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Like Minds - Social Business Social Media Governance Forum Sept. 2011
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Like Minds - Social Business Social Media Governance Forum Sept. 2011


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Published in: Business, Career

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  • 1. Social Business Andrew Gerrard Social Media Governance Forum Sept. 2011 #LikeMinds
  • 2. We are no longer a Business We are a Social Business #LikeMinds
  • 3. All of the web is becoming social All business is done on the web All business will be Social Business Beyond influence and media, the real opportunities lie in creating a more collaborative, dynamic and connected business. Jeff Dachis Founder & CEO, Dachis Group #LikeMinds
  • 4. Social Business is NOT about the tools #LikeMinds
  • 5. #1. markets are conversations talk is cheap silence is fatal the cluetrain manifesto #LikeMinds
  • 6. Current Business Mentality Cubicles Corridors Meetings of of ofConstraint Communication Control #LikeMinds
  • 7. Social Business FuturePermission Paths Platforms to to to Act Converse Collaborate #LikeMinds
  • 8. Social Business Design Internal External Enable #LikeMinds
  • 9. Social business isn’t a state, it’s an acknowledgement that culture and technology has changed, and that organizations can leverage these changes to solve the same business problems that they have always had and will always have. Jacob Morgan Principal, Chess Media Group #LikeMinds
  • 10. Start here #LikeMinds
  • 11. So you’re saying well as sales, What about the CEO and MD marketing, PR, Finance & Admin. have to use this client services and R&D and stuff too? accounts? Production? Sorry to burst your bubble dudes, but you asked. Yes, that’s the future. No offense future man, but is everyone in your time bonkers? #LikeMinds
  • 12. One voice Consistent Different channels Different audiences Integrated #LikeMinds
  • 13. How to integrate social media/digital innovation within every facet of an organization? Teach. Do not cut legal, HR, R&D, product development out of the integration strategy. Involve them. B. Bonin Bough Global Director of Digital and Social Media, PepsiCo #LikeMinds
  • 14. “you cant expect employees to look at email at 11pm, but stop them looking at Facebook at 11am” Vivek Badrinath CEO, Orange Business Services June 2011 #LikeMinds
  • 15. Give them permission At every appropriate level #LikeMinds
  • 16. http://chrisforgie.com #LikeMinds
  • 17. What do we need? • Strategy • Objectives • Understanding • Knowledge • Tools • Guidelines • Guidance #LikeMinds
  • 18. #LikeMinds
  • 19. Risks of online engagement • FUD • Lack of buy-in • Loss of control – perceived AND real • Out of the “Comfort-zone” • Absence of standards • Confused or absent regulatory guidance • Elasticity of time and place • Low levels of efficacy and trust • Differing skillsets • IT & infrastructural limitations • Not listening • Not doing anything #LikeMinds
  • 20. #LikeMinds
  • 21. The Times They Are a-Changin’ National Labor Relations Board asserts that social media activity concerning workplace environments, including personnel, constitute protected speech under the provisions of the First Amendment. “American Medical Response agrees to revise its overly- broad rules to ensure that they do not improperly restrict employees from discussing their wages, hours and working conditions with co-workers and others while not at work, and that they would not discipline or discharge employees for engaging in such discussions” #LikeMinds
  • 22. Rebuttal: when and how #LikeMinds
  • 23. Who is responsible? Service HR Objectives Community Technologies Integration Clients Budget Channels Governance Tools Communications #LikeMinds
  • 24. Balance Business Practicalities Vs Legal mandate Compliance compromise Vs. Compromise compliance #LikeMinds
  • 25. Are you listening? What. Why. When. Where. How. Who. #LikeMinds
  • 26. Who ultimately is liable? #LikeMinds
  • 27. Social Business Andrew Gerrard Social Media Governance Forum Sept. 2011 #LikeMinds