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The Content Continuum, part two
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The Content Continuum, part two


Published on

Sara Wachter Boettcher presents this webinar for agencyside members

Sara Wachter Boettcher presents this webinar for agencyside members

Published in: Business
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  • 1. The Content Continuum Part Two Motivation to Message – Using Segmentation to Create a User-Centered Content Strategy Sara Wachter-Boettcher Director of Interactive Content Marketing Strategy | Off Madison Ave @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 2. On January 12, Susan Baier taught us how to segment our audiences. Now what? @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 3. Let’s find out what to do with it: •  What is content strategy? •  How segmentation-based personas help •  Where to start •  What you’ll need @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 4. The Content Continuum @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 5. Content strategy defines…   Why   With what   What   When   How   Where   For whom   How often   By whom   What next (From: Brain Traffic/Content Strategy FTW) @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 6. Segmentation helps…   Why   With what   What   When   How   Where   For whom   How often   By whom   What next (From: Brain Traffic / Content Strategy FTW) @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 7. Segmentation tells us not just who your audience is, but why they buy – and how important they are to your business. @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 8. It tells us… Which helps with… •  What’s most profitable for you •  Content/product prioritization •  What users want and why •  Messaging and calls to action •  How often they need it •  Promotion frequency/editorial calendar @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 9. How it Works
  • 10. What’s Important   Quality flowers   WYSIWYG Lovers Losers  Roses  Same-day availability  Dramatic presentation  Variety  Consistency  Price Decorators Gifters  Decor-friendly appearance  Significance scent  Seasonal arrangements  Decorative packaging  Inspiration  Return policy @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 11. Content Product Prioritization   Align website structure with top needs of key audience segments:   Organize navigation around products/categories that are most purchased by key segments.   Allow search and sort functions based on user needs (e.g. by flower type, season type, etc.)   Feature stories/products on the homepage by segment. @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 12. For decorators, feature seasonal arrangements in rotating homepage offers. (From: Horia Varlan / Creative Commons) @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 13. For lovers, allow users to search for arrangements by bloom type. (From: Tazmany / Creative Commons) @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 14. Messaging Calls to Action   Create content to match key questions.   Provide that content in logical, contextually relevant places:   Integrated into product listings.   Incorporated into shopping cart.   Don’t rely on your FAQ – answer questions during the conversion process. @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 15. For decorators, share tips and show décor examples featuring products. (From: kristin_a / Creative Commons) @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 16. For gifters, show products along with their packaging, and explain delivery condition and timeframe. (From: bulliver / Creative Commons) @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 17. Frequency Editorial Calendar   Purchase frequency drives content frequency:   Trigger promotional offers (email, etc.) based on last purchase date.   Rotate website or newsletter features based on segment priority and purchase/visit frequency. @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 18. For gifters, send emails every other week offering lower- priced, “just because” merchandise. (From: @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 19. For decorators, send monthly emails offering show- stopping seasonal merchandise and tips. (From: fugufish / Creative Commons) @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 20. What else?
  • 21. Is your client’s web content a mess? Segmentation alone won’t fix it. @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 22. Tackling the rest…   Why   With what   What   When   How   Where   For whom   How often   By whom   What next (From: Brain Traffic/Content Strategy FTW) @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 23. By whom? A content strategy is only as good as your client’s capabilities:   Who can request it?   Who will create it?   Who will edit it?   Who will approve it?   Who will publish it?   Who will update it? @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 24. With what? It takes resources to keep content fresh. Does your client have them?   Is there budget for ongoing content? Where?   Is there a CMS? What can it do?   How are emails sent? Can you trigger or customize them?   What social media sites are they active on? @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 25. What next? Create a plan – and measure against it:   How often should you publish?   What content is needed in the future?   Which business objectives translate to content goals?   How is content performing?   What could be better? @sara_ann_marie | |
  • 26. Thank you. Sara Wachter-Boettcher @sara_ann_marie @sara_ann_marie | |