Unofficial guide to moshi monsters v2.0


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Moshi Monster is one of the favorite online games of children. Every games need a procedure to start. Here is the guide to easy the steps.The game will be found in The process of moshi monsters sign in will be found

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Unofficial guide to moshi monsters v2.0

  2. 2. ContentsForeword ............................................................................................................. 4History of Moshi Monsters ................................................................................... 5How to Play Moshi Monsters Safely..................................................................... 6Free Vs Paying membership................................................................................ 9Learning the basics ........................................................................................... 17Destinations in the World of Moshi Monsters ..................................................... 20Mini Games ....................................................................................................... 41How to Get Rox ................................................................................................. 45How to Get Moshlings........................................................................................ 50How to Become a Super Moshi ......................................................................... 51Moshi Monsters cheats ...................................................................................... 59Frequently Asked Questions about “Moshi Monsters” ........................................ 60More Games Like "Moshi Monsters" .................................................................. 66 Copyright © 2
  3. 3. Copyright © 3
  4. 4. ForewordThank you for downloading this unofficial guide to Moshi Monsters.We have created this guide to share our experience of Moshi Monsters and sothat both parents and children make informed choices on how to play the gamesafely whilst having fun too.Since this guide has been created independently it has not been endorsed in anyway by the makers of Moshi Monsters (Mind Candy Ltd).The Team Copyright © 4
  5. 5. History of Moshi MonstersMoshi Monsters is a very popular social networking online game where childrencan adopt and look after a virtual pet online called a Moshi Monster. The game isdesigned for children aged between 7 and 12. In this game the player adoptsand looks after a pet monster, solves various puzzles which to earn money calledRox. Rox is therefore the currency of the game and one of the key resource,which players use to buy objects for the monsters, such as clothes, foodstuff,and furniture.The game is published by a company called Mind Candy Ltd, which is a Britishbusiness. Mind Candy, developed the game in 2007 then launched it in 2008(April). Only a year later, by December 2009, the game counted 10 million users.By March 2010, a total of 15 million users were playing Moshi Monsters and thegame went viral with more than 25 million players by September 2010. As atJune 2011, The latest announcement that Mind Candy made on the number ofusers, was that the game counted more than 50 million players. The majority of Copyright © 5
  6. 6. players are still in the UK and Moshi Monsters is now reportedly played by onethird of British Children (something that cannot be verified of course). MoshiMonsters sign up are bringing revenue to Mind Candy from both payingmemberships and merchandise licensed to the company.Is Moshi Monsters like Facebook for children?The site has sometimes been referred to as "Facebook for children"; however,the game presents a number of differences to Facebook, for instance no thirdparty adverts are displayed, there is no live chat facility and the site is also strictlymoderated.As of July 2009, revenues were substantial, according to Mind Candy CEOMichael Acton Smith. Investors have included Index Ventures, which, and Accel Partners, which has invested in Facebook.As of June 2011, the British company behind Moshi Monsters (Mind Candy) hasbeen estimated to be worth U.S $200 million.In 2011Mind Candy has sought to move into the toys and merchandise business,launching a variety of products including toys, books, trading cards and amagazine (Moshimag). In February of the same year, Moshi Magazine was set tobecome one of the leading childrens magazine in UK.How to Play Moshi Monsters Safely Copyright © 6
  7. 7. Fun, Education, SafetyAs the official site states, and emphasizes on their introduction page to parents,"the three core elements at the very heart of the Moshi Monsters experience areFUN, EDUCATION and SAFETY."Parents should read the Moshi Monsters sign in guidance given on the officialsite: site to make certain that the children play MoshiMonsters safely and make sure that their children follow simple rules to protectthemselves such as “never giving their personal information on line even whenasked”.Our recommendation is that parents should play Moshi Monsters with theiryoungest children as this has the dual benefit of "sharing some quality timetogether" and keeping an eye on what goes on in the game, which has a socialdimension where players can contact other players (online social interactionscannot be controlled and moderated 100%). Clearly this approach is less likely towork with older children which should therefore be made aware of what to do andnot do on line, in particular what information they should not share with others(e.g. name, age, gender and other personal information).Moshi Monsters Sign InAfter getting authorization from their parents and guardians before signing up(ideally), children can pick one of six Moshi Monsters - a Katsuma (rabbit-likemonster), a Diavlo (tame-looking devil), a Furi (a cross between Big Foot and"Sulley" Sullivan from Monsters, Inc., a Zommer (a drooling zombie), a Poppet(cute little rodent of some type?), or a Luvli (sort of a flying tomato?).The next step is to choose colors for the monster, give it a name and click agreeto the “terms and conditions” of the site.Knowing the basicsChildren nurture their monster by resolving puzzles win virtual prizes andrewards like Rox. Children can then spend Rox on virtual things like food-items,furniture and other cool items and toys for their monster. With more and morepractice, Moshi Monsters will level up and this will open up new parts of thegame, such as giving access to more locations in Monstro City, which is thevirtual city, where the game starts. Moshi Monsters should be managed: Mood,Health and Happiness.There is a limited quantity of Rox that any player can receive in any particularday. Solving every day puzzles earn maximum Rox (around 70-130 on averageper day). This is a good reason for players not to spend too long playing on line. Copyright © 7
