Word of Mouth Cheat Sheet (Agent Wildfire)

Word of Mouth Cheat Sheet (Agent Wildfire)



167 facts and stats you need to know about word of mouth, community-building, social media and marketing in a conversation marketplace, culture and society

167 facts and stats you need to know about word of mouth, community-building, social media and marketing in a conversation marketplace, culture and society



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  • Thank you for the chance to talk about word of mouth… Personal background: Client for many years at P&G, Molson, Guinness/Diageo, a place called Echo Having spent a wealth on traditional advertising – I’m a born-again marketer My bet is it’s a big part of marketing’s future and at the end of this presentation, you’ll grab three things: - word of mouth is really powerful and for a wide a variety of brands, I should be thinking about it as an integrated part of upcoming plans - word of mouth can be orchestrated and you can do it credibly and avoid the pitfalls, you can make it a valuable marketing touchpoint and maybe even strategy for your business - Agent Wildfire is Canada’s Expert here – they have the experience, knowledge, database, assets and team to help my business – they are not one size fits all, they have options sized for my business

Word of Mouth Cheat Sheet (Agent Wildfire) Word of Mouth Cheat Sheet (Agent Wildfire) Presentation Transcript

    • … 167 Facts & Stats
    • That
    • May Surprise You
    • about Word of
    • Mouth
  • WORD OF MOUTH WORD OF MOUTH Also known as: In Canada In the U.S.
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers - Importance 67% - Percentage of consumer purchase decisions primarily influenced by word of mouth, #1 factor Source: Mckinsey/Thompson Lightstone 93% - Percentage of customers who identify word of mouth as the best, most reliable source about ideas and information on products and services - up 26 pts. vs. 25 years ago Source: NOP World - Percentage of Inc. 500 marketers planning a word of mouth program next year – #1 growing marketing vehicle Source: eMarketer 70% 66% - Companies who state “social media” is very important/somewhat important to company strategy Source: University of Massachussetts-Dartmouth 50% - Percentage of U.S. and U.K. executives highly likely to buy a product or service based on word of mouth Source: Keller Fay 46% - Percentage of senior marketers who believe generating “buzz and press” is the most important part of building a brand Source: Business Week
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers - Filter 4%
    • Estimated recall of TV ad from the last show we watched, down from 34% in 1965 . Source: Newspaper Bureau Association
    43% 72% 18 70%
    • of people frequently consume multiple media simultaneously
    • Source: eMarketer
    • Percentage of ads actively ignored on TV
    • Source: CNW Marketing Research Inc.
    • Percentage of ads skipped by DVR users
          • Source: CNW Marketing Research Inc.
    - Amount of minutes of advertising in every hour of TV, double a generation ago and climbing 1-3% every year Source: AAAA 69%
    • of people are interested in mechanisms that skip advertising completely Source: Yankelovich
    • TV ads required to hit 80% of the population at least once; in 1965, this number was three Source: james Stengel, P&G
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – Marketing Pain 10%
    • Percentage of Financial executives who believe marketers can assess impact of budget on sales Source: Marketing Management Analytics
    23 64% 66% 70%
    • Average tenure of a Chief Marketing Officer (in months)
    • Source: Carmichael Lynch
    - Percentage of marketers who will drop at least one agency this year Source: CMO Council - Percentage of marketers who have repositioned their brand in the last three years Source: Brand Channel - Percentage of firms who have reorganized their marketing departments in the last five years Source: Booz Allen Hamilton 60% - Percentage of consumers who have a much more negative opinion of marketing & advertising than they did a few years ago Source: Yankelovich
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – Prolific - of people hearing a personal, negative recommendation, were influenced to buy another brand Source: Millward Brown, 2005
    • the number of words spoken a day by an average person
    • Source: University of Arizona
    74% 16,000
    • the number of weak ties (associates, acquaintances, colleagues) we have in our lives
    • percentage of people who believe word of mouth most affects purchase decision (vs. 48% sampling, 38% TV spots, 21% magazine ads) Source: Harris Interactive
    • the number of word of mouth recommendations made everyday in Canada Source: Agent Wildfire
    • the number of people needed to spread a word of mouth phenomenon to every Canadian with 4 generations of referral
    • Source: Agent Wildfire
    500-1500 68% 200M 20k
