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October 21the presentation in Kansas City

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  • Love your slides :-) Visit the>NHH Social Media FB group to look up Christian Brieger's thesis. Do you have contact with Brano - he is working at All the best.
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  • Happy to be in hometown recognized as master – whereas my last 2 years have been talking about the socialization of business and Wikibrands – my real roots are brands and word of mouthFor those following at home – the relevant hashtags are below
  • Tretaed as a media, word of mouth in nearly every study you see, is the most trusted, referred, action driving, information seeking vehicle
  • Tretaed as a media, word of mouth in nearly every study you see, is the most trusted, referred, action driving, information seeking vehicle
  • Three things I’ve been word of mouthing about in Toronto – Prvada Vodka bar, NuitBlache all night festival from alst week and Roncesvalles new restaurnat scene including new smkehouseBarque and authentic pizzeria Pizza Defina
  • Ran over 100 engagements over last 7 years as Canada’s – we live, breathe and sleep this stuff – with Facebook less than 8 years old, YouTube less than 7 and Twitter less than 6, the notion that people talk to each other is not new
  • Over 30 different categories – top three categories for word of mouth – child acre, restuarnants and cars
  • We wrote a book – some smart people liked it, we’ve been travelling the last 9 months evangelising our business manifesto – would love for you to join us
  • I think we’ve all been trained on marketing’s 4Psa for the last 50 years it is has been a marketing stapleWhenever I talk to my colleague Don Tapscott, he believes brands are a much more complicated construct shared between company and users nowadays – we prefer the 13Es as a new model of wikibranding – with the key driver being Evangelism – a true litmus test of a healthy business and brand – would you recommend me to others?
  • So before we go on a pretty heady WoM trip, I wanted to profeer to you that in a social tech, word of mouth world there really are 4 overriding laws, the Hammuraboi code, the 10 commandments of the social net so to speak
  • Tretaed as a media, word of mouth in nearly every study you see, is the most trusted, referred, action driving, information seeking vehicle
  • Get through 17 chapters, the real core idea is that as brand owners, managers, agencies and stakeholders, we are in the middle of the poarticpation age – whereas brands represented important distinctions in the past based on ownership, equity, aspiration, preference or affinity, now the real limus test is are you providing forums for people to engage and particiapte more deeply with your brandThe stats prove it – according to Forrrester, those that engage deeply grow their value by 18% and those that don’t 6% - chicken or egg argument
  • So we interviewed the top 100 brands doing great work and asked them how they put their social pants on the morningToday we’ll focus on one of their core success factors – word of mouth
  • If you thought I would expound on the nittygritties of usingKlout vs. peerIndex, hosting communities on Salesforce vs. Lithium , measuring on Radian vs. Sysomos, sorry to upset but think again….it’s really the sociology and psychology of business and its customers that is the main gap
  • So before we go on a pretty heady WoM trip, I wanted to profeer to you that in a social tech, word of mouth world there really are 4 overriding laws, the Hammuraboi code, the 10 commandments of the social net so to speak
  • I loved this morning’s chats about Social Business – from strategy by Chris to infrastructure by Sam – this is no longer excused as a tacticCertainly if you look at a Beatle’s metaphor and their popularity below in terms of Google searches, social business might not be everybody’s favourite topic like John Lennon but it is the high ground for effective use of social media and new technology
  • The first law is awesomeness – we truly don’t notice or talk about stuff that is above average or even good anymore, we are deluged with that – what we talk about is the 1% of stuff that we find fascinating and relevant (and maybe the 0.5% of stuff that really really offends us) – loved our fellow friend and canadian author neilpasricha who wrote a best seller on the topic Loved some of his 1000 acts of awesome from his blog – out of last 100, here are two of my faves , although personally hated #1000 Broccolflower