  8. 8. MoshlingsMoshi Monsters can adopt their own pets too, which are called Moshlings. Thenumber of Moshlings is likely to increase, we know of 40 Moshlings (all different)in total and collecting those Moshlings is one of the more enjoyable aspect of thegame.Social networkingA great feature of Moshi Monsters is the social networking interface. MoshiMonsters can add and visit friends in their homes, and can send bulletin boardmessages to approved friends. You are also able to visit homes of the charactersthat you encounter in Moshi City plus rate their room. Moshi members are alsoable to send gifts to other members. Although there is no option to live chat, thefriends list, board messages and ratings offers a partial sum of social networking.This is a functionality which enables the site content to be moderated to a greaterextent than a mainstream social networking site. This clearly makes sense giventhe young players base. Copyright © 8
  9. 9. Free Vs Paying membershipWith the free membership, players can access about half of the site . For asupplementary fee of $5.99month), free players can upgrade to Moshi Monstersmembers, and access several facilities (see below): Copyright © 9
  10. 10. Underground DiscoGet your personal magical Moshi Passport! This is your VIP pass to enter in TheUnderground Disco. It is your authorization to The Port, Gift Island, and moreplaces as well.Super MoshiBe a Super Moshi! The Super Moshis require you! Go up to the challenge plusjoin the Super Moshis in their campaign for all items monstrous and items.Receive your cloak and disguise and complete assignments to keep the city safefrom mysterious threats. Resolve puzzles, Put together cool characters, visitlatest locations and accumulate Secret Moshlings! Copyright © 10
  11. 11. House with a viewIf you fancy a Skyscraper, your Moshi Membership can make this dream cometrue- you can own a Hilltop Mountain House or even a castle. Besides, you canadjoin extra rooms to your house as well. Copyright © 11
  12. 12. Moshling ZooOnly Moshi Members can get the right of entry to the Moshling Zoo. There youcan look after all of your Moshlings in an "orderly fashion". As a member you willalso get the right to use to special Moshling seeds that will magnetize a host ofUltra Rare Moshlings. There are more than 40 Moshlings wandering in the wild.Rickety Bridge to Moshi PortYour special passport makes it possible for you to cross over the Rickety Bridgeand take a tour to the hustling, buzzing Moshi Port!. Once you are there you canshop till you fall over at Babs Boutique, and if Captain Bucks ship is docked youwill be able to buy some one-of-a-kind treasure from his adventures at sea. Copyright © 12
  13. 13. Become an A-List MonstarMoshi Monsters Members, will be "super admired", so to accommodate any newfound fame, you may have thousands and thousands of friends on your tree! Youwill be an A-List Monstar very soon!Googenheim Gallery Copyright © 13
  14. 14. Show off your art! Imagine yourself as a Pablo Picasso or a Leonardo Da Vinci?As a Moshi Member you can present your own "fine art" to the GoogenheimGallery.If your artwork is "preferred" it will become visible in the gallery together with yourname for the entire population of Monstro City to observe! There is fresh artworkevery week, and Googenheim artists all obtain the incredible power pallet!Games StarcadeOn the Games Starcade you can buy playable video games for your MoshiMonsters residence. Your friends will get the opportunity to play them, when theyvisit your home! Select from several addictive games like: Bugs Big Bounce,Octos Eco Adventure, Weevil Kneevils Downhill Dash, and many more! Copyright © 14
  15. 15. Gift IslandGet on the ferry to Gift Island where you can buy exclusive gifts for all of yourfriends. The gifts will be delivered all wrapped up along with a Moshi-rificcartoon and you may even insert a private message. Copyright © 15
  16. 16. Potion OceanThe luxuriant and lush soil near Potion Ocean is where lots of creepy andastonishing plants are found. Nothing is more thrilling than the famous Rox Tree!Shake it and observe the Rox falling down. Copyright © 16
  17. 17. Learning the basicsAdoption1. At first, go to the homepage ( of the site- you willfind “Sign In” in the top right corner of the page.To play the game by adopting a monster, you need to create an account. Forthat, you will require an email address, and a password that you can remembereasily!2. Click on “Adopt A Monster”, and a screen will appear which will display sixmonsters, to choose from, simply choose your favorite one. You can see theirnames and hear their voices by hovering the mouse pointer over them.3. Next, select the color of your Moshi Monster. These colors will be permanentfor your Monsters, so consider the colors carefully. (You will be able to changecolors only if you become a paying member of the site.) Copyright © 17
  18. 18. 4. Complete the adoption and the online form, the server will send a verificationemail to you, using your email address.5. The server may log you out, after you have performed the last step. Go to youremail inbox, where you should see an mail from the site. The email shouldcontain a verification link that You should click to activate your Moshi Monstersaccount. This process may take up to ten minutes.6. Sign-in to the game site, to finish the adoption procedure. At that point youshould automatically receive confirmation that your account has been verifiedsuccessfully.7. All that remains now, is to give your monster a name (remember not to giveyour real name). After that the inside of your monster’s house will be displayed,there you will learn about the various options of the game. Copyright © 18
  19. 19. After the adoption procedure ends, you will discover that you have received 200Rox (the Moshi Monsters virtual currency), along with a green shelf and a pieceof Cheesecake/Pie as a welcome gift.Start to playPlace the Shelf Unit wherever you like inside your Moshi Monster’s room, feedthe Cheesecake/Pie to your Monster. It will adore you for that! You can use theRox you have, to buy products for your monster from the shops of the city. Gotowards the Puzzles on the wall of your dwelling and play the Daily Challenge, sothat you can earn more Rox and improve your level by taking part in thechallenges. Copyright © 19