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers - Powerful - Amount of reduction of negative word of mouth to generate 1% of business growth Source: London School of Economics 7% - Amount of lift in word of mouth to generate 1% in business growth – top correlated growth factor Source: London School of Economics 4x - Difference in growth rate of high net promoter score brands vs. low net promoter score brands Source: London School of Economics 7to1 - Percent of people who claim word of mouth is one of the most reliable info sources - ranked #1 & up 50% vs. 1977 Source: NOP World 93% - Ratio of positive word of mouth about products compared to negative word of mouth in the marketplace Source: Keller Fay 70% Percentage of word of mouth conversations having an impact on brand purchase (37% buy it/try it, 24% consider it, 9% avoid purchase based on WOM) Source: Keller Fay 2%
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers - Canadian 1 st ,2 nd, 4 th - Percentage of Canadians Who Trust Mass Advertised Brands (vs. 44% for Americans to the same question) Source: Environics 67% 56% 17% #1 Canada’s rank globally on broadband connection, visiting blogs & per-capita Facebook members Source: comScore/Facebook - Friends, spouses and parents rank in most passionately embraced subjects by Canadians Source: Arnold Mood and Mindset - of Canadians who have stopped doing business with a company that doesn't respect them Source: Arnold Mood & Mindset - Percentage of Canadians are willing to provide emails to websites that ask (up from 61% in 2005) Source: ipsos-NA 65% - of Canadian consumers feel bombarded by ads Source: Yankelovich
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – Trusted
    • People who claim to buy the same brands as their friends, up 28 points vs. 2003 Source: Edelman/Yankelovich
    - Trust Rank of Advertising practitioners among 21 professions - #19 Lawyers, #21 Car Salesmen Source: Gallup 90&82 - Percentage of People Who Trust Their Spouse and Friends on product purchase decisions respectively Source: Henley Centre 14&8 - Percentage of People Who Trust Advertising & Celebrities on product purchase decisions respectively Source: Henley Centre - of consumers who believe companies don’t tell the truth in advertising Source: Yankelovioch 61% 76% 20 98% - Percentage of People who believe “Integrity” is the #1 driver of their trustworthiness in professions Source: Ipsos-Na
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – The Influencers 6 Types 184 - Number of word of mouth conversations an influencer will have every week Source: Keller Fay - Percentage of Influencer conversations that mention brands or products Source: Keller Fay - Number of people influencers will email when advocating a brand and number of people they will directly impact within an organized word of mouth program Source: Agent Wildfire/Burston Marsteller
    • Influencer participation levels vs. the mainstream:
      • Reading, Politics, Tech, Social Activism, Travel, Volunteerism, Investing, Career Choice, Arts, Photography, Health & Fitness, Self-development Various Sources
    20-10-1 - The composition of your customer base’s involvement 20% - Referrers, 10% - Advocates, 1% - Zealots Source: Agent Wildfire 1.7%
    • of Wikipedia’s users contribute 70% of its content
    • Source: Wikipedia
    27% 2x 14&40
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – Influencers Feel a Connection To - Religious/spiritual group Source: NOP World - Neighborhood/town Source: NOP World 53% 72% 85% 96% 58% 57% - Youth related group Source: NOP World - Professional group Source: NOP World - Workplace Source: NOP World - Political group Source: NOP World - (tie) Alumni association or hobby/interest group Source: NOP World 43%
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – Ranking Influencers’ Beliefs #1
    • I love talking to friends about things I have just discovered.
            • Source: Agent Wildfire
    #2 #5 - I like to try out new products well before other people I know do. Source: Agent Wildfire #3 - I'm not shy about expressing my opinion and enjoy a good debate. Source: Agent Wildfire #4
    • I am always looking for new and different things to do.
            • Source: Agent Wildfire
    - Staying informed and keeping up on current trends is very important to me. Source: Agent Wildfire #6 - People frequently ask me for advice on whether to buy something. Source: Agent Wildfire #7 - I enjoy meeting new people and find it easy to make friends. Source: Agent Wildfire
    • I lead an active life, love to travel and explore new places.
    • Source: Agent Wildfire
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers - Where 77%
    • Of word of mouth is face to face.
            • Source: North Eastern University
    17% 6% 76% 40-27
    • Of word of mouth by phone.
            • Source: North Eastern University
    • Of word of mouth online.
            • Source: North Eastern University
    • Of organized seeded word of mouth is spontaneous.