  • I’ll prove the law of awesomeness, who was first person to fly across Atlantic
  • Of 50 attrubytesSpice Route - It makes peeing feeel like a religious experience
  • We are pre-wired to talk – what social media has done is make it easy for usThe average person has 2 really close friends, 8 close friends and 33 social friends, if you are on facebook/Twitter/LinkediN you now have 385 friends
  • My colleague Emanuel Rosen wrote a two great bnooks on the subject of buzz and he nails it – we have 6 basic reasons why we like to talk…and they mimic some of the key social networks/websites we like to useEvery brand owner should ask why their users fundamentally want to buy and spend time with them
  • Contrary to fly by night, coupon clippers and deal hunters, the real core of your brand social squad will join your community for fundamentally social reasons
  • If I look at myself vs. the me from 20 years ago – my social network has feasibly expanded by a factor of 5,000 through my links to social networks
  • We need to be real at this stuff, there is a new higher order benfit customers are seeking out and it is a sense of realness and soul behind the business, brands, people and causes we support – part of more scrutiny and part if there are less of them, brands that know themselves and are perceived by their customers as the realk thing – social media elevates authenticty
  • More than TV, radio, print or any other medium, word of mouth and social media is an experiential medium – whereas the others you might be able to create and particpate without a rich understanding of each medium, this one is different
  • Shocking, but buisness is coming around
  • In a world of great noise and consumer overburden, where customers can increaisngly filter the branded message out, word of mouth is the great enabler, we rely more than ever on our friends and people like me
  • This is what your NEWcustomers’s basic needs are – it’s not quality or relaiability anymore – they want to be involved, they have a high standard, low tolerrance for slowness and will exact a tool when you don’t meet it now publicly
  • The sad reality is that we all think its important and many think we deliver a good one, only a small fraction of customers ageree
  • I am a Seahawks fan – sadly only 4 of us in town – but you noticed the best sports teams have communities around their brands even in different cities – Red Sox Nation, Yankee Pride, The Mnchester United red Devils
  • Social Media Masters KC

    1. 1. Word of Mouth Marketing: Creating Buzz and Engaging InfluencersSean Moffitt October 2011 @wikibrands@seanmoffitt Social Media Masters KC #smm2011
    3. 3. “WoM is the Holy Grail” Number of BrandConversations Every Week 112 Believe word of mouth is credible 92% Will buy based on WoM/ solely on WoM 67%/19% Source: Keller Fay/Agent Wildfire, 2010/11
    4. 4. “Online WoM is the 385x385 Friend Howitzer”
    5. 5. What‟s are You Word of Mouthing About? Awesome? Social? Authentic? Customer-focused?
    6. 6. Moneyball Knows… Thinking Differently “We are card counters at the blackjack table. And were gonna turn the odds on the casino." Reframing the Game “Your goal shouldnt be to buy players. Your goal should be to buy wins. In order buy wins, you need to buy
    7. 7. Tough Stuff- Word of Mouth (WoM) – Delicious Blend of Customer-Based Creativity and Business Savvy
    8. 8. I Used To Be The Marketing Suit…. Word of Pint Word of Canuck Word of Mom
    9. 9. “I‟m now the T-Shirt”Agent Wildfire – Canada‟s Word of Mouth People Since 2004
    10. 10. We Word of Mouth (WoM) with theseInfluencers…‟WoM is Very Category Specific”
    11. 11. So we wrote a book …Wikibrands – Intersection of Digital T-Shirts and Brand Suits 2011 Launch by McGraw-Hill Twitter: @wikibrands Website: Richard Florida, Best Selling Author, “A must read for business leaders” Don Tapscott, Digital pioneer and author, Wikinomics “This is an important, perhaps seminal book”
    12. 12. Tired of Platitudes?- How Does Good Business Put Their Social Pants On… What? A study of top 100 engaged brands and business How? A 10 step roadmap for business success in digital spaces
    13. 13. “Forget Marketing‟s 4Ps… Embrace the Wikibrand 13Es” Would you recommend my brand to a friend or Mission colleague? Drivers Well would you? Evangelism Advanced Drivers Escape Experience Effiliation Premium Drivers Ennovative Equity Entertainment Entimate Basic Drivers Entegrity Exposed Education Esthetics ExchangeCompany-driven User-driven
    14. 14. Do brands even belong in social spaces? Top 100 Twitter Pages?