  20. 20. Destinations in the World of Moshi MonstersThe universe of Moshi Monsters consists of many places and destinations, wherethe player is able to visit with their darling monsters and, of course, can playgames, receive Rox, and interact with other players, gain new friends and meetother Moshi Monsters.Here the destinations and places are given below in alphabetic order:Babs Boutique (members only) Copyright © 20
  21. 21. This is a restricted area that is located in The Port. Babs Boutique is a store onlyfor the members, which concentrates in trading collectibles that you would like touse to embellish your Moshi Monsters residence. They trade collectibles,Beanie Blobs, WallScrawls, house parts, fashionable member-only room sets,and Scare Bears. If you are looking for “ultra rare” things, Babs Boutique is nota suitable place to search, as it usually only keeps the regular items. Copyright © 21
  22. 22. Bizarre BazaarA shop to be found on Main Street, the Bizarre Bazaar is situated next to thestatuette of Timernator, and it is known for keeping very peculiar andextraordinary items. Over and above unusual wallpapers you will also find: o Bingo Bongo Drums o Bowler Balls o Cuddly Humans o Dino the Dinosaur Parts o Doors o Monster Baby Photos o Paintings o Plants o Posters o Tribal Masks o Wallpapers o WindowsKeep your eyes open for rare items (search for the clover leaves ). Bear in mindthat the color of the leaf is a sign of the rarity, starting at Bronze, Silver, Gold,etc. Once you find a rare item, you should use it to decorate your residence andso that your friends can see it. Copyright © 22
  23. 23. ColoramaThis is a restricted area that is located in The Port.The Colorama is the superstore, where Members can alter the colour of theirmonster! Each time you change the colour of your Monster, this will cost 100Rox. A (fascinating) fact is that, there are more than a million possible colourcombinations to choose from. You can also modify your monsters boots, body,and eyes as well, for as long as you stay in Colorama. Copyright © 23
  24. 24. Diavlos DudsDiavlos Duds, is a shop on the Main Street, in the Monstro City Marketplace (itis a shopping center that is specialized for clothing), it is owned by a fiery red andcoal-black Diavlo and it sells small clothes, mostly appropriate for a Diavlo!The shop not only sells outfits for Diavlos, it also sells outfits for other types ofmonsters, so you your monster should visit it at some point in the game. Copyright © 24
  25. 25. DIY ShopThe Do It Yourself Shop is situated at Sludge Street and offers wallpapers,windows, doors and floors of diverse designs. The existing owner is Dewy, a red(dirty) monster.The DIY shop is famous for its various objects, fascinating doors, wallpapers,and elegant flooring.Dodgy DealzA shop situated on Sludge Street. The Double-D was launched in July of 2008.Its owner is a character named Sly Chance, a slightly shady member. He buysspare furniture and food, but merely pays 40% of its actual value, giving players"dodgy deals" which led to the name of his shop. Copyright © 25
  26. 26. There is an opportunity to Take a Chance buy playing a game of cards with him.For Rent BuildingFind the For Rent Building on Sludge Street, there is a code wheel that you needto use to turn into a Super Moshi .Gift IslandGift Island is a place for members only. First You should go to the port and thenyou reach Gift island by ferry. You are allowed to send gifts to your friends andalso a message ( presents are tiny animations, which include a note)At the end of this island, there is the boat that you may use to sail to The Port,another restricted zone for members only.Googenheim Art Gallery Copyright © 26
  27. 27. Googenheim Art Gallery is the place where Monsters show off their art to earnRox. It is located on Ooh La Lane.Grossery StoreThe Grossery Store is a shop on Main Street. Here you can buy foodstuff andsnacks for your pet. The owner is Snozzle Wobbleson, well-known for hisclumsy movement. Copyright © 27
  28. 28. HorrodsHorrods is another shop on Sludge Street and owned by Mizz Snoots. Initially itwas open for free and paying members, but in January of 2009 this all changedand only members are now allowed there.Horrods trades rare and mainly expensive objects . It is the place to go, if you arelooking for something valuable and unusual for your home.,Ice-Scream Shop Copyright © 28
  29. 29. The Ice-Scream Shop is located on Ooh La Lane There you will find the Ice-Scream Maker. This is a game where you prepare Ice-Scream ordered bycustomers. The aim of the game is to bring the order to each customer beforetheir run out of patience. Ice Screams have many flavours, toppings, and cones.Katsuma KlothesThe best destination to find Kats clothes in Monstro Citys Marketplace isKatsuma Klothes (the outside look like a dojo). The shop offers everything anyKatsumas could ever want. Kung-Fu garments are especially popular in thisshop. Copyright © 29
  30. 30. Luvli LooksA great addition to the specialty fashion stores in Monstro City Marketplace isthe Luvli Looks shop. It is owned by a Luvli in default colours, and of coursefocus on outfits for Luvlis in particular.Main Street Copyright © 30
  31. 31. The Main Street of Monstro City has Flutterby Field, Yukea, the Grossery Store,a statue of Timernator, Bizarre Bazaar and En-gen and the Daily Growl Building.It is a great location to take a look at what is happening around you, particularly ifyou are a new (free) Member, and do not yet know your way around the game.The Monstro City MarketplaceThis is the place to find the best shops: o Diavlos Duds o Furi Fashion o Katsuma Klothes o Luvli Looks o Poppets Closet o Zommers Drop Dead ThreadsThe Moshi StoreThe Marketplace is a relatively small destination in the world of Moshi Monsters,but its advantage is that players can buy most of the Moshi Merchandise theyneed (think of it as the Merch Booth for Moshi World! )You can get to the market place, easily by clicking the Shop Link off of the gamepage. On this page you may come across collectible products sooner than youthink... Copyright © 31
