Wikibrands Overview

Wikibrands Overview



Summary of breakthrough book Wikibrands - Reinventing Your Business in a Customer-Controlled Marketplace (McGraw-Hill, Dec, 2010 publish date)...

Summary of breakthrough book Wikibrands - Reinventing Your Business in a Customer-Controlled Marketplace (McGraw-Hill, Dec, 2010 publish date)

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Wikibrands Overview Wikibrands Overview Presentation Transcript

  • Wikibrands - Reinventing Your Business in a Customer-Controlled Marketplace
  • So What The Heck Do We Know?
  • Obstacle #1 – There are 45,000 social media experts online right now
    • Interview 50 top global experts
    • Study of 100 of the most engaged businesses/brands
    • - Part of a multimillion study with Don Tapscott
    Instead, we studied the best…
  • Running - Nike Plus Finance- American Express Hospitality – Starbucks B-to-B - Intuit Automotive - Camp Jeep Travel – Starwood Hotels Tech – Dell ecommerce – eBay Startup - Freshbooks We went cross industry for insight …
  • Obstacle #2 – If you have a profile on Facebook, you have an opinion…
    • Tapped nGenera’s thought leader and research network
    • Agent Wildfire’s Annual Buzz Report
    • Survey of 300 marketers, media and executives - 30 questions on new media, technology and customer culture
    Instead, we built some verifiable proof
  • Obstacle #3 – The Cluetrain has left the station…perception exists -organizations, businesses and brands don’t belong in social spaces
  • - 85% of people want companies engaging with their customers in social media - 56% of people feel a stronger connection with those companies they interact with in social media - Twitterers are three times more likely to embrace brands than average population Don’t be fooled, people want brands…just under the right terms
  • Social, Participation, Engagement, Collaboration, Influence, Community = Smart Business
  • Key Point - You Don’t Have to Choose Sides, Social Business is not a Religion
  • It’s for the “Never in a Million Years Traditionalist”
  • It’s for the “Sensitive New Age Social Media” Type
  • For both, fundamental changes are occurring in how we build our brands…
  • Business has had the Gift of Tech-enabled Engagement and Collaboration Drop in Their Lap
  • Definition: noun A progressive set of organizations, products, services, ideas and causes, tapping the powers of customer participation, social influence and collaboration to drive business value Derived from Hawaiian word “wiki” meaning “quick: subsequently meaning “tribal knowledge and a collaborative website” and Middle English word “torch” meaning “a distinctive name identifying a product or a manufacturer”.
    • More credibly
    • More immersively
    • More exponentially
    • More insightfully
    • More empathetically
    • More responsibly
    Wikibrand-ing allows you to connect with your customers
  • Caveat - There is a difference between “Being Social”
  • Versus “Doing Social”
  • Wikibrands: Culture
    • Wikinomics - 2007 Don Tapscott
    • “ How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything”
    • Openness
    • Peering
    • Sharing
    • Globalness
    • Wikibrands - 2010 Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover
    • “ How Customer Participation Changes Business”
    • Online community and content
    • Customer engagement and brand experience
    • Social influence, buzz and word of mouth
    • Peer to peer media and technology
  • “ Something you Buy” “ Something you Trust” “ Something you Want” “ Something you Prefer” “ Something you Love” “ Something you Participate In” The new currency on how to build business