    15. 15. Online WoM , Brands Get Followed, Acted on and Engaged -Twitterers are three times more likely to click on a link than anywhere on the web - Intuit community members spend 9 times more time in community environments than traditional website users 16
    16. 16. Let‟s talk about the big social elephant in the room…
    17. 17. “Business Suffers from Social Deafness” The 6 Deadly Sins Source: Agent Wildfire 2011 Buzz Report
    18. 18. A Crisis of Action & Knowledge 53% of businesses engaged in social/digital spaces do not have full-time staff to support the effort. Only 14% of companies are proactive in creating external advocates and leveraging them. 90% of executives believe their agencies need to radically transform be more competitive in a wikibrand world. Source: SNCR/Buzz Report
    19. 19. Facebook Timeline – Depth of WOM Engagement Growth Engagement “Likes” “Discovery” Updates Stories Targeted Relevant Exposure Experience
    20. 20. The 4 Laws of the Social „Net and WoMAwesomeness Socialness Authenticity Customer-ness
    21. 21. Big Caveat:Technology and tools are less than 20% of the deal“The diffusion of innovation is based more onsociology and psychology than on technology.‖ Everett Rogers, 1962- The Diffusion of Innovations
    22. 22. The 4 Laws of the Social „Net and WoM Awesomeness Socialness Authenticity Customer-ness
    23. 23. The 1st Law of the Social Net - Awesomeness“There is only one thing in the worldworse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey
    24. 24. The 1% Fact - The World is Not Created Equal…Whether its business, products, services, motives, TV …. There is the “AWESOME” - 1% There is the “GOOD” - 20% There is the “MEH” - about 60% There is the “BAD” - 20% There is the “UGLY” - 0.5%
    25. 25. Who were #1, #2 and #3 people to fly across the Atlantic?
    26. 26. The 2nd Law of the Social Net - Socialness"Prosocial behavior is an essential component 34 of health and happiness in human beings” Robert Kloninger. Professor of Psychiatry , Author of Feeling Good, The Science of Well-Being
    27. 27. “True Fans don’t want to be your Brand BFF” Online Communities – Why Do True Fans Join? #1 - Social Connection #2 - Shared Community Values/Culture #3 - Expression/Creativity/Venting #4 - Establishing influence with key decision makers #5 - Access to Special Information/Advice #6 - Appealing to Hobbies/Interests #7 - Making a difference/to matter/support a cause Source: Agent Wildfire 2011 Community Management Survey
    28. 28. “The News Feed is the Conveyor Belt of Buzz” Me in 1992 Me in 2011 150 X 12 150 X 12 4000 X 170 5000 X 500 20000 X 170 5000 X 190 5000 X 170 900 X 40 1800 People 8.4 Million Strength People Strength
    29. 29. The 3rd Law of the Social Net - Authenticity“In a world of incressingly paid-forexperiences, authenticity is what we increasinglycrave from each other and our brands. Joe Pine, Author of Authenticity and The Experience Economy
    30. 30. Top Reasons – Social Media Why Now Business Executives?#1 The Need for Authenticity and Transparency -42%#2 The rise of social networks - 38%#3 Increasing role of wireless/mobile - 35%#4 Customers/people waning attention spans - 25%#5 Media fragmentation - 22%#6 Change in mass marketing effectiveness - 20% Agent Wildfire -The Buzz Report 2010
    31. 31. A Genuine Culture Change is Required MASS DIRECT SOCIAL MARKETING MARKETING INFLUENCE MARKETING Control Collaboration Hype Transparency Decisions Dialogue Features Purpose
    32. 32. Successful or Not?
    33. 33. The 4th Law of The Social „Net – Customer-Ness
    34. 34. Customer Experience Reigns- Who Knows Better Than Your Customer - Executives who believe the Customer Experience is the new battleground - 95% Executives who believe they are delivering a positive customer experience - 80% CUSTOMERS WHO AGREE - 8%
    35. 35. Where to Start with WoM and Buzz?
    36. 36. Elwood: Er.. what kind of music do you usuallyhave here?Claire: Oh, we got both kinds. We gotCountry, and Western.