  32. 32. Moshling GardenThe Moshling Garden is a popular place, where players plant various seeds andattempt to capture Moshlings or move in houses which already have a moshlingpet living there.The rarer Moshlings can be captured only by using the right seeds. Look for a bird resting on the tree next to the House and Dress Up Rooms, it willoffer you a hint on capturing a Moshling whenever your plants are completelygrown.Click on your Moshling once you have captured it, and will enter into your homeautomatically.Basic-Members can have up to two Moshlings in their home at any time, whereasPaid-Members can have up to 6 Moshlings in their home, and also find out moreat the Zoo, which is a restricted area!While you visit the Garden you may find a Moshling which has been trapped onthe right hand side of your screen. You can free it by clicking on it, and you willalso be allowed to keep it as a pet Moshling if you want. Copyright © 32
  33. 33. Moshling Seed CartThe Moshling Seed Cart is a cart on the Main Street. Here you can buy seedswith your Rox. There is a large selection of seeds on offer that you will canplant in the Garden.The price of each seed is15 Rox, and the Cart usually contains the followingseeds: o Dragon Fruit o Hot Silly Peppers o Love Berries o Magic Beans o Moon Orchid o Star BlossomCrazy Daisy and Snap Apple are the two Member-only seeds that can be boughtat Super Seeds in The Port area (restricted area). Copyright © 33
  34. 34. Ooh La LaneOoh La Lane is a street in Monstro City, this lane was added to the game inOctober of 2009. It features the following: o Googenheim Art Gallery o Ice-Scream Shop o The Moshi Store o Print WorkshopPaws and ClawsIt is a restricted area that is located in The Port. Paws n Claws is a store onlyfor paying members, where you may buy Moshlings of Ecto, Cutie Pie, LadyMeowford and General Fuzuki along with combination boxes from Mini-Ben toSnookums. Copyright © 34
  35. 35. Poppets ClosetThis is the store for all clothing Poppet. It is one of the six in the Marketplace, ifyou need dressing up your Poppet this is the place where You should go.The Port Copyright © 35
  36. 36. The Port is an area restricted to paying members, which is another shoppingdestination to buy special objects and access special features.The Port is also known as the only place in the Moshi Monsters universe, whereplayers can buy the super seeds required for the rare Elite Moshlings.Print WorkshopThe Print Workshop is on Ooh La Lane. This is the place where Monster petowners can print their individual Masks, Colouring Posters, Pages, and manymore cool items. Copyright © 36
  37. 37. Puzzle PalaceIt is where you need to go to solve puzzles and quizzes to earn Rox. Once youare there, you can take part in the Daily Challenge, with many types of quizzes.You should find the Puzzle Palace early in the game and remember its positionso that you can return to it later, and often to earn more Rox and improve thelevel of your monster.Sludge StreetThere are three major streets in Monstro City and Sludge Street is one of them.Here you will come across the Monstro City Marketplace along with its six storesthat are specialized in clothes, Horrods Department Store, the Double-D, the DIY Copyright © 37
  38. 38. Shop, the Games Starcade, and an incredibly unusual spot entitled the For RentBuilding.Super SeedsIt is a seed store that is only available for paying members. In this store, couplesof rarest seeds are found. This store is also located in another restricted area-The Port.Underground DiscoIt is a mini-game placed in the drains underneath Monstro City. This undergrounddisco is watched over by Bubba the Bouncer, who only allows paid MoshiMembers to enter inside. Copyright © 38
  39. 39. There are several competitions, which Moshi Monsters can participate to, theseinclude a challenge like "Guitar Hero", Players use the arrow keys of theircomputer to compete. There are ten music tracks to compete for in order to earnRox: o 49 Pence - Catch a Pitch or Try Cryin (50 Cent) o Banana Montana - The Fall (Hannah Montana - The Climb) o Broccoli Spears - Peppermizer (Britney Spears - Womanizer) o The Fizzbangs - Monstrocity o The Goo Fighters - Forget to Walk (Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly) o The Groanas Brothers - Growliwood (Jonas Brothers - Hollywood) o Hairosniff - Poppet (Looks Like a Furi) (Aerosmith - Dude Looks Like a Lady) o Lady GooGoo - Peppy-razzi (Lady GaGas - Paparazzi) o Pussycat Poppets - Pipe Down (Pussycat Dolls-Hush Hush) o Taylor Miffed - Bred to Toast (Taylor Swift) Copyright © 39
  40. 40. YukeaYukea is a caricature of the furniture store Ikea that is situated on Main Street. Itsowner is called Moe Yukky. Yukea offers a range of wallpapers, windows,doors, and home furniture.Zommers Drop Dead Threads (ZD2T)ZD2T is another store among six stores in the Monstro City Marketplace. It isplaced on Sludge Street; ZD2Ts store owner is a Zommer in default colours.ZD2T is clearly the best place to find the best outfits for Zommers. Copyright © 40
  41. 41. Mini GamesMoshi Monster consists of a huge variety of mini-games which players can enjoyat the same time as earning Rox by completing them. Below is a list we havecompiled so that you can start exploring them. One of the great thing aboutMoshi Monsters is that the developers of the site frequently add new games inthe site- so always remain updated.En-GenEn-Gen is an energy producing game. In this game, the participants rotatecoloured blocks in order to produce Monstrowatts. Once four or more than fourblocks of the identical colour are linked, points are achieved and the Power Meterclimbs. The game finishes as soon as the Power Meter is totally exhausted.Flutterby FieldFlutterby Field is another funny game. In this game, you catch butterflies to earnRox by using a net. At the same time You should avoid the creepy-crawlies.Ice Scream Store Copyright © 41
  42. 42. The Ice Scream Store is a game and a sought after destination by most players.It comprises a challenge, with a great prize in the form of Rox along withexperience points (XP) for finishing the buyrs’ orders. Here players have toprepare the precise combination of Ice Scream, and must choose the righttoppings and cone as ordered by the customers. .Moshi Fun ParkMoshi Fun Park is another popular destination of the game on the main map.This Moshi Fun Park consists of an extensive range of mini-games. These Copyright © 42
