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Initiatives of aiesec nku 1213

Initiatives of aiesec nku 1213






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    Initiatives of aiesec nku 1213 Initiatives of aiesec nku 1213 Document Transcript

    • Initiatives: Per Driver and Must Do’s, of AIESEC NKUA 12-13. OGX GCDP Name of the initiative: Fast Results in GCDP Recruitment Description: In order to bring fast results during intense recruitment period the oGCDP sector can focus on 2 things to do so: a. Internal Recruitment & b. Structured Contact Management. In detail, I have run the same initiative for summer peak also. The internal recruitment lies in the exchange culture that was created in the term, by promoting GCDP opportunities all the time (LC meetings, daily life in the office, info seminar & personal meetings for members of the LC, storytelling by returnees and re-integrated members etc). And structured contact management means having a clear goal when doing contact management. In my case they were 2: i. book personal meeting & ii. Book interview. This was also enhanced by Contact Management campaigns that run in the LC by VP OGX. Impact achieved in comparison to previous state: a. Internal Recruitment Summer Peak + September 2012  5/11 Re by members of the LC Summer Peak + September 2011  3/10 Re by members of the LC Winter Peak 2012 (1/10 until 31/12)  2/14 Raises by members of the LC Winter Peak 2011 (1/10 until 31/12)  2/5 Raises by members of the LC b. Contact Management Giving focus on contact management (Sales) everyday through structured processes & goals brought high growth to Winter Peak 2012 compared to 2011. Sales activity was high ( this was achieved through focus, trainings, campaigns etc). Having this mentality also means better management of the students, customized support & servicing for them through personal meetings, understanding their need through meetings and finally raising them. Prediction of evolution through years: I believe that the exchange culture will be even stronger the next by achieving more raises & realization among the LC members. It is a continuous process. As for the contact management process the knowledge will be passed on to the next generation by helping them capitalize on that even more and have more raises .Also by better servicing our students we create more promoters, satisfaction & better image of AIESEC NKUA in the university! OGX GIP Name of the initiative: Tracking & Flow of GIP Matching (Matching Platform) Description: Tracking tool was created and it includes the whole tracking & flow of the matching process. In specific: 1. Weekly Meetings of EP-EP Managers 2. Goal of Applications 3. Applications the EP & EP Managers sent 4. Follow-ups of the application process 5. The research EP Managers do 6. Happy Matching Hours (via skype) mentioned in the weekly calendar of the EPs
    • Impact Achieved in comparison to previous state:1. Weekly Meetings of EP-EP Managersi. Good engagement of the EPs in the selection Processii. Better and fast communication with the EPs2. Goal of Applicationsi. EPs have weekly goals for (#applications, #interviews) which they try to achieve. It really showstheir progress and sales activity in the global network and helps make conclusions about theirchallenges in the process.3. Applications the EP & EP Managers senti. Better tracking of the matching process. EPs-EP Managers can evaluate the performance throughthat. And also have support from the VP about the follow-ups that they have.4. Follow-ups of the application processi. It is clear what the follow-ups are, so they have them in mind in order to get prepared and sendreminders but also get customized support from VP because everything is clear.5. The research EP Managers do & 6. Happy Matching Hours (via skype)i. During “Happy Matching Hours” (twice a week) the EPs and EP Managers (through acommunication platform via skype) get together and a. research the network about potentialapplications (EP Managers) and EPs assess them and make applications.All this have brought an evolution to the sector. The matching process has become more structuredcompared to previous year and it can have the above benefits for those evolved. It has broughtseveral matches in the sector and also concrete JDs for both EPs & EP managers as they reallyfollow a structured process each week. However, it could have worked much more if the EPs hadbetter expectations from the beginning resulting is faster matches ;)Prediction of Evolution through Years:I believe that this platform can be evolved even more resulting in more structured GIP Matchingprocess with all the benefits described above and of course faster matching of the EPs & betterservicing.Check this Google dochttps://docs.google.com/a/aiesec.net/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkCcdyM8tL2YdFpFbzhvRzlDTG5NX0toR2cwUDFpM3c#gid=0ICX GCDP1) Name of the Initiative: Young Power SalesDescription: Presenting the Young Power project with an interactive way and pointing out thecultural diversity, to the head-master, the professors and mostly the students we were able to raiseTN with covered TN fee and accommodation.Impact achieved:By presenting the project to the students we convinced them to cover the expenses of the projectand bring an intern. We also made them really excited and committed to the project by pointing outto them personal points of improvement like time management, team building etc. objectives thatare really important for their lives and the project Young Power coversHaving GCDP TN with covered TN fee and accomodation made the matching really easy and fast (1week). The realization has already happened. So the whole process from the raising date until the
