From Mass to Grass Word of Mouth Conference - Chair Intro Slides (Agent Wildfire & CMA)

From Mass to Grass Word of Mouth Conference - Chair Intro Slides (Agent Wildfire & CMA)



CMA Word of Mouth Conference

CMA Word of Mouth Conference
Introductory Remarks
Sean Moffitt, President, Agent Wildfire Inc.



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From Mass to Grass Word of Mouth Conference - Chair Intro Slides (Agent Wildfire & CMA) From Mass to Grass Word of Mouth Conference - Chair Intro Slides (Agent Wildfire & CMA) Presentation Transcript

  • CMA’s 2008 Word of Mouth Conference
  • Agent Wildfire Key Belief #1– The Power of Word of Mouth “ There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Grey
  • Word of Mouth – What Is It?
    • “ the authentic & enthusiastic sharing of opinion about a product, service and idea between two or more people”
      • Online & offline
      • Long term & short term
      • Marketing, media, operations, innovation & insights effects
    • (Baked into the brand/product)
    • Company with a great cause/culture/mission
    • Well-differentiated product that works
    • Delivery of a great customer experience
    • Beyond-the-call customer service
    • AMPLIFIED/ORCHESTRATED (Surrounding or added to the product)
    • Marketing-oriented
    • Research-oriented
    • Media-oriented
    • Operation-oriented
  • The many flavours of amplified word of mouth …
  • Word of Mouth Marketing Options Viral Influencer Social User-generated Community Referral/ Affiliate Experiential Buzz Cause -Driven
  • If 67% of the economy runs on word of mouth, Why are we spending less than 5% of our money/time trying to get it?
  • If 80% of companies believe they are giving their customers a great experience.. Why do only 8% of our customers say they are getting a great experience?
  • If there are 1,540 people who hear about a problem before one complaint is fielded to management.. Why are we not making it easier for our customers to talk to us?
  • If every 7% increase in positive word of mouth or 2% decrease in negative word of mouth leads to 1% business growth. Why are we not attempting to measure word of mouth ?
  • If less than 10% of your audience fuels most of your word of mouth activity…. Why don’t we try to find these people ?
  • If more than 20% of the media we consume is user-generated (and 50% for people under 25) … Why do we not participate and invest in these spaces?
  • Overcoming the myths about our industry and the importance of word of mouth…
  • Word of mouth marketing myths holding companies back
    • “ Word of mouth is really niche”
    • “ Word of mouth can’t be tracked”
    • “ Word of mouth can’t be generated’
    • “ Word of mouth is too risky”
    • “ Word of mouth influencers don’t exist”
    • “ Stealth is required to make word of mouth work”
  • The Marketers
  • We like to live and think in packs…
  • It’s scary to act alone as a marketer…
  • But it’s getting dangerous to be out there…
  • Despite the risks, we need to get to other side …
  • The smart marketers are making changes…
  • Some mess up….
    • - Fake blogs
    • Bad customer experience
    • Astroturfing
    • Shill marketing
  • But most marketers do just fine…
  • So you can fight a losing battle…
  • You can keep hitting your head against the wall
  • you can be a plain old ….
  • Or you can listen to your influencers in their world ….
  • Start a Conversation…
  • Embrace and invite your fans and customers to participate..
  • Turn your back on traditional practices…
  • Get curious…
  • Get Noticed and Talked About…
  • Win some new friends…
  • Spread the word….
  • … and live to see a better day
  • What Will You Learn About Word of Mouth Today
    • It Can Be Embedded
    • and Accelerated
    • It Works for Wide Range of
    • Companies and organizations
    • - It Has Its Owns Rules
    • - It Can Be Measured
    • - It’s a Big Part of the Future
  • Are You Ready To Become Word of Mouth Evangelists?