  43. 43. games are basically Flash-Based, and designed to keep players entertained fora long time. Parents should be aware of this and keep an eye on how long thesegames take. Parents should check that they have the latest version of Flashplayer installed on their computer to get access to theses games.At this time the Moshi Fun Park presents the following mini-games to play (Thislist is arranged in alphabetic order): o Air Traffic Madness (An air traffic organizing game) o Babbit & Ball (Smiddle points by striking the ball with the rabbit placed in your hat) o Balance (Balance the ball lying on a stick whilst avoiding dreadful things) o Banana Belly (A button-matching game regarding nourishing your monkey) o Bloons (Burst as numerous Bloons as you can by chucking your dart softer or harder) o Bloons Junior (Explode as numerous Bloons as you can by chucking your dart softer or harder) o Blox (Demolish blox into every other to make points) o Bomboozle (Sketch a line attaching three or more than three of the identical colour items and keep away from the bombs) o Brain Workout (A pattern-matching brain storming game) o Breakit 3 (Standard Cracker Blox with a Twist) o Bubble Greed (Accumulate two or more of the hovering bubbles with your giant bubble) o Cargo Bridge (A bridge-building problem solving game) o Cascade 2 (Breaking resembling-coloured blocks to match the model) o Cave Chaos (A side-scrolling platformer game) o Cursor Race (A chase to click the ring earlier than the adversary attains it) o Demolition City (A demolition game) o Donut Dance (Quickly valve the bear that grasps the Donut so that your bear dance) o Doofball (A cool Foosball-category game) o Donut Ninja (Feed the foe Ninja Bears Donuts to attain Points) o Find the Pair (A figure-matching game) o Fly Rabbit Fly (A straightforward however addictive maze game) o Galactic Melody Catcher (Gather the painted dots by spinning and leaping over them) o Gem Swap (Devastate the ornaments by joining sets of three or more) o Gold Fishing (Extract your gold ingots by using a hanging hook on a chain) o Guesstimation (A game about presuming the number that how many items are there on the display) o Hanna in a Choppa (A helicopter using side-scrolling game) o Hide Caesar 2 (A puzzle-based game where the goal is to defend the coin) Copyright © 43
  44. 44. o Hotcorn (Exploding corns in a limited time- as much as you can)o Its Raining Cats and Dogs (A sky-diving game where your aim is to fall at a snails pace)o Jumpit (An archetypal side-scrolling platformer)o Jumpit 2 (A common side-scrolling platformer)o Jungle Plunge (Revolve your ape in a bubble in order to gather fruit whilst staying away from the spikes)o Kiwi Tiki (A catching-chicks game)o Kung Fu Hula Challenge (A switch matching game to maintain Kung Fu Panda in the Hula Zone)o Lightning Librarian (A straightforward pattern-matching game)o Little Master Cricket (A Sports Game - Cricket)o Meeblings (A puzzle platformer where the aim is to run away)o Meeblings 2 (A puzzle platformer where the aim is to run away)o Mining Truck (A side-rolling driving game)o Mushroomer (An archetypal side-scrolling Platformer where you gather mushrooms)o Neon Rider (A gorgeous racing game)o Ozee (A standard side-scrolling platformer)o Pet Grooming Studio (Bathe, Dry, and Prepare the pets earlier than the timer expire)o Phage Wars (Analogous to Life)o Poto & Cabenga (A side-scrolling hoping Game)o Power Pool (A pool board game)o Puffball Puzzles 2 (Chuck your Puffball alongside the right path to resolve the riddle)o Pumpkins (An entertaining small pumpkin slicing game)o Puzzle Soccer (A cool game of chucking resembling-coloured balls jointly)o R.I.F.T. (A typical side-scrolling platformer)o Rings (A pretty game where the aim is to stack sets of ring toys)o Robomaro (A game where you dodge items and gather food)o Rubble Trouble (A building demolition game)o Solipskier (A side-scroller where you construct the ski slope on behalf of your skier)o Star Lines (A game wherein you attempt to join three or more of the identical colour star)o The Morning Walk (A dog-walking side-scroller concerning avoiding things)o Thin Ice (Skate in loops to create holes in the frost to entrap Moshi Monsters)o Time4Cat (Assist your kitty attains the foodstuff and stay away from Moshi Monsters!)o Traffic Madness (A game wherein you control traffic at a hectic junction to keep away from mishaps)o Whack A Doof (A number-pad game to hit Doofs in a limited time allowed)o Wingn It (A flying-based and side-scroller game) Copyright © 44
  45. 45. o Zoo Racer (A side-scrolling and racing game)How to Get RoxIn Moshi Monsters, you need Rox in order to buy things. There are manyactivities which will earn players more Rox, for example, if you plant three magicbeans, you may get up to hundred Rox whenever the plants grow. Yet, make itcertain that your pet monster boasts a jam-packed health while you plant theseeds, or else it you will get lesser Rox due to this. One more method is redoingthe every day challenges regularly. Click your adopt applying right click, after thatundo that before going back home. Sip a toad soda when you are home, afterthat redo to the every day challenges. You will probably be astonished by seeingthat you can take the challenges again. In this procedure you can earn up toanother thousand Rox. Members have the opportunity to shake the Rox tree inorder to acquire all those valuable. Once all the Rox of the tree have fallen, dosign out from the game and then sign in again and you will notice that the tree isfull of Rox again. There are several other Moshi Monsters cheats as well- theycan give you even more Rox. Copyright © 45
  46. 46. Easy RoxIn the garden, plant three seeds of magic bean. Then wait until they grow up-after they grow up, dig them out and you will acquire up to hundred Rox (theamount will depend on the health level of your Monster).Buy three seeds of any wanted flower. Plant the seeds in the garden and go tohouse. And then return straight to the garden- you could observe something bluerising. Hover the mouse pointer on it, it will possibly read as "Rox Flower". Whenit is completely bloomed, attempt to shake it. You will probably get several Rox,but if you fail to acquire all the Rox, then log out from the game and log in again.Now shake it once more and further Rox will emerge. If the process does notwork, repeat it and try to use three dragon fruit. Copyright © 46
  47. 47. Keeping your Monster HappyThe aim of this game is to keep your monster happy. Whatever you do in thisgame, you do that for your Monster- so, always take care about the things whatmake your Monster happy. As an example, when you are in a lower level, regularshopping and purchasing things for your adopted well keep them happy. You candecorate the Monster’s room; give food to them that they preferred or even cango to the residence and click the pet to tickle them in order that the happinessbar improves.The Moshi Monsters tricks afforded are merely codes to enhance your game withthe intention that you will be inspired in playing as you are moving ahead andleveling up. Copyright © 47