    37. 37. WOM Comes in More Than a Few Flavours… SCALE- Buzz - Evangelist Programs- Viral - Brand- Social Media Community- Influencer - CollaborationMarketing / Co-Creation COMMITMENT- Social NetworkBadging -Pass along Referrals- Customerintervention -Recommend -ations- Grassroots/cause marketing - Social Influence- Experiential Visual- Intersection Consulting
    38. 38. Top 10 Ranked WoM Elements?#1 Conversation Worthy Idea/Concept* #2 Great Product/Brand #3 Customer Experience provided #4 The Audience who Participates* #5 Culture/employees of a Company #6 Method in which it interacts w/ its audience #7 Incentives for referral #8 Strong process* #9 Creative/design used #10 Tools/platforms built*
    39. 39. Some of these people are not like theothers….The Influencer Matters
    40. 40. You can‟t chase everybody…“The suggestion that a firm merelyneeds to participate in a conversationis a little naive.Microsoft was mentioned 2.5 milliontimes in the blogosphere the previousyear, and we have eighty-ninethousand employees.How can you realistically be expectedto operationalize a response to all ofthem?”
    41. 41. Influence is not Distributed Equally…
    42. 42. Spreading messages effectively on the social web happens in two steps … The Crowd The Influencers
    43. 43. The open web has not reduced, butinstead, exposed the importance of influencers….
    44. 44. And now we can provide the raw evidence
    45. 45. Influencers Stay on Top of What‟s Current2.2% ofTwitterusersaccount for… 58% of the tweets1.7% ofTwitterusers have… More than 1,000 followers
    46. 46. Influencers Generate Lots of ContentHighauthoritybloggers post… 300x more frequently than low authority bloggersOnly 9% of topblogs… Get over 10,000 visitors per month
    47. 47. Influence ≠ Followers
    48. 48. Influence ≠ Popularity
    49. 49. Influence Can‟t Be Peddled
    50. 50. Influence is Interest Specific
    51. 51. Why are theyso damnvaluable?
    52. 52. Four sources of Influencer power x x x = R E C S Reach Exposure Credibility Suasion
    53. 53. Get your influencers in the right sequence…
    54. 54. Find Your Real Hardcore FansInvite them into The Front Row or On Stage
    55. 55. Why We Word of Mouth? 36 Reasons
    56. 56. It‟s About Them“It‟s Makes “It‟s Makes “They GetThem Feel Them Look Something” Good” Good”
    57. 57. It‟s About Your Product/Brand “It‟s Who YOU Are”“It‟s Who You‟re “It‟s WHAT You “It‟s Who you Targeting” Do” Are”
    58. 58. # 1 – # 2 – Logo LoversThe Topic # 2 – Logo Lovers Passionate about "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. – p.s. just survived an intentional parachute failure at 10,000ft‖ Tactic: Publish Manifesto (Naked Pizza) /Employee Blog (Graco)
    59. 59. # 2 – Logo Lovers“D’OH! The Simpsons’ effect on TV is like the Beatle’s effect on music. We will buy them until they have nothing left to do.” Tactic: Build Community (JetBlue TrueBlue)/ Use video sharing/Host user-generated video contest (Nike The Chosen)
    60. 60. # 3 – Knowledge Seekers“Just another day of blowing something up” Tactic: Topic-based blogs/Aggregated Advice ( Amex Open Business Forum)
    61. 61. # 4 – Social Brokers “You wanna hug it out?”Tactic: Host events/organize groups/tiered membership and roles/team wearables (Canadian Breast Cancer)
    62. 62. # 5 – Altruistic “Move that bus!”Tactic: Personal Appeal /Meetups(Wikipedia fundraising /Wiknics)
    63. 63. # 6 – Involved / Committed ―Were not the only people on this island and we alllllll know it!"Tactic: Meritocratic communities/Challenges/Milestone Celebrations (Mozilla Firefox)
    64. 64. # 7 – Seeking Feedback"What does that mean when the fitness instructors are ahead of the mayors?" Tactic: Beta test Influencers (Lululemon)
    65. 65. # 8 – Ego Driven“Show me someone without an ego, and I`ll showyou a loser.You’re Fired.‖ Tactic: Social dashboards/leaderboards/gaming (Empire Avenue)
