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Ymcaideas Ymcaideas Presentation Transcript

  • + YMCA GLOBAL DIGITAL ACCELERATOR Youth Ambassador Deck January 19, 2012
  • + Who is on the Call  Dave Ball, YMCA Romford, CEO (London)  Sean Moffitt, Wikibrands, Managing Director (Toronto)  Barry Hillier, Dashboard, President (Toronto)  Romulo Dantas, World Alliance of YMCAs, Exec. Secretary (Switzerland)  Diego (Brazil)  Samuel (Columbia)  Bjorn (Germany)
  • + Objectives of Day  Get some of YMCA’s top youth leaders engaged early in a few global digital initiatives  Find out what you think about the YMCA when it comes to “digital, social media, mobile, collaboration, viral” engagement  Look for your raw, honest reaction to some of the things we’ve been dreaming up  Ask you how you might improve things
  • + Who are You?  Name?  Hobbies/Activities?  Why You Visit the YMCA?  Level of Digital Skills/ What you Like to Do Online?
  • + Questions off the Top 1. What’s your current impression on how well YMCA engages its youth online? 2. When you think of things the YMCA should be doing/should be doing better online, what do you think of?
  • + Four Global YMCA Ideas  A Global YMCA Mobile App  A Global Youth Leader Social Network  A Global Inspiring Talks Video Website  A Global Hero Leadership Video- based Website
  • + #1 YMCA Global Mobile App Any thoughts upfront on what you would like a YMCA global mobile app to do that would make you want to come back again and again?
  • + Idea #1 - Vitamin Y Mobile App  An “allthings under one roof” YMCA mobile app that covers off:  Mind, Body and Spirit  Inspiration, Education, Opportunity to be Recognized, Social, Make Life Easier/Better  A Smart App that understands who you are, where you are, what you are doing, pushes out relevant information
  • + Idea #1 – Vitamin Y Mobile App
  • + Idea #1 – Vitamin Y Mobile App Features  YMCA Location Finder  Body  Gamification/Badges for Activity/Map vs. Goals  Spot Me – find friends/invite for activity  Mind  Social forum Good Day/Bad Day for explaining your current mood  Positive messages/quotes/coping strategies  Spirit  Picture Challenges e.g. “How are you Paying it Forward Today?”  Best pictures – uploaded to website and video walls in key major YMCAs around the world  Fundraising options
  • + Idea #1 – Vitamin Y Mobile App Possible Names  Vitamin Y  Daily Y  Pocket Y  YMCA’s Small World Y Connected
  • + Mobile Apps Have we missed anything?  Answer “wouldn’t it be great if you could…”  Additional features?  Look and feel?  Other inspirations?
  • + #2 YMCA Youth Leader Social Network  Any thoughts upfront on what you would like a YMCA global youth leader social network would look like, to make you want to spend time here vs. Facebook, Twitter…etc.?
  • + Idea #2 – The Y Gen A community/social forum for leading YMCA youth to network with each other and gain access to three things:  Crowdsourced Opportunity to work with partner organizations on creative/interesting tasks for $  Ability to tap into global youth experts/ exchange information/expertise with each other on key topics of interests  Tools to socially fundraise for YMCA global projects
  • + Inspiration
  • + Inspirations
  • + Idea #2 – The Y Gen Social Networks
  • +
  • + Idea #2 – Y Gen Social Network Features  Get Involved - work on projects for dollars/points for partner and YMCA projects – insights/photos/creative tasks/tech tasks/stories  Get Input – collaborate with youth peers around the world on things you know a lot about/want to know more about  Get Action – get behind fundraising efforts behind YMCA and personally important projects  Get Recognized – based on leaderboard and voting, become a YMCA Global Digital Ambassador
  • + Idea #2 – Y Gen Social Leader Network Potential Names  The Y Hub Y Camp  General Assembly Y Y Space Y Starter
  • + Youth Leader Social Network Have we missed anything?  What would make you actually come to visit? Return again?  Additional features?  Look and feel?  Other inspirations?
  • + #3 YMCA Inspiring Video Series Any thoughts upfront on what would bring to life YMCA’s movement with youth in an inspiring, must talk about, fan, repost type of way?
  • + Idea #3 - Y I’m Here A video-based site that sets off a chain reaction of social video exchange designed to do a few things:  Expose what great deeds in the world YMCA is doing  Expose what great people/celebrities have grown out of the Y  Expose some of the amazing causes/stories that YMCA builds  Expose some of the uplifting fun that YMCAers have
  • + Inspiration
  • + Idea #3 – The Y I’m Here Inspiring Video Platform
  • +
  • +
  • +
  • + Idea #3 – Y I’m Here Inspiring Video Series Startervideo and chain reaction of user-submitted videos Abilityto vote up videos you love and leave comments Social network integration Fundraising links Y I’m Here Events
  • +Idea #3 – Y I’m Here InspiringVideo Potential Names Y Inspired  Y Talks  The Y Diaries  My Y Moment
  • + Inspiring Video Network Have we missed anything?  Would you shoot video?  Additional features?  Look and feel?  Other inspirations?
  • + Other Ideas YMCA Heroes and Mavens Videos of YMCA staff and others that inspire and educate YMCA Hero Building Project Building programs/tools for creating youth heroes and showing off what heroes YMCA produce