  48. 48. Buying items for your monsterYour monsters physical condition depends on how carefully he is being fed byyou. Click on the door of the room to get outside of the room. Then you will see amap that will demonstrate all the places of the City. Hence you will also noticethe food stores located on the map- it is on the main street. Go there and click onthe first store that ought to be the grocery shop. You will be then inside the shop,select a food item you want to buy from the shelf and then click the “buy it”button. The price will be shown for every item and whenever you will buy anyitem the shown amount (Rox) will be debited from your account.To buy clothes for your pet, go to the “Marketplace Building” on the “SludgeStreet” just after the “Main Street”. Click on the structure to access clothes andkeep in mind that every monster has its individual figure. You can wear your petby clicking and dragging on the clothes you fancy onto your pet.You are also able to buy furniture for your home either from the Sludge or MainStreets. You can access either DIY, Bizarre Bazaar or Yukea stores. You will finda vast collection of furniture, floor, wallpapers and window models. Among these,wallpapers, window patterns and floor mechanically get positioned at proper Copyright © 48
  49. 49. spots in the room. But, to set a furnishing wherever you want it, click on the torsothat grasps your furniture and then drag in the place of your preference.You can buy Moshi Monster Moshlings both from the Grocery store and from theBarbs Boutique. Copyright © 49
  50. 50. How to Get MoshlingsUnlocking MoshlingsMoshlings are little-pets for your monsters. Owning Moshlings is truly amazingand adjoins attractiveness to your gorgeous monsters. Here are both somecommon and some uncommon means given below:Common ways to get Moshlings o Angel (flying unicorn) - Magic Bean + Two Hot Silly Peppers o Chop Chop (monkey) - 3 Dragon Fruits o DJ Quack (duck) - Dragon Fruit + Moon Orchid + Star Blossom o Gingersnap (beat up cat) - Magic Beans + Love Berry + Hot Silly Peppers o Humphrey (hippo) - Crazy Daisy + Magic Bean + Hot Silly Pepper o Purdy (pink fluffy cat) - two Dragon Fruits + Moon Orchid o Snookums (dinosaur) - Three Star Blossoms o Squidge (a fluffy flying thing) - Star Blossom + Hot Silly Peppers + Dragon Fruit Copyright © 50
  51. 51. o Stanley (seahorse) - two Love Berries + Dragon FruitDifferent ways to get Moshlings o Blurp (blowfish) - Purple Moon Orchid + Pink Love + Black Love/Blue Moon Orchid o Dipsy (cloud) - Red/Pink Moon Orchid + Yellow Moon Orchid + Yellow Love o Doris (pink dragon) - 3 Moon Orchids o Kissy (baby ghost) - Purple Star Blossom + Yellow Star Blossom + Blue Magic Bean o Lady Meowford (white cat) - Blue Moon Orchid + Pink Moon Orchid + Purple Star Blossom o Priscilla (horse with tiara) - Yellow Apple + Red Moon Orchid + Blue Moon Orchid o Shelby (turtle) - Blue Dragon Fruit + Black Dragon Fruit + Blue Magic Bean o Sooki-Yaki (ninja cat) - Purple Hot Silly Pepper + Red Magic Bean + Yellow Magic BeanHow to Become a Super MoshiLeveling Your Monster Copyright © 51
  52. 52. Every monster begins their relationship with the player from the very first level.Whilst they will rapidly level up to Level 2, with the aim of expressing theirhappiness, they perform unique Leveling Dance for you. Increasing their levelfurther than Level 2 may require several attempts from your side.Every time the monster levels up, they will show their triumph with their uniquedance, moreover, they will get a trophy as a reward for that particular level.These prizes are only useful to exhibit as souvenirs and you cannot sell them forRox.Play the game regularly to increase your XP (experience points), but be awarethat there is a limitation to earn Rox or XP daily.You should take good care of your Moshi Monster: You should feed it, play withit, care for it and get it to meet other monsters. This will maintains its health andimprove its mood. In return your monster will be willing to complete the activitiesyou need to get Rox or XP.Moshi Monsters gain experience and level up by performing these activities: o Being Fed o Buying new Things o Being Tickled o Daily Challenge o Changing your Room o Playing with their Master o Mini games o Solving Puzzles Copyright © 52
  53. 53. Completing the Daily Challenges and visiting the Puzzle Palace also helpsleveling up: you can do those by clicking a button inside your room. They aregenerally educational quizzes and other games almost all of them are quick tocomplete.Visit the shops, pay attention to discover new and rare things to buy. The itemsin stock change on a daily basis, so keep visiting the stores.Another way to earn XP is to make changes to your home.There are also challenges and mini games like the "Ice Screaming Store" thatyou can play if you want.The developers of Moshi Monsters continue to create new and exciting levels,to keep players interested , so it is a good idea to always keep your eyes openfor the latest challenges.How to level your monster to Super MoshiYou must be a paying member in order to complete the mission and so that youbecome a Super Moshi. After completing the Super Moshi Quest, you will obtainthe Super Moshi Box, which is a red and yellow box with the initial letters of“Super Moshi” (S and M) on its surfaces.Click on the box to add to your Gift Box; after that, unwrap the Gift Box and thenuse the reproduction box inside in order to access the assignments.Click on the Play button to see the video guide from Super Moshi Central, whichwill give details what is taking place and wherever you are wanted.Go to the Volcano. There you will be given further training from The Gatekeeper.He is an Aztec-style figure beside the lava flow. He show you the way to go tothe Super Moshi HQ. On your first time there, he says to you "To enter, go to thebuilding for rent on Sludge Street. There will be a clue that will help you find thefirst guardian of the secret code. Copyright © 53
