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There’s an easy way to define our work: we CAPTIVATE your audience, CULTIVATE your message and ELEVATE your brand. While the description is simple, what we do is much bigger. Because it’s one thing to talk about big ideas, it’s another to make them happen. We have the talent and experience to handle projects of any size, anywhere in the world. Whatever the message, we help you connect with audiences in ways you’ve never imagined.

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agencyEA - Experiential & Event Marketing Look Book

  1. 1. lookbookWINTER 2013
  2. 2. AgencyEA is an experiential marketingDESIGN agency with a passion for pushing creativeTHE boundaries. We are designers of experiences and architects of ideas,EXPERIENCE taking brands from passive presence to active engagement.
  3. 3. What We Do There’s an easy way to define our work: we captivate your audience, cultivate your mes- sage and elevate your brand.captivate While the description is simple, what we do is much bigger. It’s one thing to talk about bigCULTIVATE ideas; it’s another to make them happen. We have the talent and experience to handle projects of any size, anywhere in the world.ELEVATE Whatever the message, we help you connect with audiences in ways you’ve never imagined.
  4. 4. Who WePartner WithEA is fortunate to work with someof the Biggest brands. We aremost proud of the partnershipswe continue to develop. Theserelationships offer an opportunityto grow and evolve with ourclients in a way that createssynergistic thinking.
  5. 5. Creatively Fueled, Logistically DrivenThe agencyEA Process Understanding We are a multi-disciplinary the client team, fueled by a passion for bold creative work and com- mitted to developing the best Designing marketing strategies. the Strategy We know that even the most creative idea won’t succeed if Creating the it isn’t well managed. Logistics, Experience implementation and execution are just as important as a brilliant concept. Measuring Success Our effort to merge creative passion with practical application is both our philosophy and who we are: creatively fueled, logistically driven.
  6. 6. A Team Built for You At EA, we are many things, all defined by the UNIQUE PERSONALITIES and expertise of our client-focused crew. Writers, designers, architects and brand experts work alongside producers, stage managers, A/V specialists and account managers to envision and execute AMPLIFIED EXPERIENCES. From the moment of inception for a unique idea, plan or perspective, EA is your strategic partner. Our BUSINESSDEVELOPMENT CLIENT full-service agency model allows us to approach each project with a comprehensive understanding of your goals and objectives. Working as an extension of your team, we create a platform for something incredible. It is a process designed to keep clients at the core of our focus.
  7. 7. Think Bigger + Act Bolder The experiences we create help our clients exchange ideas, encourage discussion and INSPIRE ACTION with their most valued audiences. While each opportunity is unique, our stories speak to ourclient ability to study a situation, define the challenge and offer the best solution.stories Through some of our clients, we offer a glimpse into the experiences we create.
  8. 8. theboeingcompany
  9. 9. +CONCEPTUALIZED a powerfuland inspiring reveal for thenew 747-8 Intercontinentalcommercial aircraft to 10,000 keystakeholders, VIPs and media,as the must-have airplane forglobal operators.+DESIGNED event conceptand graphics. MANAGEDlogistics, video production, onsitestaffing, vendor managementand entertainment.+PRODUCED an emotional surpriseby using an enormous 61 by 225foot kabuki drape to unveil thelargest commercial aircraft in theU.S. and the longest passengeraircraft in the world.+GENERATED international buzzin the airline industry, as well asmedia coverage in outlets suchas MSNBC, The Today Show, USAToday, the Wall Street Journal andthe Chicago Tribune.
  10. 10. citytarget
  11. 11. +Created and produced aseries of experiential activationsto generate consumer excitementaround the opening of Chicago’sflagship CityTarget and to sustainbuzz around the store.+Developed a campaign thatincluded a custom brandedpop-up coffee shop in Chicago’sRiverside Plaza, alfresco spinningclasses at Chicago’s MillenniumPark, and a Target Bull’s-eyeshaped pop-up shop at NorthAvenue Beach.+The grand opening eventfeatured the renownedChicago Bucket Boys whoperformed on CityTarget-brandedbuckets, destination bars themedlike Chicago El stops, and aphoto booth with the infamousTarget dog.+Reached thousands ofconsumers, generated nationalmedia coverage and sparkedconversation on social mediathrough the extensive, two-month campaign.
  12. 12. ameriprisefinancial
  13. 13. +Conceptualized andproduced all elements ofthe Ameriprise Financial 2012National Conference, thecompany’s largest and mostsignificant series of events.+Added a fresh and dynamicperspective to the traditionalbusiness session format bycreating an environmentthat integrated technologiesand performance elements toengage attendees throughoutthe experience.+Delivered an unforgettableWelcome Event on downtownDenver’s historic Larimer Square,an outdoor street festival thatfeatured more than 10 musicalacts, three separate stages andlocal food trucks.+The untraditional masked ballTheme Party featured a live DJsuspended from the ceiling in acrystal chandelier, masked dancegroups, a wind-up ballerina, stiltwalkers, and an elevated birdcagewith aerialists.+Created a farewell event atDenver’s renowned Red RocksAmphitheater that fostered fun,celebrated success and closedthe Conference on a high notewith an unforgettable, exclusiveperformance from American Idolwinner Kelly Clarkson.
