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Agewell is about celebrating old age, about respecting our elders, about giving them support and about knowing that there is nothing wrong with becoming old....

Agewell is about celebrating old age, about respecting our elders, about giving them support and about knowing that there is nothing wrong with becoming old.

Agewell Foundation, established in 1999, an NGO dedicated towards the welfare of Older Persons across the country. It endeavours to bring about a change in the perception of old age and assist older persons to move surely but steadily from helplessness and self pity towards confidence, respect and mutual caring.

Agewell proposes to co-opt various organizations, educational, institutions, multinationals, NGOs and the Government to enlist their support for the cause. It will also reach out to all sections of society through a wide mix of services and support.



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Agewell Foundation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Agewell Foundation, India Confidential and Proprietary Information This document is classified as confidential & proprietary in nature. This document or portions of it, should not be copied, produced or misused by any method, electronic or manual for personal or business use. The distribution of this document is controlled and intended only for select parties. Agewell is about celebrating old age, about respecting our elders, about giving them support and about knowing that there is nothing wrong with becoming old.
  • 2. About Agewell Foundation
    • An NGO established in the year 1999
    • Dedicated towards the welfare of senior citizens across the country
    • Assists senior citizens to move surely but steadily from helplessness and self pity towards confidence, respect and mutual caring
    • Agewell volunteer teams include professionals, senior bureaucrats, university professors, artists, writers, judges & all those people who sincerely feel and work for the cause
  • 3. Vision & Goals
    • Vision
      • Agewell Foundation is committed to make a coordinated effort with compassion and understanding to transform social attitudes towards senior citizens. The effort is to create the infrastructure to empower every older person.
    • Goals
      • Agewell has been set up to initiate better interaction between the generations. It endeavors to:
        • Bring about a change in perceptions about Old Age
        • Initiate steps towards senior citizens friendly environment
        • Evolve a sense of moral and social responsibility towards senior citizens
        • Advocate for the needs and rights of senior citizens
        • Extend a helping hand to senior citizens wherever required
  • 4. The Board
    • Founder of Agewell Foundation
      • Himanshu Rath
    • Advisory Board
      • Justice Shri Ranganath Misra
        • Ex. Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India
      • Shri P. Murari, I.A.S.
        • Ex. Secretary to the President of India
      • Shri Murad Ali Baig
        • Social Commentator
      • Shri A. N. Ram
        • Ex Secretary External Affairs, Govt. of India
  • 5. Recognition
    • National Level
      • By Government of India
        • To represent Indian delegation to Second World Assembly on Ageing, Madrid, Spain in 2002
        • To represent Indian delegation to international Workshop on Ageing, Tokyo in 2000
      • By Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
        • Commissioned as the Secretariat of National Council for Older Persons in 1999
      • By Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.
        • Member of Council of National Literacy Mission Authority
  • 6. Recognition
    • National Level
      • By Planning Commission, Govt. of India
        • Member of the working group on Reforming the Social Deviants and Caring the Other Disadvantaged for 10th Five-year-plan
        • Member of the working group on Reforming the Social Deviants and Caring the Other Disadvantaged for 11 th Five-year-plan
        • Member of the Consultative group on Social Justice & Empowerment
  • 7. Recognition
    • State Level - Govt. of NCT of Delhi
      • By Department of Social Welfare
        • Member of State Level Committee for Senior Citizens
      • By Department of Social Welfare
        • Member of Draft Committee for State Policy on senior citizens
    • Non-government Sector
      • Awarded with Vijaya Gujaral Award in 2001 for outstanding contribution for extending a helping hand to the senior citizens and their families
    • International
      • Supported by Cabinet office and DWP (Department of Works & Pension UK
  • 8. Our Presence
    • 35 States & Union Territories of India
    • 540 Districts Across India
    • 6,300+ Dedicated Volunteers
    • 4.8+ Million Senior Citizens
    • 4924 Self-help Groups
    • 3,52,011 Senior Citizens members of Self-help Groups
    Aadhar Volunteers’ Presence In India States 583 454 479 399 220 247 514 288 451 501 297 358 503 305 117 619 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 Rest of India Haryana West Bengal Uttar Pradesh Tamilnadu Rajasthan Orissa Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh Kerala Karnataka Jharkhand Gujarat Bihar Assam Andhra Pradesh
  • 9. Current Activities
    • Helpline & Redressal Services
      • Agewell Helpline for senior citizens in Delhi
      • Agewell Helpline for senior citizens in Ahmedabad
    • Voluntary Activities
      • Aadhar – Nationwide Voluntary Action Network
    • Research Activities
      • Agewell Centre for Research & Advocacy for Needs & Rights of senior citizens
    • Social Activities
      • “ Share a Smile with Your Elders” – School Contact Program
      • Agewell Family Membership Scheme
    • Employment & Job Opportunities
      • Agewell Employment Exchange for senior citizens
  • 10. Current Activities
    • Eklavya