  54. 54. Use the city map to travel to Sludge Street and go into the building on the far-leftwith the For Rent mark. Inside, you should notice a "code wheel" on thepartition. The guide is a character with three eyes, to the left of the building whowill give you the opening code.He will tell you that "The guy reading a book on Main Street also holds part of thecode. Speak to him to continue your quest."Go to the Main Street to locate that guy and speak to him- he will give you thenext letter, and then say to you "Im sure the guy listening to music on SludgeStreet has another letter," so return Sludge Street at that point! You should tellthe music fan that you require three letters to fulfill the puzzle -- and he will giveyou the third and final letter (keep a note of the letters).Go back to the For Rent construction, notice the piece of manuscript (like apiece of paper) on the floor and click the piece of manuscript on the ground,which has the "letter-to-code" signs on it, and then discover what the three lettercode tell you, then put it into the code wheel. Then you will open the key, therewill be an explosion out of the middle of the wheel.Click on the key to get it, and you will be asked to go back to the Gatekeeper andspeak to him. Go back to the Volcano and place in the key into the Gatekeeper.Then you will be asked in incredibly easy words that you should be a full memberin order to unite the Super Moshi HQ and to enter. You will be unable to enter ifyou are a free member.You can access 8 video walkthroughs for each of the Super Moshi missions.Simply Click HereSuper Moshi Mission 1 Copyright © 54
  55. 55. Super Moshi Mission 2Super Moshi Mission 3 Copyright © 55
  56. 56. Super Moshi Mission 4Super Moshi Mission 5 Copyright © 56
  57. 57. Super Moshi Mission 6Super Moshi Mission 7 Copyright © 57
  58. 58. Super Moshi Mission 8 Copyright © 58
  59. 59. Moshi Monsters cheatsSpecial CodesAt times you may get stuck, so we wrote this section to help you out. There areseveral special codes (which may not work in some cases), which will unlockcertain features of the game or help you level more quickly. We found thesecodes on several forums, magazine articles, websites, coupons, and someothers throughout the Internet. Often codes give access to extraordinary objectsalong with promotional hand outs. All of the special codes are not guaranteed towork properly and may have changed by the time you read this book, if so,please let us know at, and also share any newcheats and codes you discover.Here is the list: o 18 Karat Shiny Parrot: N8AD6679T7CY o Animated Disco Floor: puzzlepalace o Bag of Eggs: 6gw7areyh49us o Big Bad Bill 31= top thing o Black Pearl of Potion Ocean: JKYDPD7XCTDR o Blobert: MOSHIMOSHI11 o Confetti Rocket: PROFPURPLEX6 o Dustbin Beaver Poster: GIFTISLAND23 o Firecracker: profpurplex6 o Fossil: dailygrowl74 o Goblet of Goosebump Gultch: R7CKAFNJDPGU Copyright © 59
  60. 60. o Hamsterball: Moshlingzoo1 o Haunted Diamond Tiara: 33R3HDHD8T6Y o Lavaflow floor: sludgestreet o Lost Marbles of Eggleton: 6GW7AREYH49U o Map of MonstroCity: monstrocity1 o Moshling Poster: ALLMOSHLINGS o Mr. Juggles: moshifunpark o R2 Trashcan: GINGERSNAP11 o Shimmering Snaggletooth Sapphire: X4D8U834E3XF o Sneezy Flute of Pepper Geyser: 9G4K3P9MLTFP o Sword of Awsomeness: 9mt4gmc4nm4y o The Flaming Sword of Awesomeness: 9MT4GMC4NM4Y o The Haunted Crown: 33r3hdhd8t6y o Top Trumps: amphisbaenaeFrequently Asked Questions about “Moshi Monsters”How do I care for my monster?To remain healthy and happy, every monster requires foodstuff andentertainment (like as anybody else). So, You should give food and entertainingobjects to them. To buy foodstuff and any other monster items, you will needRox, which is the virtual money of Monstro City. You can earn Rox in severalways like solving quizzes and puzzles.Click on the puzzle button on the left of your door to start. The more quizzes andpuzzles you complete, the more Rox you will earn (simple!).What are Rox?Rox are like money in Monstro City. On the left hand side of the screen, there isa Rox counter, where you can see how Rox you own. In the city, there aredifferent shops, where you can spend this currency by purchasing any item offood, clothing or may be decors.How do I earn Rox?You can earn Rox in several ways. You can play several mini games or cansolve puzzles in different places. As an example you can click on the puzzlebutton at the left of your room to play challenges on a daily basis (you can playthem once on a single day). Again. You can also play several other gamesthroughout the Monstro city.How do I feed my monster? Copyright © 60
  61. 61. Click on the chest icon, in your monsters home, to unlock the inventory and box.You will then see an inventory of all the items in your possession. In order to feedyour monster, drag and drop the foodstuff onto it (job done! your monster hasnow eaten!).How do I decorate my house?When you are inside the room, click on the chest icon to unlock the inventorybox. Then drag and drop objects in and out of place (as you wish).Some objects in the room can never be moved or removed; they can only beswapped for a new one. Some swappable items are the door, flooring, windows,and wallpaper. Dragging a latest selection into the place will replace the previousone.What are my monsters health and happiness?The health and happiness bars indicate how the pet is feeling.HealthTo keep your monster healthy, You should feed it properly. Different foodstuffshave different effects for your pet, so bear in mind that, if you decide to test themall out (thats part of the fun), you should keep an eye on the pet’s health bar.HappinessKeeping your pet cheerful is a key fact of taking care of it. Your pet monster willbecome more contented when you buy it objects from the stores and when youfeed it. Completing any mini games, puzzles or quizzes will also bring happinessto your monster. Finally you may also improve your monsters mood by tickling itas well.Keep in mind to visit your monster frequently to maintain its health and happinessfor it might become irritable or even a bit ill.How do I level up?In order to quickly level up, You should play with your pet monster often and aarnexperience points (XP). Play the Challenge and Training Puzzles, the minigames on the city streets and decorate your room. Among them, you will obtainmaximum points by playing the Challenge Puzzles. Copyright © 61
