Further Tips for improving your FacebookEdgeRankIn May we wrote a post on providing the top 5 tips on how to improve your ...
Ask questionsAnother great tip is to phrase your Facebook post as a question. People generally won’t respondunless they ar...
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agency:2 - further tips for improving your facebook edge rank


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agency:2 - further tips for improving your facebook edge rank

  1. 1. Further Tips for improving your FacebookEdgeRankIn May we wrote a post on providing the top 5 tips on how to improve your brand’s FacebookEdgeRank. However, with many brands still unsure of what exactly it is and how vital it can be wehave now outlined additional suggestions to boost your Facebook EdgeRank.There are now more than 750 million Facebook users. 50% of these users log on to Facebook on anygiven day and the average user has 130 friends. These statistics mean that it’s becoming increasinglydifficult for friends and brands to gain a place on users’ News Feeds.Optimising your Facebook EdgeRank - the unique algorithm which decides what posts appear in yourFans’ ‘Top News’ stream - is therefore becoming increasingly vital.This algorithm ranks posts based on three main factors: affinity, weight and timing. The higher yourranking for these factors, the more likely your posts will be visible on a Fans Top News feed.Though there is no way to officially identify your EdgeRank score, using Facebook’s Insights tool isvital in gaining an understanding of how you are doing and how well you are interacting with yourFans. Insights can tell you how many active monthly users you have in relation to your overall likes.This will give you a clear indication of how high your EdgeRank is.To put it simply, EdgeRank is all about engagement. EdgeRank is weighted so activities that requirehigher levels of user engagement get a higher score than those activities that dont. This means thehigher your engagement level with Fans, the higher your EdgeRank score will be.Here are our Dos (and a Don’t) on how to increase engagement within Facebook and boost yourEdgeRank:DO:Run a poll or competitionA good competition or poll not only drives interest in your Page but also increases engagement.They’re fun and actively ask users to interact with your content, increasing the number of ‘edges’ itreceives. By building up excitement as the competition comes to a climax you can really build anengaged and receptive audience who are incentivised to interact with you.Post videosIn our previous post on EdgeRank we recommended using rich media to stand out - but it’s a pointthat bears repeating. Videos rank highly compared to other ‘objects’ such as status updates. Notonly this, when done correctly they are also easy to digest for the audience, are eye-catching on thepage and can succinctly get your message across in an entertaining way. If you create your ownvideos this is a great opportunity to leverage already existing content you have on YouTube.August 2011 www.agency2.co.uk 0207 775 5608
  2. 2. Ask questionsAnother great tip is to phrase your Facebook post as a question. People generally won’t respondunless they are invited to, so this is a highly effective way of increasing engagement on yourFacebook Wall. Social media is about conversations after all! What’s more, ask them questions thatare brand relevant and you can gain insights into how your brand can better meet your audience’sneeds.Use linksSocial media is all about sharing. Posting links to interesting and relevant content produces athumbnail for your post (helping it to standout) and also encourages people to click and share theinformation. It drives traffic back to your site and social presences such as Twitter or Flickr. Thisapproach not only helps with EdgeRank for existing users but also increases visibility amongst non-fans.Reply to your fansIt’s important to remember that when you Post it doesn’t mean your work is done. If someoneresponds to your Post take the opportunity to engage them in conversation. (This must be done in atimely manner and you should only respond if you can add value). This helps to build up arelationship and shows them that they are a valued member of your community. It’s also a virtuouscircle as it will encourage more people to engage with your Page – in turn increasing your EdgeRank.And finally DON’T:AutopostUsing tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck might seem efficient but it’s important to remember that,when it comes to EdgeRank, manual posts have more weight than posts automated through apps.Your audience can tell which posts are automated or have been specifically written for Twitter (e.g.featuring hashtags) and which have been personalised – and for this reason autoposts do notproduce as much engagement. Autoposts also have a tendency to disappear from your Fans’ NewsFeeds more quickly.Why should you care about EdgeRank?Optimising your EdgeRank means that your brand is found on your audience’s News Feed – and youare part of an exclusive and trusted club. You are able to talk to your audience every day, buildgreater engagement and you are ideally positioned to create deep, meaningful and long-lastingrelationships with them. Understanding the benefits of Facebook EdgeRank and implementing ourstrategic insights can help create an engaged community, gain a trusted and receptive customerbase and, ultimately, maximise your ROI.August 2011 www.agency2.co.uk 0207 775 5608