            • Source: North Eastern University
    Percentage of word of mouth that happens at home and work respectively. Source: North Eastern University 14-8-7 Percentage of word of mouth that happens in a commercial area, campus and or community/fitness/party area respectively. Source: North Eastern University
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – It’s an Experience Thing
    • of business leaders believe Customer Experience is the new battleground Source: MCE
    • Who say majority of customer experiences are “bland”
      • Source: Gallup
    69% - Of consumers who say emotions account for ½ of their customer experience Source: Strategic Resource Development Group, 2006 #2&#3 - Customer Service and Customer Experience rank in achieving growth goals (behind business strategy) Source: Microsoft Executive Circle Of consumers who had a negative service experience in the past year AND those that subsequently severed the relationship. Source: Customer Focus 95% 96&80% 49% 22% - Of customers agreed that companies “currently provide an excellent customer experience.” Source: Customer Focus
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – The Passalong Effect
    • of people ever pass on content through email Source: Sharpe Partners
    • of people pass on content every week
      • Source: Sharpe Partners
    • of people pass on content daily
    • Source: Sharpe Partners
    6 - Average number of recipients that people pass on content through email Source: Sharpe Partners 89% 10&13 63% 75,38, 39, 52
    • Average number of friends on teen’s social networks, cell phone directories, email address list and IM directory”
    • Source: Deloitte & Touche
    • Bloggers average number of blogroll links and links to their blog
    • Source: Pew Internet
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – The Passalong Effect
    • Passalong Jokes and Humour
    • Source: Sharpe Partners
    32% 30% 88% 56% 25% 24% 24%
    • Passalong News
    • Source: Sharpe Partners
    • Passalong Health/Medical Info
    • Source: Sharpe Partners
    • Passalong Religious/Spiritual Info
    • Source: Sharpe Partners
    • Passalong Games
    • Source: Sharpe Partners
    • Passalong Personal Finance
    • Source: Sharpe Partners
    • Passalong Sports/Hobbies
    • Source: Sharpe Partners
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – The Transmitters 11% - Tastemakers – the ones who create Source: Agent Wildfire 7% 8% - Trendspotters – the ones who notice Source: Agent Wildfire 19% - Opinion Leaders – the ones who sell & convert Source: Agent Wildfire 36% - Experts/Mavens –the ones who know Source: Agent Wildfire - Celebrities – the ones who attract Source: Agent Wildfire 18% - Social Ringleaders – the ones who spread Source: Agent Wildfire
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – The Recipients 35% - Friends Source: Agent Wildfire 24% 4% - Family Source: Agent Wildfire 20% - Work Colleagues Source: Agent Wildfire 9% - Neighbours Source: Agent Wildfire - Online community members Source: Agent Wildfire 4% - Hobby/interest/team members Source: Agent Wildfire
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – What Do We Talk About Generally 25% - Life/Living(i.e. food, events, relationships) Source: Northeastern University 13% 10% 12% 11% 6% - The Arts (i.e. movies, music, TV) Source: Northeastern University - Buying/using services Source: Northeastern University - Technology/science Source: Northeastern University - Buying products Source: Northeastern University - Health Source: Northeastern University 4% - (tie) Workplace/Professional and Hobbies Source: Northeastern University 3% - (tie) Sports/Education/Current Events Source: Northeastern University
  • What Do We Word of Mouth About – Brand Conversations Per Week 12 - Media/Entertainment Source: Keller Fay 10 8 8 8 7 - Food & Dining Source: Keller Fay - Beverages Source: Keller Fay - Public Affairs Source: Keller Fay - Telecommunications Source: Keller Fay - (Tie) Tech & Travel Source: Keller Fay 7 - Health & Health care Source: Keller Fay 6 - (tie) Shopping/Auto/Financial/Beauty Source: Keller Fay
  • #1 Reason Why We Word of Mouth – Products & Services That Are: 32% - Exciting/buzzworthy Source: Agent Wildfire 20% 9% 13% 13% 9% - Real problem solvers/smart ideas Source: Agent Wildfire - Exclusive and not yet discovered Source: Agent Wildfire 3% - Things You Personally Experience/Associate With Source: Agent Wildfire - New or just breaking Source: Agent Wildfire - Innovative and one-of-a-kind Source: Agent Wildfire - Fashionable & Stylish Source: Agent Wildfire
  • xv. CONNECTED 24/7…
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers - Connected 2.7B
    • Cellphones in the world
            • Source: Gartner
    1.8B 1.1B 110M
    • Number of videos streamed online every month
    • Source: Comscore
    • Bloggers in the world
        • Source: Technorati
    75% Number of Facebook users who log in daily Source: Facebook
    • Instant Messenger Users in the world
            • Source: Communities Dominate Brands
    • Internet users in the World
            • Source: Gartner
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers - Community 82% - Percentage of “brand community members” who recommend company/brand more often after membership Source: Communispace 89%
    • Percentage of “brand community members” who believe company is truly concerned on what they have to say
    • Source: Communispace
    76% 75% 56% - Percentage of “brand community members” who felt MORE positively about the company Source: Communispace - Percentage of “brand community members” who felt MORE respect for the company Source: Communispace
