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Wikibrands, Wikisports

Wikibrands, Wikisports

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  • Danica Patrick – Race Car driver, known for Go Daddy web adds and is now branded with Tissot on Twitter Fast Facts: Twitter: 223, 773 Facebook: 746 On Wall Fake Danica’s on Facebook: 113
  • Lance Armstrong Twitter: 2,655,829 followers Facebook: 1, 416,132, has a new book coming out called Comeback, BRANDS: Nike, Nissan, Radio Shack, Trek He sends Twit pics, talks to fans, has video, blog, and various outreach
  • Dana White – UFC Followers: 1,194,750Very active on twitter, leading into a fight his tweets are coming every 5 minutes or so Participating in TwitChange Campaign, regularly gives out prizes over twitter, accidently put his cell number on one occasion Also PS3 video games and Xbox games
  • Steve Nash Twitter: 251,330 Facebook: 575,000Really strong with content, lots of fan interaction. Known for retweeting fans.
  • Shaun White – Multiple Olympic Gold Medalist in Snow Boarding Twitter: 269, 067 Branded with Mountain Dew, PS3 and Xbox games. Has his own brand Shaun White Skateboarding, active on Twitter, Facebook
  • The NBA Facebook Store/Twitter Account /Youtube Channel - update constantly -NBA is present on all three primary platforms mainly Facebook, Twitter and YouTube-When you break those down individually and peel back to the core of the content  posted on the platforms, the NBA definitely keep content fresh -Where the NBA fails is how the engage the fans.  Fans continuously comment on Facebook, @reply on Twitter and try to engage with the league typically with no response back.  -They do however support and encourage their players who tend to have a more active relationship with fans over the governing brand itself.
  • NFL – also no visibleYoutube account -For fans, there is no real reason to post because there is no engagement on the other end-on twitter they only retweet or interact with NFL accounts with large amounts of follows or NFL specific ones -does a good job of consistently posting content on its Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • NHL@reply followers everyday on twitter, they take advantage of fans lists, Facebook and youtube channel Hockey has taken a tremendous hit in recent years and is finding it tough to compete with the NBA, NFL, or MLB in terms of popularity. However, they are trying to make a comeback, and the utilization of social media is part of that process.
  • Active in community, does photo shoots with appointed ambassadors, not “professional models”Ongoing daily blog on the website Twitter accounts active for national brand and also each store has one, actively engage consumers on twitterFacebook page, also has events
  • Nike Plus website – has srolling count meter for km’s people are running their shoes -iphone apps, a GPS to track your run plus nike fit app -training tips online-city specific running lounges, twitter vsfacebook challenges
  • Classes in store and video online, how to tie a knock, flip a canoe – user generated content Facebook presence is active, twitter following is strong and constantly updated Flickr, youtube channel interactive newsletter which invites readers to join and get active, get outside.
  • Columbia Sports Wear Video and user generated video, Mobile apps, shopping apps and knot apps Have Pioneers - Pioneers of the Greater Outdoors: ordinary people doing extraordinary things. On ongoing blog, active with events in the community
  • Active presence on twitter Have a Trek Travel Cycling vacationsActive Blog from high profile athletes Active in community
  • Red Bull University - fully interactive branded website, video blog, contests Red Bull - Red Online TV Active on twitter facebook and have a mobile app that you can become a DJ Have their own niche sports, air race and crushed ice.
  • Real Ryder Developing strong twitter presence, highly engaged with consumers Facebook page has good traffic, always trying to create challenges for public (very strong with CRM)Regularly update youtube channel, regularly updated blog
  • Transcript

