doodlecast Pro($2.99)O ShowMeO BitsboardO ChoiceBoard-CreatorO Sock PuppetsO I KnowQuiz Creation AppO Book Magic
    28. 28. iPad Apps to use for Math/ESLO Letter SchoolO My Play HomeO Sensory Meter LiteO A Bee SeesO Math, age 3-5O Hungry FishO Math 3-4O iTouchiLearn NumbersO Count and Write ($0.99)O Magnetic Pages
    29. 29. Technology WebsitesO http://www.starfall.comO
    30. 30. Tech Tips: Mimio ToolsO To activate MimioTools, press the 2ndbutton on your Mimioor open up the MimioNotebook software andselect “MimioStudioTools” from the Toolsoption in the menu.O The tools offer manydifferent options for youbut we are focusing ononly these two.Insert screen clippingScreen Annotation
    31. 31. Tech Tips: Smartboard-Adding Pages to GalleryO There is a way to save pages from SMARTNotebook files into your gallery.O This makes it easier to import frequently usedpages.O To do this, locate the necessary page on thepage sorter.O After doing so, right-click on the page and thenscroll down to select “Add Page to Gallery”.O Circle Maps: Letter Activity
    32. 32. Questions/SharingQuestions/Sharing
    33. 33. ResourcesO SMART Exchange websiteO Mimio Connect websiteO Boardmaker software & Boardmaker SharewebsiteO http://www.starfall.comO Handwriting without TearsO For app suggestions:- App Shopper- Mark Coppin mailing TCEA on Twitter
    34. 34. Contact Us:Michelle McGehee mcgeheem@hayscisd.netLinda García