      • An Intergenerational Initiative, as a gainful engagement for retired old persons
      • To provide community involvement and to pursue opportunities for complete development of their potential
      • Launched Home Tutors & Easy Accounts schemes as pilot projects in Delhi
      • Initiated at district level through Agewell Consortium of volunteers spread across the country
      • Over 5000 older persons registered so far
  • 11. Current Activities
    • Series of Symposiums
      • On Social, Medical, Legal, Financial & Emotional needs & rights of older persons
      • 1 st Symposium on social needs and rights of older persons, held on 12 th April, 2006 at India Habitat Centre was chaired by Dr. Karan Singh and Dr. P C Alexander was the Guest of Honour.
      • 2 nd Symposium on medical needs & rights of older persons, held on 30 th June at the same venue was chaired by Smt. Sheila Dikshit. Dr. Yoganand Shastri and Dr. Naresh Trehan also participated in the symposium
      • Contd...
  • 12.
    • Series of Symposiums (Contd…)
      • 3 rd symposium on Legal needs and rights of older persons, held on 8 th September was attended by eminent personalities like Justice Ranganath Misra, former Chief Justice of India, Mr. Joginder Singh, former CBI Chief, Mr. Dipankar Gupta, former Solicitor General of India, Mr. P N Murthy, JS, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, GOI, etc.
      • 4 th symposium on Financial needs and rights of older persons, held on 3 rd November 2006 was attended by eminent personalities like Mr. Anand Bordia, former Secretary, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, GOI, Mr. G B Panda, Advisor, Planning Commission, Govt. of India, Mr. P N Murthy, JS, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, GOI, Mr. Prithvi Haldea, Investment Consultant, etc.
    Current Activities
  • 13. Current Activities
    • Sahyog
      • Delhi’s first Psychological Trauma Centre for older persons
      • Equipped with qualified psychiatrist, doctors and trained counsellors
      • Tie-up with renowned hospitals and medical research institutes
  • 14. Contact Management Services
    • Inbound Help Line Services
      • Situation call supports
        • Emergency call support
        • Trauma call support
        • Abuse call support
      • Counseling services
        • Social issues
        • Family relationship issues
        • Residential issues
      • Query & response handling along with information dissemination
        • Senior citizens’ rights information
        • Old age homes information
        • Pension schemes and related information
        • Local area doctors’ information
        • Local hospitals & nursing homes information
        • Local area lawyers’ information
        • Agewell’s help and support in the local area
  • 15. Contact Management Services
    • Outbound Helpline Services
      • Targeted phone campaigns in selective areas
        • Senior citizen camps / programs
        • Add new members to community
        • Proactive information dissemination
        • Database ratification
        • Member profiling & market research
      • Para-medic services
        • Periodic medicinal update to patients
        • Information on specialized clinical equipment, apparatus and medicines required by senior citizens
      • Para-legal services
      • Financial services
      • Insurance services
  • 16. Contact Management - Breakup Social Issues 34% Residential issues 10% Suggestions 10% Legal, Medical & Financial Issues 22% Pension & Insurance Issues 24%
  • 17. Market Research
    • Currently underway:
      • Researches:
        • Nationwide study of needs & rights of senior citizens from their own perspective
        • Issues of concern for welfare of senior citizens
        • Evolution and implement of new methodologies for improving living conditions of senior citizens
      • Analysis:
        • Gap analysis between intergenerational & Indian senior citizens’ condition and status
        • Data consolidations & analysis of issues faced by senior citizens since the year 1999
  • 18. Activities in Pipeline
    • Patient Care
      • Old age and disability – an outreach initiative
      • Senior citizens and HIV/AIDS
    • Training Programs
      • Senior citizens as social communicators
      • Care giver
      • Old age management
    • Research
      • Senior citizens in prison and asylums
      • Linkage between adolescents and senior citizens
    • Interaction centers for senior citizens
  • 19. Our Strengths
    • Market Research, Data Collection and Analysis
      • By Age Group & Geography
      • By Income, Wealth & Consumption
      • By Any other criterion
    • Information Management & Distribution
      • Via Internet portal
      • Via mailers, posts, emails
      • Via flyers and brochures distributed by branches, nodes & community groups
    • Retail Networking & Distribution
      • At state, district & city level
      • At community level
    • Consultation & Advisory
      • On Poverty
      • On Life Cycle Model of Economic Well-Being
      • On Economic Status
      • On Economic Policy
  • 20. We Need Support
    • Medical / Para-medical help
      • Life saving & support medicines and drugs
      • Specialized patient care equipment
      • Patient care – physical support
    • Rehabilitation help
      • Senior citizen homes
      • Financial & legal / Para-legal assistance
    • Enhancing our presence & reach
      • Establish presence in the balance uncovered districts and towns of India
      • Balance representation in urban and rural areas
      • Every Indian citizen above the age of 60 should know that help is at hand
    • Enhancing our resources
      • Hire professionally qualified/ trained manpower to improve quality of work
      • Upgrade our systems and processes for monitoring performances and ensuring transparency
    • Further Research
      • Inputs to policy makers & plan implementers
  • 21. Thank you