  14. 14. obamafor america
  15. 15. +In 2007, partnered with Obamafor America staff to produce amemorable and profitablepolitical fundraiser for thethen-Senator at Oprah Winfrey’sprivate estate in California.+Managed the VIP guest list,hotel blocks, transportation,staffing, set-up, custom marketingmaterials, catering design andthe concert production of musicalartist Stevie Wonder and his band.+Partnered with Obama re-election campaign again in 2011to conceptualize and producethe President’s 50th birthdaycelebration fundraiser formore than 1,700 guests at theAragon Ballroom in Chicago.+Coordinated all elements ofthe event, which includedperformances from Chicagonatives Jennifer Hudson,Herbie Hancock and theband Ok Go.+The events raised more than$3 million each.
  16. 16. McDonald’s
  17. 17. +PRODUCED a surprise, pop-upbeach party to promote the newMcCafé Mango Pineapple RealFruit Smoothie.+MANAGED event concept,site selection, logistics, videoproduction and editing aswell as choreography andartistic direction.+Actors and dancers engagedthe public crowd at ahigh-traffic lunchtime locationwith beach party games, a livesteel drum band and productsampling, resulting in a dynamicexperience for unsuspectingconsumers.+Engaged consumers online withthe edited viral video onYouTube and Facebook.
  18. 18. Luriechildren’shospital
  19. 19. +Supported Lurie Children’sHospital in all event strategyand execution since 2008 whenthe foundation announcedits ambitious Heroes For Lifecampaign and set out to opena new, state-of-the-art children’shospital in downtown Chicago.+Selected in 2011 to handleproduction, design andmanagement for the newbuilding’s opening events, whichincluded public and private tours,dedications, a ribbon cutting, a5K run/walk and a formal gala.+The celebrity-packed benefitfeaturing headliners SarahJessica Parker and HarryConnick Jr. raised $5.2 milliontoward the hospital’s $600million fundraising goal.+A community open house atthe new building, preceded by a5K run/walk, opened Lurie’s doorsto the public and welcomed itsnew neighbors into the facility forthe first time.
  20. 20. Generalelectric
  21. 21. +Developed a deepunderstanding of the GEculture and brand, working asan extension of their teamsince 2007.+Launched GE healthcareproducts and their ambitiousinitiative, healthymagination, topromote healthcare solutions andinspire discussion with thoughtleaders, customers, employees,VIPs and media.+BUILT synergistic and targetedevents in Washington, DC,Honolulu, Stockholm and Torontoto engage GE’s key stakeholders.+INTRODUCED GE Healthcare’snew MRI machine, Wide Bore,to lead customer prospects.Created interactive experiencesand educational tours of the newmachine, exceeding sales goalsby 140 percent.
  22. 22. TOPSHOP
  23. 23. +Supported the grand openingof TopShop’s second location inthe United States with an outdoorfashion show, live entertainmentand celebrity appearances.+Handled all security, logisticsand permitting with the Cityof Chicago to ensure a safe andsecure environment.+Produced a VIP dinner atChicago hot spot Paris Clubthe night preceding thegrand opening.+Conceptualized and producedthe buzz-generating TopShoptruck which traveled to varioushigh-traffic locations in Chicago,including Lollapallooza, prior tothe grand opening.
  24. 24. worldofAthens
  25. 25. +created a complete experientialenvironment to promote tourismfor the City of Athens with just sixweeks lead time.+Designed and built aninteractive stratosphere globeto make guests feel as if theywere walking through the streetsof Athens.+Brought the “World of Athens”to high-traffic hot spots inLondon, Paris, Berlin, New YorkCity and Chicago.+Guests sampled the tastes,sounds and sights of Athens fromGreek dancing teams and DJsto branded Adirondack chairsand a fully functioning Kafeneio(Greek café).
  26. 26. oprahwinfrey+Harpoproductions
  27. 27. +Showcased Australia as a premiertourism destination to the 40million viewers of The OprahWinfrey Show by creatingunique experiences for 302fans during the 10-day Oprah’sUltimate Australian Adventure.+Bookings to Australia increasedby almost 10 percent, while thevalue of hotel reservations wentup by 13.6 percent. TourismAustralia stated the value ofmedia coverage alone wasworth more than AUD $17 million.+Conceptualized and createda custom “Trip of a Lifetime”two-week Mediterranean cruisethat traveled to Barcelona, Rome,Sicily, Athens, Santorini, Istanbul,Ephesus (Izmir) and Valletta.+Engaged 1,700 employeesat every point of interaction, frompre-trip preparation meetings toan interactive registration websiteto a custom social media photo-sharing portal.
  28. 28. 311 W Walton St TEL: 312.879.0186 (9)52Chicago, IL 60610 FAX: 312.879.0187