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BITB -- There's No Room for a Mobile Markting Neophyte
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BITB -- There's No Room for a Mobile Markting Neophyte


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Chris Book's presentation at agencyside's "Back in the Black" account team training.

Chris Book's presentation at agencyside's "Back in the Black" account team training.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. There’s no Room in the Agency for a Mobile Marketing Neophyte Chris Book Back in the Black: April 28 – 29, 2011
  • 2. Why should agencies care?
    • This is the 5 th consecutive “year of mobile”
    • And thus, the 5 th consecutive year of agencies struggling to capitalize on it
  • 3. Why should agencies care?
    • Smartphones are outselling PCs
      • In the last 3 months of 2010 110.9 million smartphones were shipped globally, compared to 92.1 million PCs*
      • Factor in the “mobile” tablets populating the market and the fact that they run mobile applications while performing the lion’s share of PC tasks...time to shift your business
    • *IDC Report
  • 4. Why should agencies care?
    • In 2010 there were 60 million smartphones in the U.S. By the end of 2011, there will be an additional 2011*
    • *Nielsen
  • 5. Why should agencies care?
    • Mobile advertising is continuing to grow
      • eMarketer predicts that 2011 US mobile ad spending will grow 50% from 2010 to more than $1billion
      • Globally, this market is spend is estimated at $16 billion
        • This is despite the fact that advertisers have complained of negative ROI
  • 6. Why agencies fail?
    • Because agencies are agencies
      • They rely on hours and projects – they’re not built to function without rules and boundaries
      • Mobile specifically cannot be treated like a line item
        • It’s not easily replicated from client to client
        • The devices are no standard experiences
  • 7. Why agencies fail?
    • Computers allow for standard browsing experiences and standard deliverables such as SEO, PPC, email, etc.
      • Mobile is different
        • Reduced screen size
        • No standard application experience
        • Few standard deliverables
    • An agency is at great risk when showing their inability to go outside-the-box in areas such as new media and technology
  • 8. Why agencies fail?
    • The clients haven’t seen return in a business that depends on “showing” as much as “growing”
      • Facebook Places and Foursquare generate up to a 2% revenue boost when implemented.*
      • You cant provide tangible results, if there aren’t result to be had
      • Previously mentioned negative ROI in mobile advertise furthers this point
    • *Applied Predictive Technologies
  • 9. How to do it well – 5 Steps
    • Don’t be an agency
      • Cut the cord, Break the hours trap
        • Clients have trouble spending hours-based dollars when they’re in uncharted waters
        • Quote a project on a fixed bid
        • Having mobile expertise puts you ahead of the curve. You want to get these projects under your belt. It’s an investment in the future
  • 10. How to do it well – 5 Steps
    • Build tools, not ads
      • The ABSOLUTE necessity in mobile is utility to the end user.
      • Apps don’t have to be limited to your client, they just need to provide utility in the way of the core of their business
        • Example: Best Western breadcrumbs app
      • Few of the top rated applications are actually client specific – it’s an uphill battle (
      • Ads detracts from a focused user experience. This could be pulled off on the web. With small screens and no ability to multi-tasks, ads do more harm than good. Stay with utility.
  • 11. How to do it well – 5 Steps
    • Invest in technology
      • Poor user experience in mobile is far more fatal than with traditional PCs
        • Crashes and lag-time inhibit the very essence of the mobile experience
        • Staff your agency with qualified technology professionals
          • Avoid off-shore – Clients are protective about their ideas and work like this requires synchronization between groups. Don’t present the idea of off-shoring, regardless of how big your eyes get when seeing the bottom line savings.
  • 12. How to do it well – 5 Steps
    • Avoid Apple Derangement Syndrome: Be Multi-platform
      • Develop experiences across all mobile platforms*
        • Android 33%
        • Blackberry 29%
        • iPhone 25%
        • Windows 8%
        • Palm 2.8%
      • eMarketer finds that usage among Android and iPhone for tasks (email, media, news, social) is nearly identical
      • *ComScore
  • 13. How to do it well – 5 Steps
    • Think long-term
      • These are not campaigns – these are paradigm shifts
        • The tools must be cultivating relationships with customers over time
        • You and your clients must be willing to do things differently (and so should you!)
        • Reacting in real-time
        • Being accountable in the social web
  • 14. Thank You
        • Chris Book
        • @chatterplug