    • 1. Wikibrands, Wikisports, Wikicareers
      How to engage, collaborate and innovate. No matter the field of business, life or play!
      Sean Moffitt - Chief Experience Officer, of Agent Wildfire Strategy
      Find him: Twitter @seanmoffitt, @wikibrands
    • 2. Who Am I – Sean Moffitt
    • 3. Everything I learned about Buzz, Customer Engagement and Word of Mouth I learned through pints of Guinness
    • 4. Authored by
      Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover
      Published by McGraw-Hill (Dec, 2010) Link
    • 5. Business Needs a New Plan
    • 6. What’s left…
      Operational efficiencies are maximized
      Companies have been downsized/rightsized multiple times
      Outsourcing labour is tapped
      Globalization of markets has been achieved
      Media clutter is reaching its upper limits
      Technology has created full access to information, entertainment and peer networks
      The Customer Experience is What’s Left
    • 7. There’s a new currency on how to build business
      “Something you Trust”
      “Something you Want”
      “Something you Buy”
      “Something you
      Participate In”
      “Something you Prefer”
      “Something you Love”
    • 8. Wikibrands -
      The new currency for
      today’s marketplace:
      • Customer participation
      • 9. Social influence
      • 10. Digital engagement
      • 11. Word of mouth
      • 12. Online community
      • 13. Grassroots marketing
      • 14. Connected media
      • 15. Member collaboration
      success in business
    • 16. So the question today is..Who is taking Wiki to heart in the sports and active world.
    • 17. Top 8 Sports Collaborations Danica Patrick
    • 18. Lance Armstrong
    • 19. Dana White – UFC
      Dana and the Web
    • 20. Steve Nash
      Steve Nash Asking Fans to Vote
    • 21. Shaun White
    • 22. NBA
    • 23. NFL
    • 24. NHL
    • 25. Top 7 Action Brands Lululemon
    • 26. Nike Lounge
    • 27. REI
    • 28. Columbia
    • 29. Trek Bicycles
    • 30. Red Bull
    • 31. Real Ryder
    • 32. 25
      Core Belief #1
      There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.
      Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey
    • 33. 26
      Core Belief #2
      Never forget…humans are hardwired social animals
    • 34. Me in 1992
      Me in 2009
      X 12
      X 170
      X 12
      X 500
      X 72
      X 170
      X 120
      2.8 Million
    • 35. 28
      Core Belief #3
      Buzz and word of mouth is the art of the “unexpected surprise”
    • 36. Core Belief #4 - There is a difference between “Being social”
    • 37. Versus “Doing Social”
    • 38. 31
      Are You Ready
      To Become Buzzing,
    • 39. Why Now?
    • 40. Top Reasons –
      Why Now Social Media
      #1 The Need for Authenticity and Transparency -42%
      #2 The rise of social networks - 38%
      #3 Increasing role of wireless/mobile - 35%
      #4 Customers/people waning attention spans - 25%
      #5 Media fragmentation - 22%
      #6 Change in mass marketing effectiveness - 20%
      Agent Wildfire -The Buzz Report, April 2010
    • 41. Shifting Conversations –
      just four years ago, 80% of online engagement happened on the originating website, now 80% happens away from the originating website.
      Now, to be noticed and talked about, you need to reach “out there” to be relevant.
      Source: Hubspot , 2007-2010 study
    • 42. Marketing has had a gift drop in their lap:
      Marketing/brand management is the lead function in charge of customer engagement/online advocacy programs.
      66% believe the "marketer" will become much more important within a corporation by leveraging new customer engagement strategies and tactics.
      67% believe mass customer collaboration will radically change everything we do in marketing and sales.
      Source: Agent Wildfire’s 2010 Buzz Report
    • 43. The Future?
    • 44. Types of New Media Future Growth
    • 45. Low Involvement? Doesn’t matter the size?
    • 46. 18 Pieces of Career Advice
    • 47. Career/Interviewing Advice
      • Network like crazy- build a weak tie network, get out of comfort zone
      • 48. Get social network deep - Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/Flickr/YouTube/Digg
      • 49. Be on Facebook, don’t be too drunk on Facebook
      • 50. Show your passion, for something – bake it into your job/internship/spare time
    • Career/Interviewing Advice
      • Reinvent the Resume (Resume 2.0)
      • 51. Volunteer for something good
      • 52. Be vigilant on follow up
      • 53. Attend/volunteer events – MESH, CMA, Camps, Twitterbrunch, Netchange, LOKU30, Third Tuesday
    • 54. Career/Interviewing Advice
      • Have a game plan, anticipate the big questions
      • 55. Do your Google homework
      • 56. Be comfortable with Google Analytics, Technorati, Alexa/Compete, Postrank/Radian, SEO, Tweetdeck/Hootsuite, Social Media release, RSS
      • 57. Don’t take a first job beneath you
    • Career/Interviewing Advice
      • Meet one new senior person every month
      • 58. Take a design/web course – Adobe, Wordpress, HTML/PHP, video editing
      • 59. Negotiate for exposure with execs, but don’t be a pest
      • 60. Be different – bring a portfolio, a plan, wear something different, strike a bargain
      • 61. If failing, let it hang out, show your passion
    • Career/Interviewing Advice
      • Stay Up to Speed
      • 62. the New Web – Techcrunch,Mashable,360 Digital Influence,Groundswell, Web Strategist
      • 63. the New PR – Brian Solis, Inside PR
      • 64. the New Collaboration – Wikinomics, Jeff Howe
      • 65. Blogging – Problogger
      • 66. the New Marketing – Seth Godin, Rohit Bhargava. Murketing
      • 67. Trends – Springwise, Trendwatching, PSFK
      • 68. Alt-Marketing – Buzz Canuck, WOMMA, Chruch of the Customer
      • 69. Community – Forum One, Francois Gossieaux
    • Have you ever said to yourself, “I’ve always wanted to try that”…?
    • 70. Adventure. Fitness. Health. Outdoor. Play. Sport. Style . Local.
    • 71. What should we do to appeal to these people?
      “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”
      -Haywood Hale Broun
    • 72. The Kickass Offer
    • 73. We know this world cold
    • 74. We live this stuff everyday…