  62. 62. Check out the progress bar under the level number, you should notice how faryou are away from the next level. Just remember, you cant level up unless yourmonster is feeling well enough, so you should keep him happy and healthy too!There is only a limited number of points you can earn in a single day, so there isno need to play for long periods.What does my monsters mood mean?Your monsters mood, gives an indication of how your monsters feel, and itsmood will change depending on how well you care for your monster. You cannotice how the monster is feeling at the present time by looking at the mood iconto the left of the screen.What do the four leaf clovers mean in the shop?If you notice a four leaf clover in any shop, it shows that you have found a rareitem. Click on any of these item as soon as you notice them.Each rare object has a tiny clover showing you how rare it is: o bronze means "rare" o silver means "very rare" o gold means "super rare"If you find a super rare object, you should display it in your room.What is the Friends Tree?The Friends Tree allows you maintain a friends list and so that you may visittheir homes, and get to know them.Your Friends Tree will grow up and sprout further branches as you meet newfriends.How do I find my friends?We recommend that you only add friends that you know in real life, maybe fromyour school or any club you attend.Click on the "Add a new friend" button on the Friends Tree. You should enter thecorrect Moshi Monsters owner, to find out your preferred friend. One time youhave found them, just click the "Add" button to send a friend request to them.If you are looking at any friends place, you may click on their Friends Tree inorder to send them a friend request. Copyright © 62
  63. 63. How do I know Ive got a friends request?When someone sends you a friend request, you will need to confirm that youwould like to be a friend with them. When you receive a friends request, yourFriends Tree will shake its branches and an exclamation mark will appear.Click on the Friends Tree. The requests that are received will be highlighted inorange and you can then select to add friends or block them from contacting youagain.How many friends can I have?Free members can have up to one hundred friends request each. If you sendany request and it remains unanswered, that will be counted in this total.What is my Monstar Rating?Your Monstar Rating shows how popular your monster is in Monstro City. Themore acquaintances and other possessors visit your home, the more admiredyou will turn into. You begin at Z and can mount all the way up to turn into an AList Monstar.How often can I rate a room?Every day, you can rate any monsters room, therefore if you truly like any room,revisit and rate once more the next day. Take a glance through a monstersroom, observe how the possessor has ornamented it then pick your figure ofstars.Where do I enter the secret code I got with my MoPod or Arbys deck?Whenever you go to the Moshi Monsters sign in page, you will see a box thatallows you type a secret code. After entering the secret code, whenever youenter at your home, you will discover your special item in your inventory box thatis organized to be positioned wherever you wish.If you have further codes, just type one in that box each time when you sign in toobtain another item. Hence, You should sign in as many times as many codesyou have.What is the pinboard?The pinboard makes it possible to receive messages from your friends and tosend messages to them. If you go to your friends’ room and click on their pinboard, you should notice all the messages others have left for them. You can Copyright © 63
  64. 64. leave your message for your friend easily. You can keep 128 messages on thepinboard. The oldest message will be deleted if you approve a new one.How can I stop someone from contacting me again?If you do not want to get messages from anyone, you may prevent them fromcontacting you again in the future; for this, you just have to click the block buttonon any friends request sent by them. If they continue to bother you, please askthe help of an adult and contact Monster HQ.How can I unblock someone Ive blocked before?If you come to a decision to unblock somebody, just send request to them as afriend.Whats a Moshi Member?The basic membership of this site is free anyone can adopt a monster but theyonly get access to a limited part of the game. Whether, a member can access toany place in any time according to their wish. Thus the Moshi members get someexclusive extra facilities that the free players do not get. Some of these facilitiesare getting access to exclusive Moshlings, thousands of friends, colouring themonster, etc.Why is my Daily Challenge already completed today? I havent played it yet!This may have happened for the following reasons:Firstly, the site is reset by the owners once a day (in every 24 hours), at 6a.m.GMT. So, please check your complaint adjusting the time with your country.Secondly, somebody is using your account, to prevent this problem fromhappening, you should not share your password.What are Moshlings?Moshlings are small pets (mini Moshi Monsters), for your monsters. You will findthem throughout the Monstro City and especially on the wild places. They loveflowers, so if you can grow the right plants, the Moshlings will stay with you forlifetime.How can I get a Moshling?Visit your garden from the map and grow 3 flowers. When theyve grown youllsee if youve attracted a Moshling. If you havent, dont worry, the Cluekoo willhelp you out. Copyright © 64
  65. 65. Some Moshlings are easy to catch and will be attracted by any colour of flower,but the really rare Moshlings are picky, and you can only attract them if you getthe exact flower colour right.Help, I cant get a Moshling!If the Cluekoo gives you suggestions about rare or ultra rare Moshlings. If youthink that the suggestions are too difficult to follow, simply dig up the plants andtry again.Another fun and popular method to discover a Moshling, is to plant three randomseeds. In such case you never know what you will get, ... but thats part of the funright?.What do I need to play Moshi Monsters?You need to have an internet connection and Flash Player 10 installed in yourcomputer. Flash Player is a free software which runs inside the internet browser.You also need JavaScript and cookies enabled.Finally you can also contact the Moshi Monsters supporting team any time if youhave any difficulty ( do I get to Monstro City? Wheres the map gone?To get to Monstro City and the shops, click the Map button that is positionedabove the treasure chest icon.How do I change the look of my house?Visit the New Houses! shop on "Ooh La Lane". Then click "Buy a Style For YourHouse". There are plenty of "looks" to choose from. Whenever you buy a style, itwill replace your previous one.You can also turn your residence into a skyscraper, a tree house, or even aprincess castle. Copyright © 65
  66. 66. More Games Like "Moshi Monsters" Click here to find out the latest cool games we like Copyright © 66