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From the "Paid Search Gets Personal" briefing by agenda21 in April 2014. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) case studies and advice on how to implement RLSA from agenda21 Digital at or call 020 7036 7000

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  • Search - behavioural mediumkeyword intentPairing user with product or service via a search termHowever, what if you had greater insight in to who was searching for your keywords?
  • Reds – will buyGreens – will visit but may not buyBlue – are in market but may never come to your site
  • Budgets aren’t unlimited – and even if…Budgets sporadically targets the different usersRepresented here by those users in full colour50% currently targetedImagine…
  • Audience gives us the ability to better target users who are more likely to convertFocus spend on core audiences
  • Audience - 2 KEY LEAVERS – relevancy and efficiency – heart of effective paid search anyway – audience brings incremental improvementsEfficiency - bid modifications for audience segmentsRelevancy – copy and landing page changes for audience segments
  • Back to our 2 levers
  • 3 broad segments that can be looked at currentlyFrom the above all subsequent audience segments can be created1 Existing customers – users that have been on to your site and converted2 Visited but not converted – what it says on the tin – these will have different levels of value to your business3 Never visited – by segmenting out the other two audience segments, you are left with new visitors
  • Hotel clientaggregators
  • Similar case, increased bids significantly not converting, returning usersResulting in 35% increase in bids, but 48% reduction in CPAefficiency improvement of 25% for the account!Deployed tiered approachUsed a tiered approach to bidding….
  • Retail exampleHomepage & leaving – only increase by 10%Reaches checkout & leaves – far more engaged – likelihood of this user converting could be far higher – subject to a 50% bid modificationRLSA is largely based on URL structure – therefore the better my URL structure is, the easier it is to create audience lists
  • Target & Bid ExampleTotaljobs have two core elements to the business – jobseeker and recruiter (ebusiness)The keyword, jobs, as an example, which sits under jobseeker budget line, drives traffic to both jobseeker and recruiter parts of the site. Using RLSA, we are able to retarget users who previously visited the site and navigated the recruiter part of the site, with recruiter ads and take them back to the recruiter page.Benefits for the user – more relevant copy and landingBenefits for the advertiser – more likely that the user clicks through and converts – helps segment budget between the different business units (not perfect but definitely helps)
  • TimeAudience lists are based on cookies, and the time lengths on the cookies can be varied. Set up 2 lists - 7 days & 30 daysUsers searching in 7 days – more valuable – target them accordinglyThink More GenericallyFocus is on audience as well as keyword, an advertiser can think more generically with their keyword set for engaged audience sets. Mattresses - BeddingValue ParametersURL structure is keyTiered bidding strategyTravel example – length of stay.
  • Reactive vs ProactiveRLSA is very reactive – based on where users previous activity Primarily for users that have visited the siteAudience data also available in GADemo & interest segments – based on users who have been to your site – AVAILABLE NOW!WE believe in the near future this data will be usable in search – same way as RLSAProactive targeting of users What does this data look like?
  • Jurys InnGender:Significant differences between the behaviours of men and womenSame can be said for different age groups + Interest categories - In Market:
  • Adwords remarketing tag – get the tag implemented on site – smart pixel – same tag across the entire siteGet GTM – it’s free and will prevent any headaches normally associated with tagging your siteOnce your tag is implemented - set some audiences up and even if are you aren’t modify bids or ads – segment the data to review the data for your audience – does this audience convert as well as you thought, or meet the KPIs you thought it would? Is it worth double your bids for this audience?Assess your goals – and how audience can help you achieve these? Are you interested in improving efficiency? Do you want growth and want to focus on new customers?Set up Google Analytics to report on demographic and interest data of your current user set. At the very least, it will provide interesting insight in to what sort of users are on your site, supporting or contradicting our research sources.
  • Audience and Google RLSA Overview from agenda21

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    2. 2. © agenda21 2014 – Overview ▸ What “audience” means to agenda21 & why we believe it’s valuable? ▸ How can we use “audience” now? ▸ “Audience” is improving performance today... ▸ Where do we think “audience” is going? ▸ 5 things you should do on Monday morning…
    3. 3. © agenda21 2014 What “audience” means to agenda21 & why we believe it’s valuable?
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    8. 8. © agenda21 2014 – Why is “audience” valuable? Efficiency Relevancy
    9. 9. © agenda21 2014 How can we use “audience” now?
    10. 10. © agenda21 2014 – Behavioural signals v. Audience signals Behavioural Audience Location Language Time Device Keywords Audience lists (RLSA)
    11. 11. © agenda21 2014 – RLSA ▸ RLSA or Remarketing Lists for Search Ads ▸ Create audience lists based on site visitors and where they have navigated to ▸ For example – visitors that have reached the basket page BUT haven’t converted ▸ One simple tag ▸ New users do not have to have reached your site via paid search
    12. 12. © agenda21 2014 – RLSA Efficiency = Bid Only Relevancy = Target & Bid Bid Bid
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    17. 17. © agenda21 2014 – Engagement Based Bid Modification Example 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Homepage Category Page Product Page Basket Checkout
    18. 18. © agenda21 2014 – Totaljobs – Target & Bid
    19. 19. © agenda21 2014 – Other tests we are currently running
    20. 20. © agenda21 2014 Where do we think “audience” is going?
    21. 21. © agenda21 2014 – Google Analytics Audience Data Proactive Reactive
    22. 22. © agenda21 2014 Google Analytics Audience Data can be revealing 4 times more likely to convert than… 2.5 times more likely to convert than…
    23. 23. © agenda21 2014 5 things you should do on Monday morning…
    24. 24. © agenda21 2014 – 5 things you should do right now… 1. Set up Google Adwords universal remarketing tag 2. Google Tag Manager 3. Segmenting your audience data 4. Assess your goals – what’s important for you? 5. Set up Google Analytics demographic & interest data