    • Uplift in revenue - community members vs. non-members
    • Source: HBR
    • Ebay community members vs. control users – frequency of bids, frequency of listings and amount of earnings Source: HBR
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers - Social 850M
    • Number of people on top 72 social networks
            • Source: Wikipedia
    • Growth in social networks April 2007 (from April 2006)
    • Source: Business Week
    2,4 & 29 - Average number of confidants, close friends, strong ties Source: Agent Wildfire 4.2 79.9
    • Average Visits per month to social network sites (vs. 3.5 for other sites) by members Source: Comscore
    • Average minutes per visit to social network site (vs. 33.2 minutes for other sites) Source: Comscore
    • Average No. of pages per visit to social network sites (vs. 53 for other online sites)
            • Source: Comscore
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – Social Networks 91%
    • Use social networks to stay in touch with friends they see a lot
    • Source: Pew Internet
    • Use social networks to make new friends that they don’t see in real life
    • Source: Pew internet
    51% 84%,82%, 76%
    • Percentage of online time spent by Millenials (14-26 years old) on social networks Source: Deloitte & Touche
    • Use social networks and post to friend’s wall/page, send private messages, post comments to friend’s blog
    • Source: Pew Internet
    • Use social networks to make plans with friends, send a mass message, wink, poke or give e-props to friends Source: Pew Internet
    • Use social networks to stay in touch with friends they rarely see in person Source: Pew Internet
    49% 72%,61%, 33%
  • xix. PEOPLE WANT IN…
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – Create & Share 52% - Of bloggers’ major reason for blogging is to express themselves creatively Source: Pew Internet 50% 68%
    • Percentage of the net generation (14-26 years old) willing to collaborate with companies that engage them in dialogue
    • Source: New Paradigm
    - Have registered for emails from companies at an average of 8.5 sites Source: Ipsos-NA 80%
    • Of customers believe customer-generated ads are more customer-friendly, more creative and more innovative
            • Source: American Marketing Association
    68%,56%, 55% - Percentage of consumers who regular give and seek information about products Source: eMarketer - Of bloggers’ major reason for blogging to document personal experiences and share them with others Source: Pew Internet 94% & 91%
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – Not Well Practiced 80% - Of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience. But only eight percent of their customers agree Source: Customer Focus 22% - Of marketers willing to let customers shape their marketing initiatives Source: University of Mass.-Dartmouth 3.4%
    • Percentage of face to face WOM conversations stimulated by a marketing organization's promotional efforts
    • Source: Journal of Services Marketing
    - Executives who believe they don’t engage in true dialogue with customers Source: Strativity 55% - Executives who believe they don’t deserve their customer’s loyalty Source: Strativity 45% 5.8% - Percentage of Fortune 500 companies with a public blog Source: Social Text
  • Word of Mouth By Numbers – There is Hope Yet 36%,32%, 31%
    • Breakdown of why companies will participate in social media more actively in the future
      • to keep ahead of the competition
      • to be cost-efficient
      • to deal with declining credibility of ads and editorial Source: Manning, Selvage & lee
    • Percentage of business executives who social network online (Linked In, MySpace, Yahoo 360)
          • Source: I4CP
    • Percentage of Executives who believe:
      • social media will grow
      • social media is a fad Source: MS&L
    • Marketer’s expected use of online media over the next 3 years – percentage expected more/expected less
            • Source: Association of National Advertisers
    96% & 1% 4.5, 4.3, 4.1
    • Ratings out of 5 on why Corporate Blogs are a priority
      • Another way to publish content and ideas
      • Thought leadership
      • Build a community Source: Backbone Media
  • Brand Communities Word of Mouth Campaigns Word of Mouth Media Word of Mouth Insights Word of Mouth Consulting
  • Let’s Put your Word of Mouth on an Accelerator Pedal! Inquire: smoffitt (at) agentwildfire.com Phone: 647-436-6802 URL: www.AgentWildfire.com Join/Share: www.TheInfluencers.ca Blog: http://BuzzCanuck.typepad.com/ Learn: The Buzz Report (monthly e-newsletter)
  • Agent Wildfire Inc. 2006 Agent Wildfire President & Chief Evangelist - Sean Moffitt Led and managed some of Canada’s most loved brands VP Marketing/Strategy - Molson & Diageo-Guinness Various Brand/Innovation management roles - P&G VP Business Development/Client Service - Echo Successfully practiced word of mouth as a client, agency executive and now as a specialist expert Founded Agent Wildfire in 2004 , operates as a full service WOM marketing, media & research firm Frequent speaker at conferences, seminars and universities on new media & word of mouth Chair and organizer - Canadian Marketing Association’s word of mouth conferences and seminars Co-developed Canada’s 1st Word of Mouth MBA course at Schulich School of Business Author of Buzz Canuck blog and The Buzz Report e-newsletter Consultant with New Paradigm Group on the open source Future of Brands (Wiki Brands)