How to Draw a Dinosaur


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This talks makes a good deal more sense with the words to go along with it. Basically, we once knew how to draw, but in learning how to do tricky stuff like writing out the alphabet and typing we forgot. Now, we're intimidated away from drawing, since that's for "artists." Sketchnoting though gets your brain thinking the way it wants to. It lets you use images and emotion . . . METAPHOR to explain complex ideas. So... learn to draw a dinosaur as your first step, then see where he takes you!

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  • Had a hoodieHad matching pantsReally liked dinosaurs
  • …really liked dinosaursNatural History Museum dino bonesOne day came home with this drawing-> Read itMom loves it
  • So here’s the funny thingWe all knew how to drawCouldn’t write, but could drawNow reversedStart with a C
  • Now, how did this happen? Forget how to drawTeachers saying “don’t doodle!”
  • Not that they’re evilTeaching you two writeCursive, typingMath…Did you do those explosion drawings? Draw a tank then add the explody parts all over it?
  • Forget we know how to drawBecome self consciousLack of practiceKnow how to write stuff so think with WORDS
  • Funny thingMagazines are words and picturesAdvertising is words and picturesSo whats wrong with using pictursConfidence
  • This is why I’m teaching you to draw a dinosaur.No one can say it’s wrongRegain confidenceGet a new repitoire
  • Complex problems are hardMany moving partsWords not enoughNeed to communicate nuances to manyHave something to point at and talk about
  • Bullet pointsNot that words are badI’m using themNon-linear storiesWebs and nets and plot twists
  • 1/3 of your brain is devoted to info coming in from your eyesVisual creaturesCalculate a lot with eyesTiger running at usRemember thatVisual -> emotional
  • The only thing better would be smell…But I don’t want a notebook like thatDirect route to memory center in brainBest recallHumor/metaphor next best bet
  • Why?Emotion made to keep us aliveBoring topics, not emotionalEasy to forgetAdd emotion, fun
  • You don’t have to be goofy, but your dinos can beWhat does this make you think of?
  • Illustrate the problem What is the data saying?Infographics don’t have to be ‘polished’It’s just ‘graphically expressed info’
  • Important notes[about architecture]Gehry in 1982 Balboa … Vs A sketch…
  • Rough notesFor me, not for everyoneI remember the whole class more clearlyKinetic memory
  • Share with othersMore interested in knowingCan read the ‘story’ to othersGet pulled in and interested
  • I’m @agentfinFind my drawings on . . And I got a new dino costume.
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