    66. 66. # 9 – Reciprocity Dealers“But we can only offer this level of programming with your help.‖ Tactic: Affiliate/crowdsourcing revenue sharing (Amazon)
    67. 67. # 10 – Self – Expression ―SOME PEOPLE THINK BEAUTY IS SOMETHING YOURE BORN WITH......AND NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN CREATE......HOW NAIVE!!!!‖Tactic: Crowd designing platform/challenges/themes/profiles (Threadless)
    68. 68. It’s because of what you provide #11 – Social Currency #12 – Brand Experience(s) #13 – Fame #14 – VIP Treatment/CustomizationThe What #15 – Scarcity #16 – Influence #17 – Intimacy #18 – Visibility #19 – Tight Boundaries #20 – Rallying Cry #21 – Rewards #22 – Expertise #23 – Bite-Sized Participation #24 – Network Effects #25 – Memes
    69. 69. # 11- Social CurrencyTactic: First to know/Top Stories/Trendwatch (Gawker/Gawker Stalker)
    70. 70. # 12- Brand Experience(s) ―I think it’s really down to the wire, and we’re afraid we’re last.‖Tactic: Testimonials/Employee Flipcam Profiles/CEO blogs/Publish Core Values (Zappos)
    71. 71. # 13 – Fame“I genuinely believe with all my heart that we havefound (a worldwide star) with you.”Tactic: Customer competition/Performance stage (Squad 6) 15 Minutes of Fame (Maynards)
    72. 72. # 14 – VIP Treatment / Customization “Sophie gets what Sophie wants and Sophie is always right”Tactic: Front of the line Incentives/exclusive access/updates (American Express)
    73. 73. # 15 – Scarcity” Watch out—I’m coming to town and I can’t bring all my friends, so I’ve decided to look for a new BFF. I need a best friend who is hot, who can keep up with me, and most of all, who is real and won’t be a backstabber.‖ Tactic: Restricted access/gifting (Google Gmail / +1)
    74. 74. # 16 – Influence“You can only vote for him, you cant actuallyadopt him. Call now."Tactic: Collaborative innovation/fan clubs/meet employees (Lego)
    75. 75. # 17 – Intimacy “Will you accept this rose?”Tactic: Twitter time response/local venue and interest-specific social hubs (Whole Foods)
    76. 76. # 18 – Visibility―The top 10 CNN heroes -- remarkable everyday people changingthe world -- were revealed by CNNs Anderson Cooper. All werenominated by CNN viewers inspired by their hard work andcommitment.‖ Tactic: Identity embeds itself into product/packaging (Maynards)
    77. 77. # 19 – Tight Boundaries ―Yeah, Im obnoxious, yeah, I cut peopleoff, yeah, Im rude. You know why? Because youre busy. ― Tactic: Vetted member only access/Launch parties/Special deals/niche labels (The Gilt Groupe)
    78. 78. # 20 – Rallying Cause―And remember you can make a difference‖ Tactic: Matching Incentives/Partnerships/Product Badging/Bold Targets/Red Friends (Join Red)
    79. 79. # 21- Rewards “DEAL OR NO DEAL” Tactic: Group-based deals /Countdown clocks /real-timefeedback/Social Integration/referral incentives (GroupOn)
    80. 80. # 22 – Expertise―So now America, with an open heart and an emptystomach, I say unto you in the words of my uncle: Allezcuisine!‖ Tactic: Well-curated forums /multiple communities /answered vs. unanswered questions/Grant compeitions (Intuit)
    81. 81. # 23 – Bite-Sized Participation“There’s no such thing as 110%. It stops at 100.” Tactic: Petition wall /matching donation wall (Sharpie)
    82. 82. # 24 – Network Effects―Books were my pass to personal freedom. I learned to read at age three, and soon discovered there was a whole world to conquer that went beyond our farm in Mississippi.‖ Tactic: Recently joined lists/ best members/interest-specific groups/live chat (Facebook)
    83. 83. # 25 – Memes ―No soup for you! There was shrinkage! Vanderlet Industries! Man hands The bro and manziere. Happy Festivus. Yada, yada, yada.‖Tactic: Label members, activities, objects, Chirp Conference, 85 word, Twitter Glossary (Twitter)
    84. 84. # 26 – Innovative "The following takes place between ??:?? and ??:?? pm"Tactic: Augmented reality, partner integration , local mapping, training routine, mixes (Nike Plus)
