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Presentation delivered to General Assembly audience of start-up business owners by Jasmine Sandler, CEO of Agent-cy and web marketing consultant

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  • Good afternoon. Thank you for joining me today. My name is Jasmine Sandler. I am the President of Agent-cy Online Marketing, a 5 year old agency headquartered in New York City that serves the SMB market in online branding, reputation management and audience development. Today’s presentation has been created to deliver to you an overall picture of where social media is heading and how it impacts search. On a practical level, then, you will be able to best strategize and implement effective programs in both Search Engine Optimization and in Social Media to drive market share , customer engagement and brand loyalty. Before we get started, I would like to understand your specific needs and reasons for joining me today. And so, if you would be so kind, please see the following poll question and answer…..
  • Thank you for your answers. Based on these, now I have a better sense of where to customize the information in the rest of this presentation.As the title page image suggests, Search and Social Media are more and more head to head in capturing audience attention. In fact, site-side search on sites such as Facebook are now starting to exceed current Google searches. In 2013 it is predicted that Social Media will drive the most brand value. And so, in the next two years it will be more important than ever for Search and Social Media teams to collaborate and for Social Media professionals to understand and implement real marketing strategies using this channel.
  • Now let’s take a look at the current and ever increasingly past SEO process. An initial strategy is built upon a competitive and target review of how your audience searches, who is winning and why. From there, a keyword plan is delivered , as well as a site analysis and recommendations for ensuring site-side visibility to the engines and, post implementation, an aggressive off-site link building/submission plan is executed. This SEO process calls for repeat work of the same ongoing. Social Media changes this. As sites like Facebook, Linked In and Twitter (and another 320 worthy social networks and counting) act as “links” to Search engine spyders.
  • Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team recently reported to the industry that with Google Real-time Search, his team is more concerned with the quality of content and sources coming from social media in how that site will rank. Besides quality of content, Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and BING look at how relevant a re-tweet is to the person and the source of the original tweet. The same goes for Facebook. Google is interested in how credible an author is to the subject of the post being shared. Comments of blog posts and blogging in general are heavy influencers of real-time search. Having real customer reviews and using social bookmarking sites for company news such as Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon, etc are increasingly effective as ways to influence natural search listings.with relevant and qualified stories that support the brand and add value to the audience ce Search.
  • We all know that content is king and always has been on the web and so how does this affect the New Search – such as Google Real Time, BING social search, etc? When content is generated, re-posted, voted on, shared, commented on and bookmarked, it becomes live content for the search engines to crawl. Therefore, having link strategies are crucial as well as a content plan and resoures to fulfill that plan.
  • All social media actions will drive brand visibility in general search. This points to the importance of brand management in social media. Social media is now a PR , customer service and reputation management tool. In the above example, I typed in the full name of my company and links to the agent-cy blog, profile and client reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter appear as well as other Agent-cy delivered presentations for searches to view. And so, for example, if a prospective business has heard of AGent-cy from a colleague, saw our banner on an industry site or read an article we’ve published, it is important that when they go to Search the listings provided support our message and our quality of service. Social media must be managed as any other branding tool.
  • Realtime search tools in beta by Google, for instance, deliver up to the minute social media mentions. In this example, I typed in my name and found mentions of my writing work, a radio show appearance, a presentation and a seminar appearance. As I brand myself in the space as an Online PR expert, again, it is important to show my activites in educating business audiences around this topic.
  • And so, lessons learned for you brand marketers – we must be holistic in how we approach search and social media as this connection deepens. SEO teams and Social Media teams must work together. In fact, you can say that the SEO team of the near future includes web developers, advanced writers, PR folk, video production professionals and social media management experts. Keywords and messaging need to go hand and in hand and one overall strategy – you may say the online brand visibility strategy – I would call it – needs to include a balanced seo.smo approach.
  • And so, how does this brand strategy affect how we derive at our keyword plan? Instead of simply thinking about service or product related keywords, we start to look at keywords in how they will deliver the brand promise; how we as brand marketers can brand our own keywords for customers to then recognize our brand by these messages. We need to understand and plan for what our own teams will say about us and where we will hang our hats in terms of expertise in our respective fields.
  • Once we have this keyword strategy, we then immediately need to derive a similar social strategy with specific metrics and actions for reaching, engaging and growing our online audiences. Included here are content types including blogging, press releases, articles, videos, images, and viral campaigns to drive user generated content. Further, social media ad buys and the types and frequency of viral campaigns need real consideration. In our practice and as a general guideline, it is always best to start with Facebook, Twitter and Linked In and to set these up appropriately for aesthetics, offers, types of content and for SEO purposes as an initial solid social media plan.
  • Some key guidelines for you to follow or your social media managers to follow so that your Social Media pages help your search rankings:The names of the pages should be written with your brand name in mindKeywords should be written into your profilesWhen updating your fans include important keywords and your urlMake your tweets and posts interesting, lead users into sharing, make them suggestive or controversialUse keyword rich desriptions in youtube for your videosYour Blog is your best central system for social media. The blog can be curated to drive interest and act as a media property supporting your industry.
  • In fact companies that blogged in 2010 were indexed 434% more in google than those who did not and drive 55% more web visitors as well. A Blog must be managed to support social and organic efforts. To do so requires a common theme, the use of strategic keywords, page titles to support keyword phrases, topics that will drive interest on social sites, and utilization of content from other social sources, such as Youtube videos, to enable target interest.
  • And now for an SEO and SMO case study from an Agent-cy client, The Entertainment Software Rating Board, a mid-sized non-profit which provides game ratings for the video game industry (E for everyone, etc.) and game production companies and education to parents on how to monitor appropriate game play. Under an Agent-cy Online PR program, we worked with the ESRB to create effective online content that drives up page rank , page 1 visibility and interest and engagement from their target audiences. We then delivered that content on an ongoing basis through social and other online media channels. We also assisted their IT team to re-construct their site for search visibility. The results here show work over a year, where we were able to reach an audience of 25 million parents and gain 1.5 interactive views of a game search widget which we helped to create and distribute through social media. All of this was achieved with no media buying.
  • As mentioned before, your content on your site , on partner sites and in social media must be managed to support and strengthen the brand. In this example, you can see for yourself that ESRB game rating and ratings are keywords that the org owns and that its fans use to describe what they do. This assists page vsibility.
  • On the ESRB facebook page over 2000 parents are able to connect directly with the ESRB and get the most updated information on games and game ratings. More importantly they are able to comment and communicate directly with the ESRB on their concerns, issues and questions surrounding topics such as parental controls, online gaming and T/M games.
  • As was mentioned before, a link building strategy including links coming from social sources, is becoming increasingly more important as SMO overtakes SEO in importance. Here is a quick snapshot of’s inbound links. ESRB partner communities support the Google interest of ESRB’s value in providing game ratings.
  • ESRB uses Twitter effectively to deliver short messages on related topics that drive to ESRB articles and blog posts – maintaining the target to the brand every time.
  • The ESRB site is filled with important content that helps all audiences: parents, gamers, retail partners and the search engines – by making that content visible and easily indexed for all pages.
  • As a result, the ESRB page rank – Google's measurement of your website's authority. Higher authority, as expressed in higher PageRank, for a website catalyzes its rise to the top of Google searches. Is 7/10 – a high and important number for ESRB’s success in Google search.
  • Again, in real time search, the brand and what the target is saying about it is becoming more important to searchers. This example shows that other relevant and qualifieed sources such as Nintendo, Playstation , etc support ESRB’s role as the overall authority on video game ratings.
  • Ga Jasmine Sandler Presentation

    1. 1. INTEGRATING SOCIAL MEDIA & SEARCH STRATEGIES The Impact of Social Media On Search Jasmine Sandler Agent-cy Online Marketing, CMO By: Jasmi Sandler, CEO. Agent-cy
    3. 3. Search Engine Optimization(the way it is/was?) As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic. Wikipidea on SEO
    4. 4. How Social Media Affects SEO Today •Quality over QuantityMatt Cutts, head ofGoogle’s Webspam •Re-tweeting relevanceteam:“Reputation/Quality •Facebook Authorsin Social Media iswhat is important to •Blogging|CommentingGoogle Search.We’re just to •Real Customer Reviewsstarting tomeasure •Social Bookmarkingthis noise.”
    5. 5. SEO + Social Media = New Search• Link Building Strategies becomecrucial•Blogs = Inbound Link Increase•User Generated Content•tagged, voted, sharedFB/Twitter/Youtube/LinkedIN•Social BookMarking - News
    6. 6. SEO & SMO Converge Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube feed search Rise in Social Media On-site Search Real-Time Search (GOOGLE) and Social Search (BING) = News Outlets
    7. 7. Real-Time Search|Social Search
    8. 8. Search & SocialConnection Deepens As Marketers, we must be holistic SEO Programs include Developers, Writers, Video Production, Social Media Experts SEO & SMO Messaging in sync SMO Strategy & SEO Strategy work together
    9. 9. Keyword Strategy What is the Brand Value Prop? What Are We Selling? What Do We Want the Audience to Say about us? What Will We Say About Us? In What (topic) Areas will We Become experts?
    10. 10. Social Media Strategy • Determine brand perception • Determine Success : Shared content|Quality followers/friends, Comments | Targeted Engagement • B2B vs B2C – Different strategies • Plan frequency , content type, target characteristics • Create unique brand proposition • Plan SM buys, viral campaigns
    11. 11. Key Points on Using SM forSEO • Adapt Keywords in Profile, Info, Job History, Skills • Add URL and keywords to updates • Encourage sharing/re-tweets – be controversial, offer incentives using branded and service/product keywords • Past Web Site Optimization, focus on BLOG as Central System of SMO
    12. 12. Blogging Supports SMO & SEO Emarketer 2010 Stats: •Page Titles •434% more indexed pages in google for •Categories companies that blog •2-way communication point for all SM •97% more imbound links •Tags, Images, Videofrom companies that blog •Anchor Text •55% more website •Contentvisitors from companies •Topics that blog •Keywords
    13. 13. Agent-cy Case StudyGoals:To create awareness and usage of the video game ratingsystem amongst three parental audiences onlineSolution:Agent-cy Online PR Program including SMO &SEOSite-Side SEOCreate and deliver ongoing web-specific content on relatedtopic and place on leading parent audience sitesDevelop segmented messaging by sub-audienceEngage users to share and comment on content in socialmediaResults: 1.5M views of interactive game search widget across socialsites in under 6 months 25M+ aware parents brand visibilitySocial Media Success: 2,000+ FB, 760+TwitterPR 7/10#1 “Video Game Ratings” Google
    14. 14. References:Emarketer 2010 study on BlogosphereSERP Report on Google Answer to Social Media and SearchLinked In Answers – Social Media GroupSEOMoz BlogYouTube Video from Matt Cutts/Future of Google Search