    • realization happened in less than a month, showing how ICX GCDP should really operateand be in terms of sustainability and impact (before interns even arrive)!!!Prediction of the impact in next year’s:This initiative showed a way to raise sustainable GCDP TNs by fully engaging the TN taker andshowing the true impact of the project, something that certainly can be used from all AIESECGreece in order to make ICX GCDP sustainable.2) Name of the initiative: Cost cutting solutions in ReceptionDescription: Found really cheap housing through engaging all the LC members something thatdecreased the cost of the accommodation a lotImpact Achieved: We will be able to pay the fee for the conference for the interns without askingextra money from them. Increases the quality of the experience of the interns and our receptionPrediction of the impact in next year’s:The house belongs to a member of the LC so the co-operation for the house can be repeated.3) Name of the initiative: Standardizing Matching processesDescription: We created a document for the members that has standard action steps on how wematch.Impact Achieved: That lead to all the members understanding and knowing what we need to doin order to match and that increased our matches and our efficiency. We had 10 matches in lessthan a month.Prediction of the impact in next year’s:It is a document that can pass on to the next terms and that can help in fast matches all the ICXGCDP teams.Must Do’s:COMM about OGX GIPName of the initiative: Promotion strategy of OGX GIPDescription: Creation of a way to promote professionally the GIP IT product in IT department ofNKUA. In specific:Cooperation with Career officeCooperation with President of the department2-days EwA event creationMany uni channels were used (through the President cooperation)
    • Impact Achieved in comparison to previous state:1. Cooperation with COi. better processes in terms of quality (interviews)ii. a good EwA since the representative of the CO was a very expertiii. Use of CO channels (site and email) and we were sure that the students will respect our matterials2. Cooperation with President of the departmenti. access to uni site and uni mail (he sent an email signed by himself)ii. Easier approach to the professors since the president sent an email first3. 2-days event creationi. one of the days the CO representative did 2 trainings about CV creation and Interviews and the AIESECrepresentative presented the GIP IT productii. one week after that we did the interviews with the COAll this brought an evolution to the way we do GIP since we are now having a great positioning in one verypotential department fast (in only one recruitment). We also created the basics in order to have a constantpool for GIP.Prediction of Evolution through Years:We have already evolved the GIP IT promotion since we have a new cooperation with the only other (non-political) organization in the department. This is a proof that we have become very visible and well-known inthe department. I believe that those corporations will bring more and more results in GIP and will create aconstant pool in GIP IT for NKUA.Results 7/8 Raises GIP IT, it is important to notice that last year we had non-focused 4 Ra.COMM: Partnerships with Youth Organizations: Outcome Reception from Youth Organization to AIESECNKUAER/F:Evolution Through Innovation Award#1
    • Name of the Initiative: Freddies Stage Reporting PlatformDescription of the Initiative (key innovative changes, key actions, resources used):Reporting in Finance Sector, through a platform, monitoring of Budget and Cash Flow via one integrated file,connect other sectors with the money they are bringing to the LC, financial management and tracking gotreally betterImpact achieved by this initiative in comparison to previous state (impact can be shown invarious measures but the final impact needs to be in MoS)High class developed financial management and tracking of Finance files, now the VPs can connectdirectly their targets (as planned in YP) and find out the GAPs and how much time they have tocover them. This way, they have holistic view and know exactly what to do to cover the GAP,resulting as directly as possible for reaching their goals.Prediction of the impact in next yearsEvolution per sector, planning will be better, clear monitoring of budget and cash flow, can lead tounderstanding the situation in the LC.-------------I have attached you in the mail Luan the files for Finance initiative.#2Name of the Initiative: Selling in ClustersDescription of the Initiative (key innovative changes, key actions, resources used):In order to boost our sales department, we decided to set different clusters in sales, actually 3 and providepartners with added value action plan for as much money they give us. So the more they will cover from theproject, the more perks we will give them back.Impact achieved by this initiative in comparison to previous state (impact can beshown in various measures but the final impact needs to be in MoS)We are treated like partners. We are going to sell in clusters and partners will have a choice. This has alreadycontributed to making ICX GCDP more sustainable.Prediction of the impact in next yearsSelling in clusters will bring more partnerships and more results, especially in ICX GCDP.