    85. 85. # 27 – Remarkable/Outrageous―Whats the quickest youve ever knocked anyone out?18 seconds including the ten-count. I think youre gonna breakthat today. “
    86. 86. # 28 – The Best At What You Do “That was unbelievable.”Tactic: Provocative demonstration/contextually relevant tests (Will It Blend)
    87. 87. # 29 – Authentic “This is NOT fashion camp!”Tactic: Authentic collaborators/product centric multimedia (Burberry – The Art of Trench)
    88. 88. # 30 – Liberating / Problem Solving “Dead body, Bonus!” Tactic: User generated uses/Advisory Council/Lists (Wd-40)
    89. 89. # 31 – Edgy“Move forward. This never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened” Tactic: Underground evangelism/targeted sponsorship (Pabst Blue Ribbon)
    90. 90. # 32 – Trustworthy “I understand that you want to make finance entertaining, but its not a f***king game”Tactic: Link a cause/movement to your brand – link to purchase (Tom’s Shoes)
    91. 91. # 33 – Likeable “Just go up to somebody on the street and say "Youre it!" and then run away.”Tactic: Don’t charge for extras/respond to people in real-time (Porter Airlines)
    92. 92. # 34 – Easy To Talk About “You’re engaged ?”Tactic: Making the invisible, visible and talkable online and offline (Movember)
    93. 93. # 35 – Ritualistic ―The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.‖Tactic: Fake history, strategy guide, faux rules, personality profiler (World Rock Paper Scissors)
    94. 94. # 36 – Sensory“Who will speak for Planet Earth?” Tactic: 3D Tours of Region (Nimmo Bay Lodge)
    95. 95. 30 Hard- Won Tips to WoM The best preparation? The top ideas? The right squad? The golden touch?Avoiding the potholes? Building relationships?
    96. 96. #1-5 Live in the tribe …. - Find your lifestyle target, read their content, listen to their exchanges - Make a scouting report about their likes, dislikes and interest - Know who they hang with - Link to their content, credit their work - Go easy - Make a friendly first connection
    97. 97. #6- Staff up for desired level and degree of engagement that they want and you can support •Face to face Are you listening to me? Highest engagement Lowest reach •Video chat •Phone call •Chat service (AIM, Skype) •E-mail •Facebook message •Facebook wall post Lowest engagement Greatest reach •Tweet
    98. 98. #7-11 Get a Buzzworthy WoM-able Idea • Is your idea in the top 1% of awesome, sociable, authentic and customer- driven concepts you‟ve ever seen? • Does it combine your brand traits, with motivating activities and a primed audience? • Does it max out on a few of the 36 reasons why people word of mouth? • Does the experience and follow up match the promise that‟s been set up? Does your buzz have longevity? • Does it live offline and online?
    99. 99. Process Agent Wildfire – an 8-stepOVERVIEW: WOM WILDFIRE WILDFIRE playbook What the Big Idea? Fan the Flames W Buzzworthy, Spreadable, F Rebroadcast content, expand Repeatable, Visual, Online/Offline referral, share testimonials Incubate the Conversation Influencer Recruitment Ongoing dialogue, moderation, I Find, connect and invite the I content and incentives connected, savvy opinion leaders Research and Insight Lay the Foundation Monitoring, feedback, analysis, L Develop the platform, R adjustment and action forum and tentacles for content and activity Expansion Deliver an Experience Fuel larger geography, portfolio, D Online, cause-related, event, E activity, features and/or scope incentive or VIP experience
    100. 100. Never Forget – Humans are Hard Wired Social and Influential Animals They crave things that areawesome, social, authentic and customer-driven to talk about…Some among us will talk a lot more than others… 147
    101. 101. Let’s Start TheConversation…Inquire: sean (at) smoffitt (at) agentwildfire.comPhone: 416-458-2818URL: The Buzz Report (e-newsletter) Signup at www.AgentWildfire.comLearn: Executive Seminars