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A presentation of ten ideas for voting and workshopping at the 2012 World Urban Network Meeting in Madrid Spain.

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  • Guten tag. Ich bin froh hier zu sein.
  • Wikibrands YMCA Ten Ideas

    1. 1. YMCA WUN Madrid-“Changing Lives, Moving Forward”Ten Leading Digital Ideas for 2015 World Urban Network Madrid July 21st, 2012
    2. 2. Because 894 goals can’t be wrong "Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is."
    3. 3. The Primary Law of the Connected Net - AwesomenessThere is only one thing in the worldworse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey3
    4. 4. The Law of Awesomeness Online Only 14% of your Facebook posts ever … Receive commentsOnly 1.5% of Tweetconversations go… Two levels (replies) deepOnly 5.0% of LinkedUsers have… 1,000+ contacts Source: Compete
    5. 5. IBM, Will it Blend, Charity Water andSamsung - Connected Awesomeness
    6. 6. Selling You the Digital Circus
    7. 7. Idea #1 - iYMCA YMCA Global Mobile App- Top Media Growth Driver- Youth Relevance- 5 billion global connections spanning all geographies- YMCA Scale- Local/Global Benefits
    8. 8. Idea #2 – YMCA Youth Assembly YMCA Leader Social Network- Values-based network- Invite first YMCA and community leaders- Foundation sponsorship- Anti-Facebook sentiment- YMCA’s 119 Countries
    9. 9. Idea #3 – YMCAx TalksInspiring Stories and Lectures from Y’s Best- Video Growth- Success of TED- Importance of Telling Y Stories- Affiliate events- Ownable Youth Focus
    10. 10. Idea #4 – YMCA Global Strong Kids Youth Fundraising Across the Globe- Fundraising #1 Global Digital Engagement Priority- Ability to leverage existing local activity- Scale up and produce sophisticated fundraising platform- Global sponsorships
    11. 11. Plan Canada – A Manifesto that Resonates
    12. 12. Idea #5 – YMCA Living Journal Documentaries on Y Related Success- Emotional/inspirational aspects of the Y work- Viral nature of video- Global scale and efficiencies- Youth relevance- Links to fundraising and important messaging
    13. 13. - The 93 Dollar Club
    14. 14. Idea #6 – YMCA Brought To Life Daily Infographics on Y Successes-6 Times Effect Online-Solves Social Media Content-Coordinates YMCAs throughout-Presents to important and fun
    15. 15. Idea #7 – YMCA Moves Expert Fitness Hub- YMCA Bank of Expertise- International coordinated programs and challenges- Ownership of Family and Youth Fitness
    16. 16. Idea #8 – Y Starter YMCA Crowdsourcing Social Innovation- Kiva microcredit success- Kickstarter growth and regulation changes- Ownership of Youth Social Innovation globally- Leverage YMCA assets (locations/members) to help
    17. 17. Idea #9– YMCA Long Beach Idea
    18. 18. Idea #10– YMCA England Idea
    19. 19. Present 10 ideas (15 minutes) Ranking the Best Ideas (15 minutes)Present Back Rankings and Reasons (10 minutes) Optimize Best Ideas (25 minutes) Present Back Top Builds (15 minutes) Wrap Up and Next Steps (10 minutes)
    20. 20. Rank Your Top 3 Ideas as a group (15 minutes) iYMCA – Mobile App YMCA Youth Leader Assembly - the Alternate Facebook YMCAx Talks – Video Inspiration YMCA Global Strong Kids – Fundraising Campaign YMCA Living Journal – Video Documentaries YMCA Brought to Life – Infographics YMCA Moves – Expert Fitness Hub Y Starter - YMCA Social Innovation YMCA Long Beach Idea – Youth Institute Camps YMCA England Idea – Project Iuvenis Social Commerce Network
    21. 21. Breakouts• Key Objectives that this delivers against and why is this so exciting?• How do we make this a bigger idea?• What are exciting features to build into this idea?• What will be the challenge(s) to execute it?• Key Next Steps• Other YMCAs that might be Interested