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BITB -- Location Based Marketing
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BITB -- Location Based Marketing


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Chris Book's presentation at agencyside's "Back in the Black" account team training.

Chris Book's presentation at agencyside's "Back in the Black" account team training.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Location-based Marketing Chris Book @ChrisBook Back in the Black: April 28 – 29, 2011
  • 2. First things first
    • Location-based = Mobile
      • Yes, there are applications on mobile devices that are not LBS
      • No, these are not mobile applications. They are applications on mobile devices
      • Useful, fun to have. Not exclusively mobile
  • 3. LBS Maturity
    • The Players
      • Foursquare
      • Gowalla
      • Facebook Places
      • ChatterPlug
  • 4. LBS Maturity
    • Industry Growth
      • Foursquare has more than 7 million users
        • In April 2010 – 1 million
        • 381 million check-ins in 2010
        • Foursquare has 51% of marketshare, while Facebook places is estimated at 4%*
      • 43% of LBS users check-in multiple times per day
      • 47% of companies will use LBS services for deals in 2011
      • *Online Marketing Trends
  • 5. Room for Growth
    • There are currently 60 million smartphones in the United States. By the end of 2011, 82.8 million additional phones will be activated.
    • *Nielsen
  • 6. Yet, There’s Concern
    • Despite eMarketer finding that 74% of consumers leave with a positive impression of a company or brand after interacting via new media, a recent study by Applied Predictive Technologies estimated that the average revenue increase seen by businesses when implementing Foursquare or Facebook Places is only 2%.
  • 7. But Why?
    • It’s centered around the check-in
      • Check-ins aren’t engaging
      • Check-ins offer little return for consumers and next to nothing for businesses
        • Yes, there are some whimsical deals (yet 37% of users have never received any type or reward*)
        • Keep in mind – we had deals before social was around. That wasn’t the point. Social was put in place to create and build relationships, not give me a buck off coffee
    • Online Marketing Trends
  • 8. But Why?
    • No business focus with existing tools
      • No consumer engagement
        • Real-time isn’t a luxury, it’s expected
        • Deals aren’t the answer, engagement is
      • No multi-location capabilities
      • Few analytics/tool integrations
    • Only when a tools addresses business needs first, can efficiencies be passed onto consumers
  • 9. Let’s Fix This
    • The industry lacks a tool that is focused on providing businesses with the tools that they need to succeed in the LBS space.
      • Live, real-time
      • Multi-locational
      • Rich analytics
      • Loyalty/rewards platform
  • 10. Paradigm Shift
    • In order to capitalize on a location-based business tool, businesses must be willing to take undergo in a 4 part paradigm shift:
      • Real-time
      • Accountability
      • Customer service
      • Data reliance
  • 11. Paradigm Shift
    • Real time
      • The market demands real-time
        • Each customer is carrying what is essentially a computer with them at all times
        • They are never disconnected from their friends, contacts and tools. They expect the same from you
        • A business must be able to respond, interact, and engage at ALL times
  • 12. Paradigm Shift
    • Accountability
      • The veil between the customers and businesses is removed
        • Customer bases are more empowered than ever to speak up and have their voices be heard
      • If a business messes up, you don’t just offend a customer, you offend their entire network of friends and associates
      • Fix it, and fix it now
  • 13. Paradigm Shift
    • Customer Service
      • Every customer you have is now an industry critic – the equivalent of a New York Times restaurant reviewer
      • The are no off days
      • Your employees as “Cast Members”
        • Each employee must fully understand that they are a representative of your business AT ALL TIMES
  • 14. Paradigm Shift
    • Data Reliance
      • Because each customer is carrying around a computer, you must approach your on-location business the way an e-commerce business approaches theirs
      • Data can do what you can’t: Be Impartial
  • 15. Application
    • Product Testing
    • Secret Shopping
    • Travel Check-ins
    • Organization Knowledge Transfer
    • SEO Benefits
    • Marketing Tool Integration
  • 16. What’s This Mean for Agencies
    • Position yourself as the go-to resource, making your agency indispensible
      • Informed Decisions
      • Know before your client – Emergency PR
    • Recurring revenue
      • Strategy
      • Analytics
    • Referring fees
  • 17. What’s This Mean for Agencies
        • Thank You
        • Chris Book
        • @chatterplug