  • Key Wikibrands Book Content I. Background - History of brand building and key 7 market forces at work accelerating need for change - A reference and jumping off point from the key principles espoused by Wikinomics - A quick summary on what the book offers, what client examples we’ll draw on and what a different approach we’re taking with this book   II. The Pillars of Great Wikibrands - Conditions in place at wikibrand companies - Product/innovation environment - Cultural commitment - Stating the case - what 6 core reasons for brands to wikify themselves - Listening and engaging    
  • Key Wikibrands Book Content
    • III. Building a Wikibrand -The Flirt Model
    • The Strategies, Execution and Tactics for establishing a wikibrand
      • - Focus
      • - Language and Outreach
      • - Incentives & Motivations
      • - Rules
      • Tools and Platform
    • IV. Maintaining a Wiki Brand
    • The Four Things To Get Right for Continued Success
      • - Community management
      • - Lifestage management
      • - Internalizing the benefits
      • - Measurement and metrics
  • Key Wikibrands Book Content
    • V. Expanding the Conversation
      • - The Personal Brand
      • - The Future
      • - Reference Guide
      • Wikibrands Online - - Tout to go to wiki, vlog and community to keep the conversation going
      • 25 quick reference pieces
      • - The Wikibrands’ Hall of Fame
      • - Author backgrounds
  • Wikibrands Examples - Large company profiles - Dell, Cisco, Nike, Starbucks, Kraft, Best Buy, P&G, Frito-Lay, EMC, - Unilever, Pepsi, Kraft, Intel, Wells Fargo, Molson, H&R Block - Jet Blue, Kodak, Ford, Jeep, Kaiser Permanente, Whole Foods - Mountain Dew, Patagonia, Blackmore’s, Johnson & Johnson, Alli - Starwood, Red Bull, BBC - Global profiles - Lego, Innocent Drinks, Mozilla Firefox, Specialized Bikes, Amazon, - IBM, SAP, Microsoft, eBay, London 2012, Nokia, Panasonic - Nintendo, Blackberry, Weight Watchers, Electronic Arts - Research in Motion, Levi Strauss, Lonely Planet
  • Wikibrands Examples - Grassroots underdogs - Method, PEMCO, Lomo Cameras, Maker’s Mark, Threadless - WD40, Sharpie, Dave’s Killer Bread, Roger Smith Hotel - Souplantation, Graco, Stonyfield Farms, Sweet Leaf Iced Teas - Mabel’s Labels, Streetza Pizza, North Face, Vancity, Moo Cards - Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea, Segway, Barilla Pasta, Kogi BBQ - Upstarts - Zappos, Stormhoek, eBay, John Fluevog, Mint, Livestrong, AMC - Wind Mobile, Nature Valley, Kashi, Method, Fiskars, Lululemon - Crowdspring, Harley-Davidson, Flying Dog Ales, Humana - Naked Pizza, Blendtec, Tasti D-Lite, Dogfish Beer, UFC
  • Wikibrands Examples - B-to-B Brands - Intuit, American Express, Adobe, EMC, Reuters, - Cree LEDs, LinkedIn, Ariba, Avaya, Open Kernel Labs - Indium Corporation, Freshbooks - Not-for-Profit Brands - Movember, Livestrong, Red Cross, Museum of Modern Art -, Leukemia & Lymphona Society, Kiva - National Wildlife Federation, Charity Water - Personal Brands - Adventure Girl, The Sartorialist, Loic Lemeur, Guy Kawasaki - Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Pasricha, Keith Ferrazzi, Jamie Oliver - Robert Scoble, Joe Pine, Dan Schawbel
  • The FLIRT Model – A Recipe for Community Success
  • Wikibrand Future Content Extensions
    • Blog – case studies, news, insights, videos, extra content, book tour interviews
    • Collaborative Wiki –engaged business directory and added chapter
    • The W List – a panel of hundred + engaged business experts
    • Free and Book purchase-only value add content - extra tools and insights to take back to the office and life
  • Wikibrand Future Content Extensions
    • The Wikibrand EQ Test – a 100 pt. test judging your company’s preparedness
    • Wikibrand Awards – the top all-time and annual engaged brands
    • Wikibrand Executive Bootcamps - intimate and inspiring "learn how to engage" C-suite events
    • Wikibrand World Map – the best engaged business and experts from around the world
    • McGraw-Hill (Dec, 2010)
    • Link
    • Twitter:
    • @wikibrands
    • Facebook group/page to follow
  • Let’s Start Your Next Brand Conversation… Inquire: wikibrands (at) Phone: 416-255-4500 x226 URL: Twitter: @wikibrands Other Blogs: