Asm techniques for integrating mobile & social with case study- jasmine sandler


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How to integrate Social Media Strategy with Mobile Marketing.

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  • Thank you for attending today’s audio conference, Techniques for Integrating Mobile and Social. We will be exploring where Mobile is and where it is going in terms of affecting consumer and B2B marketing. Further, how you can reach and engage your target on Mobile and Social and how the tow are interconnected. This audio conference is 60 minutes with 55 minutes of content. Please save your questions or enter them on the conference tool and I will answer in the remaining 5 minutes. The topics I will cover include:Learn how to create a Mobile-Social marketing strategy that works for your businessUnderstand how to leverage QRCodes, in-app promotions, customized business apps and moreSee a successful case study of Mobile-Social Integration from a known brandDiscover the steps to take to serve your customers on their mobile devicesLearn how to drive social engagement
  • My name is Jasmine Sandler. I have been doing Digital Marketing work for clients for over 15 years with a previous 7 in corporate sales and marketing for IBM. I have my own Online PR agency, Agent-cy, which provides Digital Strategy, SEO and Social Media work for B2B brands globallu. I am a frequent industry speaker and writer on the subject of Social Media, Digital Strategy and SEO. I am also a Linkedin trainer and author of a LinkedIn Book on Amazon.My firm has mobile development and marketing partners who rely on us to deliver effective Digital and Social Marketing Strategies to their brand clients to ensure total adoption of Mobile apps for business. This is why I am happy to lead this audio conference today to teach you what I know about the mobile marketplace, its opportunities and how to drive social through Mobile and vice-versa – all to increase brand awareness and engagement. I encourage you all to follow me on Twitter at Jasmine_Sandler.
  • Mobile phone usage, particularly SmartPhone usage where Apps including Social Media apps like Facebook, is exploding and slowing down no time soon. This usage is global. Bring Your own Device (BYOD) in the workforce is also on the rise, leading with Android products (more in 2012 than Apple) like Samsung as well as then Iphone and Tablets like IPAD and Android devices. This all requires businesses to understand how to use Mobile to reach and engage their targets wherever they are.
  • Knowing how to create and deliver content in the mobile space means knowing what devices people are using both in and out of the workplace. Tablets are becoming increasibgly more important in terms of adaptation. The leaders in consumer media in the Mobile space are:-SMS campaigns-In app advertising-Apps themselves (as productivity tools for using business services)
  • Engaging your target in online marekting now means creating content for the SmartPhone and Tablet. Mobile devices are outpacing desktop and laptop web usage. Searching from the phone has tripled in the last several years. This is a key indicator of mobile penetration of the web. With an estimated 50 Billion Apps available in 2013 (45 Billion just announced this week) the time for your Business app, if you don’t have one already, is just around the corner. People want access to data that is shareable easily and whenever they want it. Thus Mobile’s influence on Social.
  • Reported Mobile Use behavior points to a significant increase in Mobile for SearchMobile for Social InteractionMobile for E-MailMobile for CommerceBecause of these events happening, businesses need to have a solid Mobile Marketing strategy that considers how that businesses’ target is searching for information related to their product and service and how the business is responding. Similarly, that the content that the business is creating and distributing for target engagement is mobile-friendly: can be delivered via e-mail, site is responsive in design, products are available in mobile commerce and finally, that the content is shareable from a mobile app.
  • According to recent IBM stats this past Holiday season, shopping from the phone was up 14.3% from 2011. Most of this was generated by the Tablet, which is a mobile device shoppers used while actively shopping in-store to compare deals, again through Mobile Search. Of those who shopped from their mobile devices, equally shared a positive sentiment experience on their Social networks, which were accessed again by an App on their device.
  • Most companies started asking themselves in the last few years with the explosion globally of smartphone and tablet sales, should we have an App for business? There are ,as suggested previously , an expected 21 Billion Apps in the marketplace (Android and Apple combined) this year. Apps fall into multiple categories from Social Networking/Entertainment such as Youtube FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, 4square, etc to Productivity for customers and employees such as DropBox and to Communication such as Skype. Whether to create an App for your business truly depends on the demand for your content and usage of tools or opportunities to create added revenue streams from In-app purchases. There is also the question of advertising your brand on an App or via a Social network. Social integrates greatly with Mobile as mobile sharing via social plug-ins is essential in a world of Social media.
  • So you can you and your business take advantage of all the opportunities to get found (Mobile Search), engage (responsive site, own app) and sell(mobile based promotion) to your target audiences?
  • For any business that wants to get into the Mobile Marketing game, a responsive website design is a must. This means that your website has been dually designed to support mobile devices, including, as mentioned before Tablets and Smartphones as well as functional(Nokia type) phones. This should be done during a web design. To integrate mobile and social, your website should be optimized also for Social so that when the Mobile version is launched, the particular content elements such as Blog Posts, that you want to be shared, have the functions to Tweet, Pin, Share with Facebook, Post on LinkedIn, etc.
  • To make Mobile/Social marketing work for your organization, all related stakeholders must be on the same page. What this means is that your team needs to first agree on a brand strategy in delivery of brand to your mobile/social audience. The strategy must align to your current and projected activities in Social and in web marketing, in general. If for example, you are planning on launching any new product, any new service, any microsite, any online community – you will need to have a content plan, engagement plan, promotional/lead gen. plan in place to drive target engagement and sharing in Social and on the phone. If you are planning on developing a Mobile App, you will need to consider the differences between the Smartphone and the Tablet because of IOS environments. It is best practives for you to assess current social engagement or site engagement before developing content or use of any business productivity or social app. This is why it is important to bring together anyone within your organization who is tied to branding/marketing/sales under this discussion. Brand must remain consistent and exposed in the mobile and social marketplace.
  • If you are B2C and have an interest in using social for product offers and promotions, these must include a Mobile Tie In. Here you will need to look at things such as Qrcodes, which is a direct tie of mobile to social. The use of QRCode technology allows a business to drive mobile users to an online offer through a landing page, generally in Social. QRCodes, as illustrated here, can be used by B2B companies in trade shows, to drive likes and followers, etc so that companies can stay engaged with booth visitors.Other ways that B2C companies should think about using Mobile for target engagement include: a storer locator app tool if you are an offline retailer, and using Social to drive downloads of your mobile apps for more “chances to win.”, etc. Let’s not forget about opportunities to text message. Text message marketing is crucial for local offers and leads the way in Mobile Marketing.
  • The key factors you will need to consider, whether B2B or B2C, in developing your own Mobile app are the following:What current service or product drives the most revenue for my brand and where is the most customer demandReview content consumption and sharing activity on your site, on your blog, on your social pages to assess where target demand liesDecide who will tell the story, run the campaigns that will reach and teach your target audience where they live – in SocialDecide how you will measure and test engagementLook at your current Ganalytics and assess where in Social and on what Mobile platforms site visitors are accessing your site. This is a great way to assess what devices you will need to develop for and what social network plug-ins will need to be included in your Mobile app.
  • Intercall, an Agent-cy client, is the world’s leader in audio and web conferencing technologies and services for businesses. The company services billions of clients in over 200 countries. It’s leading product is Reservationless Plus, an audio conferencing tool. The one issue that Intercall found, in studying their customers, that business users cited in conference calling was the wait time for moderators, operators and other attendees in joining their calls. And so, Intercall knew, that by making the experience mobile and by providing functionalities such as mobile text to indicate from a moderator to attendees that they were running late, their audio service would be that much more attractive to current customers. Further, in making a Mobile app (Mobile Meet) as a free download for Iphone and Android, the individual business user could download and share easily, creating a viral sales opportunity for Intercall. Finally, a social component allows Intercall to reach and engage users via social as well as share transcripts of calls to their social networks, as necessary.
  • Having a Mobile app developed in the right way can increase your brand awareness in social. This simple productivity app as above illustrates wats to share descriptions, images and videos from an app to social. If you are planning on developing an app for true social interaction, there is a great opportunity to build an app for revenues that can also sit within the Facebook marketplace of apps. Interactions within the App can go a long way in Social and with the aboloty to login from Social, allow ongoing engagement with the end user.
  • So how can you take advantage of the simultneous explosion of smartphone/tablet adoption and social media usage? First, look at your conversion point – your website. You need to make sure your site is designed for the mobile device. Find a specific customer demand around a leading product or service within your organization before pulling the trigger on the creation of a mobile app. In social media strategy, ensure that the content that you are distributing there has a mobile component. In Mobile as in Social, it is about reaching and engaging the target where they are and when they are interested in your product/service. If a local business, think QRCodes Store locator tools, text messaging and promotions to drive in-store and to social likes, followers. If B2B, for continued engagement with your service, and to run and engage on specific offers.
  • As mentioned upfront, I am the founder and CEO of agent-cy online marketing. We provide Digital Marketing Strategy and management of related progrmas in Search, Social, Web Site Conversion and Online PR. We partner with Mobile Developers for companies looking to expand their reach in the Mobile and Social marketplaces. Any questions?
  • Asm techniques for integrating mobile & social with case study- jasmine sandler

    1. 1. Techniques for Integrating Mobile & Social Jasmine Sandler, CEO, Agent-cy Online Marketing
    2. 2. Relevant Background15+ Years Web Marketing 7 years Data Technology CEO: Agent-cy Social Media Speaker: ASM, SES, PRNEWS, NYXPO Writer: Social Media Marketing Topics: ASM, ClickZ, PRNEWS, SEW, NYER Author: “Branding & Sales: The LinkedIn Way” @Jasmine_Sandler
    3. 3. Mobile Phone Usage Global  5+ Billion Mobile Subscribers (2012)  Leading: U.S., China & India  Nokia leading – Functional and new MS OS (2011)  Android and Apple – Smartphones (1B 2012)
    4. 4. Device Break-down Tablets Sold 70MM vs SmartPhones 1 Bill Ipad current leader. MS expected by 2016 Globally Functional (Nokia) leader SmartPhone : China Leader: Apple and Samsung
    5. 5. Mobile Web Usage Explodes Mobile Device Sales Outpacing Computer in 2012 (1.08 Bill.) 30 % time online comes from mobile device Mobile web audience up 82% since 2011, China – Leader: 450MM Mobile APP usage 120% Y-Y (21 Bill. Apps 2013) Smartphones becoming global commodity
    6. 6. Mobile Use Behavior Mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year Local Mobile Ads lead Penetration SMS traffic : 9.6 trillion in 2012 . Up from 7.3t in 2011 Mobile E-Mail 700 million 2011, prediction; 2.4 billion by 2016. Ranked: Travel info, Social Networking, Local News Mobile app leader: Games, Social Media, Maps & Music Mobile Purchases lead with content: Games & Apps
    7. 7. Mcommerce 2012 Mobile Shopping: Mobile purchases($31B) up- 24% of consumers using a mobile device to visit a retailer site, up from 14.3% in 2011 The iPad Factor: The iPad generated more traffic than any other tablet or smart phone, reaching nearly 10 percent of online shopping. Multiscreen Shopping: Consumers shopped in store online and on mobile devices simultaneously to get the best bargains. Social Media Sentiment Index: Shoppers expressed positive consumer sentiment on promotions, shipping and convenience as well as the retailers themselves at a three to one ratio. 2012 Holiday Season: IBM Stats
    8. 8. The Business of Mobile Apps IDC predicts that global downloads will reach 76.9 billion in 2014 and will be worth US$35 billion Revenue: Sale of apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions across smartphones and tablets expected at $36.7 billion by 2015. Social Apps preloaded on most IOS (Google+ Android/Motorola)
    10. 10. Responsive Design 40% of All Global Internet Users MOBILE-ONLY Ensures Mobile Access SMO of Website : Crucial Analytics Reporting on Mobile Activity Mobile phones predicted to take over PC by 2013
    11. 11. Mobile | Social Team Alignment  Start with Brand Goals in Mind  Assess social content engagement first, then App dev  Review Results of Social Campaigns, then Mobile  QRCode Promos to Social Tie-In Plan  Tie around Loyalty and E-comm Programs
    12. 12. QRCodes Off-line to Online Conversion In-store, Display/Billboard, Trade Show Retail Promotion | Service Offer | Event Announcement Convert Back to Social LP or Mobile Site
    13. 13. Owning The Business App Determine High Demand and Company ROI Determine Customer Use Define Functionalities, then Design Remember Multiple Platforms: Tablet|Phone Types
    14. 14. Case Study: Intercall Productivity App: MOBILEMEET  Provides Time & Communication Efficiencies  Pull in Social Users  Reach conference attendees anytime, anywhere  App always engages the user  Provides Sales opportunities down to the business user – eliminates the Intercall Sales problem of reaching and selling to the end user
    15. 15. Social Optimization of the App  Twitter: App originates Tweets  Facebook: Access login | Feed to Facebook | FB Marketplace  IM –enabled  SMS-enabled or Share  Photo-Share: Pinterest | Instagram|FlickR Share
    16. 16. Key TakeAways Make sure your website is designed for Mobile: Tablets and Phones Test Mobile Site under Opera and other popular Mobile Browsers Define Goals on Engagement vs Sale App decision requires review of product and customer demand and function App development team and Social teams must align under Brand focus Social thinking must incorporate call to action on Mobile (SMS) Develop annual promotional, events calendar and align Mobile campaigns Ensure Social Sharing across Mobile properties
    17. 17. Agent-cy Services | Contact Info. Digital Marketing Strategy Agent-cy Online Marketing Social Media Audit & Strategy 1515 Broadway, 11th floor Social Media Management NY, NY 10036 SEO Audit & Management 212-520-6607 PPC Optimization Consult & Management Web Site Design | WP Development U/X & Conversion Optimization Online PR Agency Management